Can I Connect a Fitness Bracelet to an iPhone

Can I Connect a Fitness Bracelet to an iPhone

Without connecting the Mi Band 3 bracelet to a smartphone, it will be able to realize far from all the functions. For example, on the tracker, you can start the stopwatch, get acquainted with the weather forecast, manage calls without the participation of the special Mi Fit application. At the same time, you will not be able to view information about sleep, complete statistics on steps, heart rate, calories burned without a standard connection to a smartphone.

Connecting the bracelet to the iPhone is characterized by some features. In this article, we will look at how to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet to the iPhone (iPhone), whether it can be done through a computer and what problems may appear during synchronization. To fix synchronization issues, check out our suggested solutions.

The gadget works with the iPhone, starting with version 9.0 of iOS. A larger bracelet screen allows you to display more information for your review. Updated touch sensors have been enhanced to accurately monitor activity. When the tracker is compatible with the phone, a whole range of useful functions is open for the user:

  • clock, timer and alarm clock. using a special application you can configure the function of a “smart” alarm clock that will wake the user during the REM sleep phase;
  • heart rate control. allows you to track the heart rate during sports activities, normal activity or night sleep (when setting up constant heart rate control, this function will discharge the battery faster);
  • notification and management of incoming calls, SMS and notifications from applications on the smartphone (50 programs can be selected);
  • counting calories burned;
  • statistics on steps taken and calories burned;
  • sleep diagnostics. the tracker collects statistics on the phases and quality of sleep throughout the night;
  • Set up reminders for important events.

To synchronize the fitness bracelet with the iPhone, you need to turn on the Bluetooth module, with its help basic data on physical indicators are transmitted, notifications and other parameters are configured.

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Search for the desired application

For owners of smartphones based on iOS, the choice of programs for the tracker is relatively small. You can synchronize the bracelet and iPhone with:

  1. Mi Fit. The official version of the application from Xiaomi, is characterized by all the necessary functionality. It is optimally suitable for basic configuration of a new gadget, statistics on steps, calories, sleep, and daily use. Since there are few alternative options for “apple” smartphones, the official version of the developers will allow you to use all the basic modules and features of the tracker.
  2. Mi Heart Rate. A decent option for a utility that will allow you to not only adjust Mi Band 3, but also configure the desired system language (notifications for the application, display name of the contact, etc.). Russian, English and other popular languages ​​are available for flashing the system. The only caveat. users indicate that the installation of any of the translations will be 3-4 dollars.
  3. Mi Band Master. It has advanced functionality that is optimized as much as possible for the features of the iOS platform. At the moment, the application is undergoing the approval phase in the App Store and will soon be active for free download. Representatives say the program will be paid. about 2.

Note! At the stage of the first connection of the device, you must download the official version of the application. Other programs can be used as additional ones and expand the possibilities for working with personal statistics.

How to connect a tracker on iOS: instruction

Linking the Mi Band 3 bracelet to a smartphone is quite simple. the technology is almost identical to the bracelets of the previous generation.

How to connect the gadget to iPhone (iPhone):

  1. To start the connection, you must go through the process of registering an account on the official website of Xiaomi. Connect a mobile number to your account to increase the security of stored data.
  2. Download the Mi Fit app on your smartphone, open it and enter the basic information of a previously registered profile.
  3. Go to the “Profile” sub-item, click on the “Add a new device” pointer, find “Bracelet” in the offered list.
  4. Turn on the Bluetooth module and wait for the synchronization to complete.
  5. Confirm the binding of the smartphone with the front button on the fitness tracker.

After synchronization of the bracelet, an immediate update of the system and auxiliary resources of the device may begin. You need to hold the tracker next to the connected phone so as not to interrupt the Bluetooth connection. After downloading updates, you can use the bracelet in normal mode.

Is it possible through a computer

Connecting a fitness bracelet to a computer or using it to bind to a phone will fail. Many tests were conducted among users of the second and third generation of bracelets. connecting the capsule is possible only using a USB cable (to charge the device). Any access to data on the tracker through a computer is not possible, since personal PCs are not equipped with the necessary Bluetooth module.

Note! Using a personal PC, you can only register a new account on the official website of the Xiaomi brand or restore a lost password for an old profile. However, it will not work to check whether the bracelet’s connection to the device works.

Why it doesn’t connect: finding problems and solutions

During the Mi Band 3 connection, various problems with the speed and synchronization itself may occur. Since the reasons can be completely different, we will consider possible solutions to them.