Can I charge a regular phone with a quick charge

Can I charge a regular phone with a quick charge

Had breakfast, you are going to leave at home, already dressed, the necessary things are collected, you pick up the iPhone and you see that the charge remains 10-15%. Is the situation familiar? Well, if you move by car, you can recharge your smartphone on the road, but in other cases it is just a tragedy.

You have to look for the PowerBank, free up space for it in the bag and put up a string of wires that allow you to charge your smartphone and use it on the go at the same time.

While Apple has not “invented” fast charging, the correct algorithm of actions is this:

1. Turn on airplane mode

You will be surprised, but many still do not know that the cellular module and Wi-Fi are the main consumers of energy in any smartphone. Disconnected them and charging will be much faster.

And even at this time, background data synchronization will not occur, geolocation and all network activity of the device will turn off.

2. Turn on the power saving mode

In iOS 11, even such a switch was provided in the control panel, and in older versions of the system you need to go to Settings. Battery and there activate the toggle switch.

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In this mode, the power of the iPhone decreases, some processes turn off, performance drops, but energy consumption decreases. So, not only will charging be faster, but also during the day the device will not be so voracious. If you do not have time to “refuel” by 90-100%, it will be useful.

3. Leave the iPhone to charge

Now the main thing is to give the device time to recharge. Many at this time are already assembled, standing on the threshold and do not know what else to do. Start playing games or just flipping through photos. So the smartphone can not only charge longer, but not even receive a percent of energy.

It’s better to revise the collected things once again, make a plan for the day, spin your favorite spinner.

4. Remove all cases from the iPhone

Advice is relevant in the summer more than ever. During the charge, the device will heat up significantly, and if you exit you will run demanding programs or navigation on it, the iPhone will become very hot. All this will not affect the battery in the best way and will be inconvenient to use.

If you carry the device in a case or case, take it out of protection for quick charging.

5. Use a powerful charger

For quick recharge, do not try to charge the device via USB from the computer. Take the complete power supply and plug it into a power outlet. If you find a more powerful adapter from the iPad, the charging time will be reduced.

These things will help you charge your iPhone as quickly as possible:

 USB Power Adapter 12W

This block is much more powerful than the standard: 12 watts versus 5 watts. They are equipped with some models of the iPad, but it will do just fine with charging the iPhone. The smartphone will charge almost twice as fast.

It’s time for iPhone Plus owners to think about purchasing a block with a code "MD836ZM-A", The iPhone will spend less time at the outlet.

 Lightning cable to USB 2 m

The native cable from the iPhone is usually carefully laid at the desktop and you don’t feel like pulling it out for charging before going to work. Get one more original cable but already two-meter.

It will turn out to be convenient to place the iPhone in the hallway or hallway for quick charging.

 29 W USB-C adapter

This power supply comes with a 12-inch MacBook. When you connect the iPhone, he can charge it. Of course, the charging time will be reduced even compared to charging from the iPad.

 87-W USB-C adapter

The most powerful portable power supply in the Apple line. They are equipped with a voracious MacBook Pro. He literally "pumps" energy from the outlet to the connected gadget.

 Lightning cable to USB-C

If you choose one of the last two blocks, you have to get such a cable. They no longer have a regular USB port, but the new Type-C, and with this cable you can directly connect the iPhone to the latest MacBooks.

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