Can I make a presentation on my phone?

In today’s article, we will consider in detail how to make a presentation, what problems arise during manufacture, what should be paid attention to. Let’s analyze some subtleties and tricks.

In general, what is it? Personally, I would give a simple definition. this is a brief and clear presentation of information that helps the speaker to more fully reveal the essence of his work. Now they are used not only by businessmen (as before), but also by ordinary students, schoolchildren, but in general, in many areas of our lives!

As a rule, a presentation consists of several sheets on which represent images, charts, tables, a brief description.

And so, let’s begin to deal with all this in detail.

Note! I recommend that you also read the article on the proper presentation design.

Main components

The main program for work is Microsoft PowerPoint (moreover, it is on most computers, because it comes bundled with Word and Excel).

Next, you need quality material: text, pictures, sounds, and possibly video. Let’s touch on a little where to get all this from.

Can I make a presentation on my phone?


The best option is if you yourself are in the subject of the presentation and yourself can write the text from personal experience. For listeners it will be interesting and exciting, but this option is not suitable for everyone.

You can get by with books, especially if you have a good collection on the shelf. Text from books can be scanned and recognized, and then converted to Word format. If you do not have books, or there are not enough, you can use electronic libraries.

In addition to books, essays can be a good option, perhaps even those that you yourself wrote and handed over earlier. You can use the popular sites from the directory. If you collect some interesting essays on the necessary topics. you can get a great presentation.

It will not be superfluous to simply search for articles on the Internet at various forums, blogs, and websites. Very often come across excellent materials.

Pictures, schemes, graphics

Of course, the most interesting option would be your personal photos that you took in preparation for writing the presentation. But you can get by and search Yandex. In addition, there is not always time and opportunity for this.

Charts and schemes can be drawn by yourself, if you have any patterns, or you considered something according to the formula. For example, for mathematical calculations, there is an interesting program for graphing graphs.

If you can’t find a suitable program, you can also draw up a schedule manually, draw in Excel’e, or simply on a piece of paper, and then photograph or scan it. There are many options.


Making high-quality video is not easy, but also costly. Not everyone can afford one video camera, but you still need to properly process the video. If you have such an opportunity, be sure to use it. And we will try to get along.

If the video quality can be neglected a little, a mobile phone will do just as well for recording (cameras are installed in many “average” price categories of mobile phones). Some things can also be removed to them in order to show in detail some specific thing that is difficult to explain in the picture.

By the way, someone has already removed many popular things and they can be found on youtube (or on other video hosting sites).

By the way, an article on how to edit a video: will not be out of place.

And another interesting option for creating video is that you can record it from the monitor screen, and add soundtrack, for example, your voice telling what is happening on the monitor screen.

Perhaps, if you already have all of the above and are lying on your hard drive, you can start making a presentation, or rather its design.

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How to make a presentation in PowerPoint

Before moving on to the technical part, I would like to dwell on the most important thing. the plan of speech (report).

No matter how beautiful your presentation is, without your presentation it is just a collection of pictures and text. Therefore, before you start doing, decide on the plan of your performance!

First, who will be the listeners of your report? What are their interests, what would they like more. Sometimes success no longer depends on the completeness of information, but on what you focus on!

Secondly, determine the main purpose of your presentation. What does she prove or disprove? Perhaps she talks about some methods or events, your personal experience, etc. You should not interfere with different directions in one report. Therefore, immediately decide on the concept of your speech, think over what you will say at the beginning, at the end. and, accordingly, what slides and with what information you will need.

Thirdly, most speakers cannot correctly calculate the time of their presentation. If you are given very little time, then making a huge report with videos and sounds makes almost no sense. Listeners will not have time to even look at it! It is much better to make a short presentation, and to place the rest of the material in another article and for everyone who is interested, copy it to the media.

Work with a slide

Usually, the first thing you do when you start working on a presentation is to add slides (that is, pages that will contain text and graphic information). It is easy to do this: launch Power Point (by the way, the example will show version 2007), and click “home / create slide”.

By the way, slides can be deleted (click in the column on the left for the desired one and press the DEL key, move, swap places with each other using the mouse).

As we have already noticed, the slide we got is the simplest: the title and the text below it. To make it possible, for example, to place text in two columns (it is easy to compare objects with this arrangement). you can change the layout of the slide. To do this, right-click on the slide on the left in the column and select the setting: “layout /.“. See the picture below.

I will add a couple more slides and my presentation will consist of 4 pages (slides).

All pages of our work are still white. It would be nice to give them some kind of design (i.e. choose the right theme). To do this, open the tab “design / themes”.

Now our presentation is not so faded.

