Can I Connect Two Wireless Headphones

Surely every computer user knows how to connect a stereo headset to their device. But what if there is a need to listen to music or a movie not in one pair of headphones, but in two? Depending on what type of connection your headset uses, there are several ways to connect two headphones to one computer at the same time:

  • use a splitter (for wired headsets);
  • Virtual Cable Connection (for wireless headsets)

Can I Connect Two Wireless Headphones


As a rule, such an adapter has a rather short wire, which imposes restrictions on computer users. The short distance at which connected headsets can be used is an obvious disadvantage of this method. For fans of listening to media content over a long distance, the following synchronization option is suitable.

Virtual cable

How to connect two pairs of wireless headphones simultaneously to one computer using Virtual Cable? To get started, download the specified program to your computer and complete the installation by following the attached instructions. When the installation is complete, start Virtual Cable and follow these steps.

  1. Launch the “vcctlpan” application and initialize any sound file played on your device.
  2. Change the device that plays the sounds in the system to Line Virtual. To do this, open the “Hardware and Sound” tab in the control panel of your computer.
  3. After completing step 2, your device will stop playing sounds using a standard device and redirect them to the Line Virtual splitter.
  4. Launch the “audiorepeater” application, which is located in the root folder of Virtual Cable, and connect the “Line Virtual” audio device and your Bluetooth headset.
  5. By repeating step 4, add other audio headsets to the Line Virtual sound device. Their number can reach 3-4.

The evidence that all actions were performed correctly will be characteristic leaps led line on the screen of your monitor and the presence of sound in the connected headphones or speakers.

The disadvantages of wireless connectivity

Despite all the positive aspects, the Virtual Cable program has a number of significant drawbacks that can affect the amount of pleasure received from joint listening to audio or video material:

  • the presence of a delay in playback;
  • excess "noise" and other sound effects;
  • broadcast resynchronization.

Resynchronization occurs due to the so-called “time separation” mode: the sound is distributed over the headsets in blocks of several milliseconds, which generates this effect. The more headphones you use, the stronger the resync will be.

Despite these shortcomings, this method will be an excellent solution for those who have a relatively powerful laptop or computer and plan to connect no more than two headsets at a time. In this case, the “noise” in the headphones is smoothed out, and a delay of several milliseconds ceases to affect the enjoyment of watching movies.