Can I Jbl Speaker Connect To TV

When you want to organize the transfer of data between two devices, most often means the use of the Bluetooth protocol. This is one of the most widely used wireless technologies in the world. Suppose you want to connect a portable JBL speaker, headphones, a media player or other peripherals to your phone. To do this wirelessly, you will use bluetooth.

However, despite the obvious advantages that the “blue-tooth” offers us, attempts to pair bluetooth devices together can sometimes cause a headache. Very often, users complain that when trying to connect, for example, a media player and headphones using this protocol, certain problems arise. If you have come across anything similar in your practice, this article can help you.

Today we’ll talk about how to connect one JBL speaker (Go 2, Charge 3, Pulse 4, etc.) to the phone and make it as easy as possible, without unnecessary difficulties. To begin, let’s identify the reasons why it is not possible to pair the wireless devices.

Why the JBL speaker does not connect to your device

You are going to enjoy great sound and connect your JBL speaker to your phone via Bluetooth, but something went wrong? There may be several reasons, but if you approach the problem correctly, the problem can be solved.

Here are some of the simplest reasons that are not paid much attention to, but because of them, the process often comes to a standstill:

  • Your bluetooth speaker may not be compatible with other devices;
  • You placed the wireless devices too far from each other, so the smartphone does not see the gadget;
  • the phone does not look for another gadget, because the item with permission to be detected by other devices is not checked in the settings;
  • if the Bluetooth speaker is not turned on or not connected to a power source, then “making friends” with the phone can be a very difficult task;
  • when two devices interfere with each other, it is unlikely that the JBL speaker can be connected properly.

Simple tips to help solve the problem with connecting a Bluetooth speaker

You can’t connect the JBL speaker to the phone, your phone does not find a speaker? First of all, check to see if bluetooth is enabled on the Jbl. Also see if there is permission to detect the phone with other devices. In most cases, a simple adjustment of the settings will help to solve all problems with pairing.

If the situation persists, try turning off and then turning on both gadgets again. Soft reset sometimes works wonders. On the phone it’s enough just to move the “airplane” mode slider back and forth. Also, before connecting a Bluetooth speaker, be sure to charge your smartphone. A working Bluetooth module can quickly drain the battery. It will be annoying if the mobile phone suddenly disconnects during pairing. It is also very useful to clear the phone cache to eliminate the possibility of strange errors.

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How to connect a JBL speaker to the phone

  1. Turn on pairing mode on the speaker by pressing the Bluetooth button.
Can I Jbl Speaker Connect To TV

If you have not yet connected the device to your phone, then the first time it is turned on, it will automatically start the search mode. You will see how the LED indicator flashes, indicating that the search is in progress, and then the connection with the detected mobile phone is established.

Video: Can I Jbl Speaker Connect To TV

You will have to start pairing manually if you have ever paired these two devices. To do this, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker for about three seconds, until the LED indicator blinks on it.

  1. Turn on the detection mode of your JBL Bluetooth speaker.

On Android Phone:

  • open “Settings” on your smartphone;
  • in the “Settings” find the Bluetooth menu and go into it;
  • Now enable the Bluetooth option by moving the slider to the desired position;
  • after that select and press the option “Pair with a new device”;
  • wait a few seconds until the name of the bluetooth speaker appears on the screen of your phone. When it displays, select it to start the connection process.

If you have an iPhone, the procedure will be approximately the same as for the android:

  • first run the Settings app;
  • then go to the Bluetooth section, turn on the wireless module by moving the slider. By the way, you can enable the “blue-tooth” from the quick launch panel. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the panel, and click on the bluetooth icon. When this option is enabled, the icon will change color from gray to blue;
  • check if your acoustic device, or rather its name, is displayed in the “Other devices” list. When you find the name of your speaker, tap on it to initiate the connection.

Upon successful pairing of the speaker with a smartphone, the LED on the speaker will stop flashing, and you will hear music sounds or a sound track to the video from the speaker.

Can I connect two speakers to one phone

In general, Bluetooth technology does not involve connecting a third device, because it is based on pairing, that is, using communication between only two devices. But there is a way with which you can connect, for example, 2 JBL speakers to one phone.

Does it make sense to use two at once from the phone? The answers to this question may be different. But, in principle, the main goal that users pursue in this case is to get a cleaner, surround and louder sound. Thus, you can connect without a home theater and get about the same effect, but at a significantly lower cost. Of course, much will depend on the model of the speakers, which will be intended as substitutes for an expensive speaker system. As for the JBL brand specifically, experts advise purchasing a pair (or even more) of Flip 4 or, for example, Xtreme.

What you need to keep in mind before connecting

For best results, consider the following recommendations:

  • Take devices of the same brand, identical models, so that there are no problems;
  • no wires are needed to connect the speakers, the connection will be via bluetooth.

Sometimes two speakers from different manufacturers can work together, but if you are not a hacker with a high level of training who can “tweak” Bluetooth, then it is better to choose wireless devices from the same manufacturer.

Pairing Bluetooth Speakers of the Same Brand

There are two ways to accomplish this task. manual and through the application. Manual connection manual will be as follows:

  • turn on the Bluetooth option on the phone;
  • turn on both speakers;
  • on the speaker housings find the pairing buttons (for “Jibiel” this is the bluetooth button). Press the buttons and wait until both speakers connect to your smartphone at the same time.

This method has been tested and works great on JBL Flip or Extreme columns.

From the phone you can connect at the same time not two, but several portable speakers at once. According to the manufacturer, for Flip this number can be more than 100. But for this you need to install a proprietary application.