It’s time to move on to editing the text information of our presentation.

Work with text

Power Point text is simple and easy to work with. It is enough to click in the desired block with the mouse and enter the text, or simply copy and paste it from another document.

Also, using the mouse, it can be easily moved or rotated if you hold down the left mouse button on the border of the frame surrounding the text.

By the way, in Power Point, as in regular Word, all words written with errors are underlined in red. Therefore, pay attention to spelling. it is very unpleasant when you see gross errors at a presentation!

In my example, I will add text to all pages, it will look something like this.

Editing and inserting graphs, charts, tables

Charts and graphs are usually used in order to clearly demonstrate the change in some indicators relative to others. For example, show the profit of this year, relative to the past.

To insert a chart, click in Power Point: "Insert / Charts".

Then a window will appear in which there will be many different types of charts and graphs. You just have to choose the right one. Here you can find: pie charts, scatter, linear, etc.

After you have made your choice, an Excel window will open in front of you with a proposal to enter the indicators that will be displayed on the chart.

In my example, I decided to make an indicator of the popularity of presentations by year: from 2010 to 2013. See the picture below.

To insert tables, click on: "insert / table". Please note that you can immediately select the number of rows and columns in the created label.

Here is what happened after filling:

Work with media

A modern presentation is very difficult to imagine without pictures. Therefore, it is extremely desirable to insert them, because most people will be bored if there are no interesting pictures.

For starters, do not grind! Try not to place many pictures on one slide, it’s better to make pictures larger and add one more slide. From the back rows, sometimes it’s very difficult to see the small details of the images.

It’s easy to add a picture: press "insert / image". Next, select the place where your pictures are stored and add the desired one.

Sound and video insertion are very similar in nature. In general, these things are not always and everywhere worth including in a presentation. Firstly, it is not always and not always appropriate if you have music in the midst of the silence of listeners trying to analyze your work. Secondly, on the computer on which you will present your presentation, you may not find the right codecs or any other files.

To add music or a movie, click: “insert / movie (sound)”, then specify the location on your hard drive where the file is located.

The program will warn you that when you view this slide, it will automatically start playing the video. We agree.

Overlay effects, transitions and animations

Probably, many saw at presentations, and even in films, that beautiful transitions were made between some frames: for example, a frame as a page of a book turns over to the next sheet, or gradually dissolves. The same thing can be done in the power point program.

To do this, select the desired slide in the column on the left. Next, in the animation section, select the transition style. Here you can select dozens of different page changes! By the way, when you hover over each. you will see how the page will be displayed during the demonstration.

Important! The transition affects only one slide that you have selected. If you selected the first slide, the launch will begin with this transition!

About the same effects that are superimposed on presentation pages can also be applied to our objects on the page: for example, text (this thing is called animation). This will allow you to make a sharp pop-up text, or appearing from a void, etc.

To apply such an effect, select the desired text, click on the “animation” tab, and then click on “animation settings”.

Before you, on the right, there will be a column in which you can add various effects. By the way, the result will be displayed instantly, in real time, so you can easily select the desired effects.

Demonstration and Presentation

To start showing your presentation, you can simply click on the F5 button (or click on the “slide show” tab, and then select “start the show from the beginning”).

It is also advisable to go into the display settings and adjust everything as you need.

For example, you can start a presentation in full-screen mode, change slides by time or manually (it depends on your preparation and type of report), configure image display settings, etc.

How to avoid mistakes

  1. Check spelling. Gross spelling mistakes can completely ruin the overall impression of your work done. Errors in the text are underlined by a red wavy line.
  2. If you used sound or films in your presentation, and you are not going to present it from your laptop (computer), then copy these multimedia files along with the document! It will not be superfluous to take the codecs with which they should be reproduced. It often turns out that on another computer these materials are missing and you cannot demonstrate your work in full light.
  3. It follows from the second paragraph. If you plan to print the report and submit it in paper form. then do not add video and music to it. you still will not see and hear it on paper!
  4. Presentation is not only picture slides, your report is very important!
  5. Do not fade. from the back rows it is difficult to see the small text.
  6. Do not use faded colors: yellow, light gray, etc. It is better to replace them with black, dark blue, bard, etc. This will allow listeners to more clearly see your material.
  7. The last tip is probably very useful to students. Do not delay the development of the last day! According to the law of meanness. on this day everything will go awry!

In this article, in principle, we have created the most ordinary presentation. In conclusion, I would not want to dwell on some technical points, or advice on the use of alternative programs. In any case, the basis is the quality of your material, the more interesting your report (add a photo, video, text to this). the better your presentation will be. Good luck