Can I Charge the Phone Via Usb

The weakest point of any portable device is the battery. over, the older she is, the weaker the charge. What to do if you need to energize a mobile device, but the memory is not at hand? How to charge the phone via laptop? Are there any other ways to recharge the battery? What to do if there are no sockets nearby? Find the answer to these and other questions regarding recharging gadgets.

Can I Charge the Phone Via Usb

Charge the phone via laptop

How can I charge a phone from a laptop? Very simple, but there should be a cable to connect to the USB connector. If the accessory is available, proceed as follows:

  • Through the USB cable, connect the mobile device to the connector of the laptop. Select on the mobile phone, select the mode "Drive" or "Transfer media."
  • Then on the laptop, select a mobile device, open the explorer window. Check the status of the indicator on the display of the cell phone, charging has started or not.
  • When the battery is finished charging, unplug the USB cable.
  • Keep in mind that it will take longer to charge the phone from a laptop than from a standard network charger. The yusby connector will provide only 500 mA of rechargeable current, and the accessory from the network will provide 800 mA. Therefore, it will take more time than when connecting the cell phone to the outlet.

About laptop USB ports

The presence of yuesby port on electronic devices has greatly simplified the life of users. In fact, the connector is designed to exchange information, but in devices of low power it is used to recharge the batteries. Today, laptops use the following versions of popular connectors:

The bandwidth of versions 2.0, 3.0 is no more than 4.5 watts, and for feeding a laptop of average power it takes at least 30 watts. What to do? There is an alternative. this is Type-C, a new modification of the classic yuesby port. A connector with a bandwidth of 100 watts with one click solved all the problems. Type-C yuesby version 3.1 is not only fast, but also convenient, it will charge the most sophisticated gadget. It has a symmetrical design, which eliminates the incident when the cable is inserted on the wrong side, and compactness allows you to take with you wherever you go.

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What to do if USB 3.O Type-C not

If your laptop does not have a USB 3.1 Type-C port, use a special adapter. In the assortment, quality battery adapters are sold here. With an external power supply, cable, the question of how to quickly charge a laptop via a USB port will be solved instantly. It is enough to connect the devices to the high-voltage network, wait until the battery is full.

If you often have to recharge the phone’s battery from a laptop, buy the universal Power Bank, which is suitable for all models of laptops and other devices. The portable portable model will quickly recharge the device in any place where there is no network connection. Note: a large selection of high-quality, inexpensive backup batteries can be found here. How is a laptop recharged through a bank?

  • A Yuesby adapter plugs into a fully charged portable battery.
  • The same thing will have to be repeated with one of the ports on your laptop.
  • If everything is done correctly, the battery will begin to charge. Speed, charging performance will depend on the functionality of the activated connector.

How to charge a laptop from an auto-inverter

Is it possible to charge a laptop from an inverter from devices used for vehicles? Yes, for example, a car inverter, a base voltage converter for cars, is ideal for these purposes. First, connect the auto-inverter as indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions. Connect a laptop to it using the appropriate yuesby adapter.

An alternative could be a way to charge the device through the cigarette lighter socket. Adapters for cars allow you to forget about the problem of recharging if you have to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. A large selection of accessories for recharging and synchronous operation of various devices in the car is here.

An electric generator to help

Portable power generators, including solar panels, are one way to quickly recharge electronic devices. They charge the battery quickly, safely, which is convenient, when there is no access, to the 220 V power supply. How does the recharging take place? Use the adapter that connects the generator to the laptop’s charging socket. Check how stable the devices work after connecting to each other. If everything is fine, it remains to wait until the battery is fully powered, the laptop will be ready for use.

Why the phone does not want to charge from a laptop

There are times when for some reason the phone does not charge from the laptop. What is the reason?

  • Prevent pollution. Contacts on the ports of your devices, cable plugs inevitably become covered with dust, dirt particles over time. Having accumulated, the garbage creates resistance, which interferes with establishing a connection between the phone and the laptop. It is enough to carefully clean the contacts with a match soaked in alcohol, use a toothpick, the contact will be restored.
  • The cable is damaged. Breaking, rupture of the conductor. a common situation that occurs due to excesses, external influences. Try using a different cord.
  • Broken portUSBin a laptop. Often it is burned out, the second reason is the burnout of the controller. What to do? Take a working flash card, another USB device, check that the socket is working. If the laptop does not respond, then the port is broken, there is no contact with the motherboard.
  • Phone Connector Damaged. The USB ports of any cellular device are prone to frequent breakdowns. Sometimes it is unsuccessful enough to pull out the cord so that the cellphone jack ceases to work. Only urgent repairs will help here.
  • Portable device is in sleep mode. If you look at the laptop settings, you can see that the option to disable yusby ports is usually in sleep mode. This is to save battery power. It is enough to change the settings and you can charge the cell phone.

What to do if charging is slow

Why is the mobile gadget charging so slowly? Is it possible and how to charge faster? If there is no dirt on the connector pins, everything is fine with a laptop, mobile gadget, other reasons are to blame.

  • Charging current low. As already mentioned, the USB 2.0 port gives a maximum power of 500 mA. If the connection is through an extension cord. even less. Only innovation will save the Type-C connector.
  • Self-loading is extremely high. Activated background applications often interfere with recharging the phone. They are energy-intensive, often their discharge current is much greater than the charge current. What to do? There are two options: turn off background applications, take a more powerful memory.

Use any means to boost your phone’s battery power. All methods are equivalent, safe. However, it’s much easier to invest once in buying Power Bank and forget about the problems forever.