Can I Connect Internet Without a Computer

If the house has two or more PCs, but at the same time only one communication line is drawn, many are concerned about the issue of connecting to the Internet and gaining access to Wi-Fi. This is directly related to the additional costs. That is, to easily connect to the Internet at minimal cost, you need to purchase the appropriate equipment with a minimum cost. Using a special device, you can connect 2 or more computers, respectively, to get unlimited Wi-Fi access.

How to connect two computers when there is one network cable

In practice, several methods are considered to connect a pair of computers to the network if there is only one provider cable. Many devices are free; others require a new device. To perform the actions you will have to use a network cable and a card.

Can I Connect Internet Without a Computer

  1. The main factor is the choice of a computer with maximum power, which will be connected to a wireless network. As a rule, it should never be turned off. This facilitates the processing of two streams of Internet connection.
  2. Next, you need to connect the second network card to the selected PC. You can use an internal card with a PCI connector as well as an external USB adapter. Then the second computer is configured. You need to connect both PCs through a network cable. After completing the LAN settings, you will have to switch to TCP / IPv4. To configure a second laptop, a static address of is issued.

Note! After completing all these steps, you need to leave the second PC and go to configure the first. You will have to set up an Internet connection. If in doubt, it is best to seek the help of a professional specialist.

Before the user opens a menu where it says "Network Connection". A sign appears on the screen that shows the level of connection to the communication line. You need to click on the shortcut and open the "Properties" item. In the tab you will have to select the "Access" item. A check mark is located at the top of the item that you must agree with to ensure network connectivity. As soon as the stage is completed, the user will see the option on the screen with the LAN settings between the PC. After correctly entering the permanent IP address, Wi-Fi access will automatically open.

How to connect the Internet to two computers through one cable

Many people wonder how to connect two computers to the Internet through one cable. Typically, a cable connection between two PCs is a simple, alternative solution that can be performed without the help of a professional. It happens that a certain number of PCs are brought to the house, office, financial institution, but at the same time there is only a single network.

To properly connect the cable to two computers, you need to put a network card in each PC and connect via a switch.

Note! As a rule, both devices are connected using a network cable. To solve the problem, you can use the RJ45 series cable.

A local network between the PC is created after entering the control panel. The option "Network and Internet" is presented, which will allow you to go to the "Network and Sharing Management" section. Then you need to select the required network connection and open the properties. It is imperative to connect to the network through the "TCP / IPv4 Internet Computer Protocol" after the IP address is entered correctly.

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Some users want to access the Internet from both computers without the need to create new 2 accounts. That is, you have to choose a computer to perform the functions of a router. A connecting wire with the Internet is connected to this unit. After successful completion of the action, the properties are set in accordance with the requirements of the provider.

The next step is to open the TCP / IPv4 protocol settings of the local network between computers on the first PC, filling in the “IP address” column with the numbers

How to connect an Internet cable to two computers

Going online with multiple PCs is a simple task. Users are prompted to choose any method. modem or Wi-Fi. Next, you need to install a network card and driver. In the menu you need to select the "Device Manager", where the option "Network Cards" is located. Next, you need to right-click to call the context menu for the icon of the new adapter, selecting "Properties".

Important! Both computers can be connected using a cross-over cable, from both ends of which the RG-45 plugs are connected crosswise. You can use a tee. This action should be performed to ensure signal transmission. The cable must be connected to the network card connector of both computers. When the indicator blinks, it means the device is working in good mode.

How to connect two computers to the Internet

Many users are interested in whether it is possible to properly connect two computers to one Internet cable without the help of professional specialists? For both computers, you need to select the appropriate names (login) to combine them into a working group. Using the right mouse button, the context menu is called up. To do this, click on the “My Computer” icon and select the “Properties” option. Next, the “Computer Name” tab will open. For each PC, you need to come up with a name. To confirm your actions, click on the OK option. After the agreement, you will need to restart the computer.

Important! Then you need to go to the “Network Connections” item of both computers by selecting the “General” tab for “Internet Protocol (TCR / IP)”. The next step is to obtain an IP address in automatic mode.

In the “Control Panel” tab of the router computer, go to the “Network Connections” section. After selecting the "Properties" item, the system will prompt you to go to the "Advanced" column. By checking the boxes for specific items that appear on the screen, you must agree with the system. After that, DHCP will assign the IP address to the network card.

On the second computer, you need to open a browser and go to the Service section, after which the “Internet Options” tab appears. Next, click "Install." The new option “New Connections Wizard” translates to the “Next” item. Here, check the “Connect to the Internet” tab and click on the “Next” button.

How to connect 2 computers to the Internet through one router

In this embodiment, the user will need a router. A computer device has another name. “router”. How to connect a second computer to the Internet through one router, is described below.

Computer devices are connected using a router, a regular cable, but the laptop is connected via wireless. To ensure the correct connection, computers must be equipped with network cards, and a laptop with a wireless adapter.

Each router has one WAN input and several LAN outputs. WAN provides unlimited access to the Internet, and LAN is used to connect a PC. To set up the wireless connection correctly, you need to insert the wire that connects the communication line to the WAN socket, and connect the PC to one of the LAN outputs.

Note! When configuring the device and IP address, the manufacturer suggests using the instructions. Information is displayed on the label or on the device itself.

Direct access

It is possible to open access through a proxy server. From the huge list you can choose AnalogX Proxy Server. As a rule, this computer will play the role of a server in this local network and it will be possible to distribute the Internet from it “directly”.

Possible connection problems

When setting up multiple PCs, the following problems may occur:

  • Lack of VPN connection.
  • Error 769.

Note! In the absence of a VPN connection, experts recommend remembering a three-digit code.

The error appears when the password is incorrectly typed, the name is incorrectly specified or the type of communication protocol is missing. If you specify incorrect information, the code is expressed as 6XX.

If the error 679 appeared during the connection, this indicates a damage to the modem driver. To resolve the problem, you need to download and reinstall the necessary drivers from the manufacturer’s official resource. After completion, you should disconnect the modem, and then insert it again into the PC.

To ensure proper Wi-Fi operation after installation, you need to restart your computer. This procedure is carried out in order to gain access to the Internet via a local network.