Can I Charge My Phone Through Headphones

Wireless chargers are already rapidly gaining popularity and are beginning to actively occupy their niche in the market. But such an idea is already actively coming on the heels of such an idea as charging a phone via Wi-Fi.

Development timeline

The idea of ​​transmitting energy over long distances without the use of accompanying conductors has long excited the minds of the best thinkers of the planet. The first progress in this matter was outlined at the beginning of the 20th century.

Discovered, implemented and described the same technology, the well-known Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla. But society was not ready for such technologies, since the memory of the people still had memories of the witch hunt and incidents in Salem, and therefore the technology was forgotten and sunk into oblivion. But only until certain times.

Since that moment, a lot of time has passed, several world wars have happened, and now mankind has reached the level of development at which ideas of almost a century ago become not so crazy and unacceptable.

In addition, technological progress and the evolution of microprocessor technology are very decent help for the conversion of electromagnetic waves into a directed flow of electrical energy.

There is no doubt that somewhere in closed facilities such a technology has already been developed and perfected for a long time. But for industrial purposes, these devices are unlikely to be used. Therefore, I propose to consider those options that were initially oriented towards entering the civilian market.

Modern level of development

The first time we heard that charging a phone via Wi-Fi was possible, about five years ago. This device was demonstrated at CES 2010 under the name RCA Airnergy Charger. According to the descriptions of the principle of operation, it was similar to the device proposed by Tesla.

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The device was a small box of quite acceptable dimensions in order to constantly carry it in a jacket pocket; a cable came out of the box to connect to the phone. Inside, there was a small circuit with a Wi-Fi signal receiver and a small battery. Specific technical data were not published, but a figurative model of the device was outlined.

The receiver intercepts the radio waves through which information is transported, records their oscillations, frequency and amplitude. Then the circuit arranges them in such a way that they are no different from fluctuations in electricity. After completing the transformation, the newly formed electricity begins to fill the battery capacity. It remains only to connect the device and observe how charging takes place.

But, alas, despite the genius of the idea, its implementation left much to be desired. The generally poorly polished general working methodology, ergonomics and internal arrangement of the board did not even allow to enter the market. What can we say about the ability to compete with traditional methods of power supply.

Efficiency was monstrously low, despite the fact that the presentation announced charging the BlackBerry device from 30% to a full charge in just 90 minutes. But in fact, the technology was raw, and the device announced for the summer of the same year did not take place. Its cost was to be about 40 US dollars.

Product from Energous

Energous is currently selling such a device. Technological subtleties are not disclosed for reasons of intellectual property protection, as this technology is already more advanced than previously described.

There is no longer required to connect to the gadget for charging. The device itself converts the waves in such a way that they are focused not on data transmission, but on replenishment of the charge level. The only significant minus is the work in only one mode: the device either charges the mobile device or provides access to the network.

Perhaps, if it were not for such a specific principle of work and the need to buy a new smartphone, the device would find its audience.

Can I Charge My Phone Through Headphones

Power over wifi

Finally, we got to the flagship implementation of such an idea. At the end of the first half of this year, it became known that Washington Research University is at the stage of active testing of the new technology power over Wi-Fi, which even then allowed charging not only the batteries of mobile devices. Satisfactory results were also obtained when recharging the battery level in hours.

Compared to the two previous charging methods, this method has several distinctive features.

Firstly, you do not need to buy individual special devices or a new smartphone. All that is needed is to reflash the home router. This will in no way affect its performance as a relay of information. Hardware changes are not required at all.

Can I Charge My Phone Through Headphones

Secondly, unlike the Energous device, the principle of operation of this technique allows both charging batteries and accessing the network. And not only to one rechargeable device, but to all connected devices at once.

And the last: at the moment, the maximum distance for charging is 8.4 meters. But the developers noted that this parameter can be increased and it will be changed several times. As soon as the technological process is brought to mind, scientists will address the issue of increasing the working range.

How to charge your phone via WIFI: Video

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