Can I Find Iphone Off

Can I Find Iphone Off

The loss of the iPhone is a tragedy for the owner, not only because this smartphone is quite expensive, but also for a different reason: according to surveys, 70% of owners of “apple” gadgets store important information on mobile devices, both personal and necessary for work and business. If the manager loses his iPhone (along with notes, emails and spreadsheets), this can "stall" his organization’s work for several days.

Fortunately, there is a chance to find a gadget. People who have lost their iPhone or iPad should put off self-flagellation and self-pity “for later” and take the measures described in this article first. Even if it is not possible to detect a lost iPhone due to these measures, it will be possible to delete the data stored in the device’s memory to prevent it from falling into the hands of ordinary people or, much worse, business competitors.

iPhone gone: what to do?

There are several measures you need to take. right away after detecting loss of iPhone. If the smartphone was found by a respectable person, it is likely that these simple measures will yield the result:

Call your number. Use the phone of a friend or work colleague for this. If you left the device on the street, the call will attract the attention of a passerby who will be able to give you the find for a modest reward. In the absence of a telephone from which you can make a call, use the “omnipotent” Internet at your fingertips. for example, you can make a call to any number from the website If the call does not give a result, proceed with further actions.

Temporarily block the SIM card. For this, it’s not even necessary personally to come to the mobile operator’s service office. just call the hotline number and name the passport data. This measure will protect against an impressive minus in the account.

Change passwords via computer. The iPhone saves in its memory all the passwords that you specified. If you, say, regularly transfer money through the iPhone in your Sberbank-Online Account, then the loss of the device may well put your well-being at risk. An attacker gaining access to your social network page will threaten your reputation.

Take preventive measures so as not to be in a situation where all your passwords are in the hands of an attacker. Use a password manager with one master code that a person who accidentally finds a gadget will not be able to find out for sure. Password managers for iPhone (and not only) are described here.

Think about where you’ve been recently and where you might have lost your device.. Say, if you used taxi services, you can dial an operator who will connect you personally with your driver. The driver can check to see if he found an iPhone.

Advertise on social networks. Perhaps one of your friends or colleagues knows the location of the device.

Can I find iPhone by IMEI?

After detecting the loss, it is recommended to enter the device data into the IMEI databases of stolen / lost phones on specialized sites.

It’s easy to find the IMEI of the “apple” device: just dial # 06 # and the number will appear on the screen.

Start with on the main page of this portal, click "Add to lost or stolen list".

Can I Find Iphone Off

Next, fill out a short questionnaire (IMEI, owner’s name, email address, amount of compensation) and register the loss.

Can I Find Iphone Off

Do not regard this measure as hopeless: pay attention to the statistics. more than 25 thousand checks take place on the IMEI site per day! Statistics very eloquently speaks of the popularity of the portal.

Another specialized smartphone search site is Russians access this Internet catalog much less often because it is English-speaking, however it is also worth reporting a loss here. no one will take money for it.

Can I Find Iphone Off

Do not rush to file a complaint with the police. The police are not experts in Apple technology: they may require you to take actions that not only do not help in finding the gadget, but vice versa. will make this task almost impossible.

How to find iPhone using Find My iPhone?

If on the smartphone at the time of loss the “Find my iPhone"("Find iPhone"), The odds quickly detect apparatus are extremely high. For this reason, include “Find iPhone»Experts recommend immediately after buying a new gadget.

You can use the Find iPhone feature only if your smartphone has iOS version higher than 4.2.1.

How to enable "Find iPhone"?

The function "activatedFind my iPhone" So:

Step 1. Walk on your smartphone along the path “Settings"-"iCloud".

Can I Find Iphone Off

Step 2. In chapter "iCloud"Scroll down, find the toggle switch"Find iPhone"And move it to the active position.

Can I Find Iphone Off

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Step 3. A dialog box will appear. in it select the option “OK".

Can I Find Iphone Off

This activation procedure is not completed.

Step 4. Return to the main settings menu and follow the path “Privacy"-"Geolocation services"-"Find iPhone".

Can I Find Iphone Off

Step 5. In the subsection "Find iPhone»Switch the slider of the same name to the active position. When geolocation services are disabled, you will not be able to see on the map where the iPhone is located.

Can I Find Iphone Off

In addition, for the correct operation "Find my iPhone»You need the gadget to be connected to the Internet.

How to use Find iPhone?

If you’ve lost a gadget but know that the “Find my iPhone»On it is turned on, find iPhone or iPad from the computer like this:

Step 1. Go to the site iCloud and enter Apple ID and password.

Can I Find Iphone Off

Step 2. In the main menu, select "Find iPhone".

Can I Find Iphone Off

Step 3. Enter password from iCloud again.

Can I Find Iphone Off

You will see a map where the location of your iPhone will be marked with a green dot.

Can I Find Iphone Off

Using the "" and "-" buttons you can zoom in and out of the map.

If Apple cards do not impress you, set the mode to "Hybrid»In the menu located in the lower right corner. You will see at home. probably this will help to orient.

Can I Find Iphone Off

If you have multiple Apple devices (such as iPhone and iPad), select the lost in the “All devices".

Can I Find Iphone Off

Step 4. Click on the name of the lost or stolen iPhone, and you will open such a window in the upper right corner:

Can I Find Iphone Off

"Play the sound." If you click on this button, the iPhone will piercingly squeak, which will reveal itself. A message of the following nature will appear on the screen:

Can I Find Iphone Off

Erase iPhone. Thanks to this function, you can remotely delete all the information contained in the smartphone’s memory. Use the option "Erase iPhone»Recommended only in 2 cases:

  • if you have a copy of the data created in iTunes or iCloud (this article will teach you how to make copies);
  • if you no longer expect to find a phone and want to keep the information on the gadget secret.

If the data in the device’s memory is valuable and unique, you don’t need to rush it. Before attackers can get to the information, they have to crack the password, and this is not an easy task.

"Lost mode." Using this mode, you can block the iPhone. we will use it.

Step 5 By selecting "Loss mode", Enter your password twice.

Can I Find Iphone Off

A random passerby who has found an iPhone will not be able to use the device because he will not know this password. Also, he will not be able to hand over the smartphone, since no one will accept a locked phone.

Step 6. Indicate the contact phone number. it is on it that the person who found the smartphone can call, because the number will be displayed on the screen of the locked device.

Can I Find Iphone Off

The contact number is entered at the request of the user. this is not required. If you want to skip this step, click Next.

Step 7 At the final stage, the user needs to write a message that will be displayed on the display of the lost smartphone.

Can I Find Iphone Off

Click “Done". You will return to the initial window, in which you can see that the inclusion of “Loss mode". The fact that the mode is activated, you will find out by the orange signature in the upper left corner of the window.

Can I Find Iphone Off

In addition, a message about enabling the mode will be sent to the email address (which acts as Appleid)

Can I Find Iphone Off

The message you wrote earlier appears on the screen of the gadget itself.

Leave "Loss mode»You can by clicking on the icon of the same name. In the window that appears, click "Exit Lost Mode".

Can I Find Iphone Off

How to find an iPhone if it is turned off (discharged)?

You won’t be able to track the turned off gadget, but to see its last location before turning it off is as simple as that. You should also use the site for this. iCloud. The gadget in the list of devices will appear as inactive, and on the map the label will appear exactly where the program “saw” the iPhone, until it “sat down”.

The option to display the last location is present on devices with iOS 8 and above. iPhone 4 cannot be detected using it. This option also needs to be configured: follow the path "Settings"-"iCloud"-"Find my iPhone"And move the slider"Send last location»In an active position.

Can I Find Iphone Off

What cannot be done if the Find iPhone feature is enabled?

Having reported the loss of the iPhone to the police, the user will probably be faced with the requirement to disable "Loss mode"So that law enforcement can track the location of the device by IMEI.

If a security password is set on the smartphone, you can disable the “Lost Mode” at the request of the police. the password is a fairly reliable protection.

Only the "apple" pro will be able to drop it. the probability that the finder is an advanced user is very small.

If the police ask to erase the iPhone and leave the iCloud account, in no case should they fulfill their request. The security password after erasing will be reset, which means that the person who discovered the iPhone, will be able to fully use the device. The owner can only hope for the agility of the police, which, alas, does not put cases on the loss of phones a priority.

Apps to help find iPhone

Not only the device’s built-in functions, but also third-party applications available in the AppStore for free or for a moderate fee can help you find the gadget. These programs include:

Contact If Found

The application makes it possible to create a desktop screen saver on which the owner’s contact information is present. This program is free, but installs only on smartphones with iOS 8th version and higher.


The program "ihound"-" personal investigator "of the owner of the iPhone. As soon as the lost gadget is connected to the PC, a letter will be sent to the owner’s mailbox indicating the exact address where the device is located. Thus, the owner may not allow the software of his smartphone to be changed by “computer craftsmen”. Also "ihound"Periodically fixes the location of the gadget for preventive purposes. this means that the owner will be able to find out not only Where the device is staying now, but also as it got there (for this you have to use Facebook or Twitter)

Reward if found

The program will create a colorful splash screen with the contact details of the owner. As soon as the person who found the iPhone turns on the device, he will see something like the following:

The program is paid, but its cost is low. only 75 rubles.


iLocalis is an application available only for iPhone with jailbreak (in Cydia) Its functionality is quite wide: for example, usingiLocalis»You can find out a new number if you have changed the SIM card in your smartphone.


Improving the security of device owners is a growing trend. It is known that Apple engineers are developing a project of "zombie mode" iPhone. a gadget in this state will be able to transmit information to the owner about the location even when it is off. However, while users of "apple" gadgets have to be content with the function "Find iPhone", Which, alas, does not always bring results.

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