Can I Change the Screen on the Phone

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Such a multifunctional device, like a smartphone, allows not only making calls, but also taking high-quality photos. Thanks to additional programs, the device can become not only a good entertainment, but also an indispensable assistant. Unfortunately, smartphones are impractical and if there is any fall, a crack may appear on the screen. In order for the device to be functional again and look prestigious, a sensor replacement is necessary.

Why the smartphone does not work

Before you decide to replace the glass on the phone, you need to understand the reasons why the screen of the mobile device stops working. The most common cause of damage is the physical impact on the device.

The main causes of direct exposure include:

  • Falling from height;
  • Installation of heavy items on the phone;
  • Placement of the smartphone in the back pocket of the pants (as a result, the person just sits on it).
Can I Change the Screen on the Phone

The list of reasons can be continued, but they are much less common than those described above. If a similar situation has occurred, the phone must be taken for repair so that specialists can change the glass.

In addition to physical damage, the screen may stop working after exposure to water. There are times when owners of smartphones spill various kinds of liquids on their mobile devices. If a similar situation occurred with the phone, it is necessary to dry it as soon as possible and take it to the diagnosis. Otherwise, the oxidation process may begin.

It is important to note that after the diagnosis it will be possible to understand what kind of repair a smartphone needs. It may be enough to change the screen. Worst of all, when micronutrient replacement is needed.

Most rarely, the following defects may occur in smartphones:

  • The screen turns white. The reason is a damaged loop or a faulty controller;
  • The picture is poorly displayed. In this case, the backlight failed;
  • A dark blue screen is displayed. The problem is with the breakdown of the display or controller;
  • The image periodically disappears, and the picture is distorted. The reason is connected with a loop break;
  • Ripples appear. Faulty controller or display itself.

In most cases, only a phone screen replacement will save the situation. Even if the reason is obvious, it is best to take the mobile device to a service center for diagnosis.

Replacing the screen on a smartphone

It is important to remember that broken glass cannot be repaired; it can only be replaced. So, in what cases, you will need to replace the touch screen:

  • A crack or a whole "cobweb" appeared on the surface of the glass;
  • The screen has stopped responding to touch;
  • The phone freezes when working with the touchscreen;
  • The mobile phone executes incorrect commands after touching the screen.

Remember that the smartphone screen consists of several thin layers. If one of them is violated, the sensor stops responding correctly to commands. Sometimes it’s enough to replace only the glass. In this case, you will save a decent amount.

When the image begins to blur or is only partially displayed, more complex repairs will be required. In this case, you have to replace the display, and it already costs other money.

When cracks appear, the glass can be replaced on its own. If you need a replacement display, it is categorically not recommended to make it at home. Screen replacement should only be performed at a service center using original parts.

Service cost

Smartphone repair is not cheap. Therefore, it is recommended to find a service center in which diagnostics are free. Why pay more if you can save. After the diagnosis, specialists can precisely determine whether a glass replacement is required, or still have to change the entire display.

Replacing a glass will cost significantly less than installing a new display. Service centers charge 1,000 to 3,000 rubles for such a service. It all depends on the phone model.

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Estimated cost of replacing glass and full screen:

  • iPhone 7 (Plus). 4180. 10,000
  • iPhone 7. 3500. 9000 p.
  • iPhone 6. 1200. 4600 p.
  • iPhone 5. 1160. 2980 p.
  • iPhone 4. 1080. 1400 p.
  • Samsung S7 Edge (Glass). 4500 p.
  • Samsung S5 (Glass). 2900 p.
  • Samsung A7 (Glass). 2900 p.
  • Samsung A5 (Glass). 2900 p.
  • Sony G3112 Xperia XA1 Dual. 2000 p.
  • LG Nexus 5X H791. 6,600 p.
  • Lenovo S850. 5000 r.
  • Microsoft Lumia 550 RM-1127. 4000 p.

As for the direct replacement of the display, such a service will cost half the price of a smartphone. To save money, you can compare the prices of several service centers and choose a more profitable one.

It may take several days to change the display. As for the replacement of glass, the procedure takes only a few hours. In this case, do not forget about the time for diagnosis. You should expect that the phone will be under repair for 2 days. Of course, you can pay for urgency and then the work will be completed within 2-3 hours.

Screen replacement at home

There are times when service centers ask for too much money for replacing a glass or display. To save money, you can make all the repairs yourself. It is important to note that such a procedure should be taken only if you are completely confident in your abilities.

To replace the screen, you will need the following tools:

  • A set of special screwdrivers;
  • Soldering iron;
  • Tweezers.

Perhaps a soldering iron is not needed. It all depends on the phone model. Before starting the procedure, you must remove the battery and SIM card from the mobile device. Then you should proceed with the analysis. To avoid difficulties, it is recommended to find video instructions on the Internet. It is important that the number of unscrewed bolts is equal to the number of twisted. If at least one detail is lost, the phone will no longer work as before.

Remember that the whole procedure is performed at your own peril and risk. There is no guarantee that everything will be done correctly. Therefore, you need to compare how much it costs to replace the screen on your phone and buy a new mobile device.

If you manage to fix the device on your own, a decent amount will be saved. Before starting the procedure, it is recommended to practice on an old mobile phone, which is not a pity to damage.


Touch screen mobile devices. Popular, functional and quite reliable gadgets, but if you encounter a problem when you need to replace the touchscreen, do not get upset ahead of time. This is not surprising, because fragile glass is the Achilles heel of modern phones. If such a nuisance happened, experienced craftsmen will probably be able to bring your mobile friend back to life.

The most common reason for replacing glass (sensor, touchscreen). careless mechanical impact. The phone can fall from a height, it can be accidentally stepped on, crushed, or even angrily thrown against the wall. In all these cases, replacing the glass is the only way to extend the life of the gadget.

The sensor consists of several layers, and if there is a violation in at least one of them, the system will not work. If the touch screen does not respond to touch, and the image is saved, the problem can only be in the upper layer of glass. If the picture is blurry, fuzzy, there is blackout or no image at all, the entire touch panel will need to be replaced. The price of replacing glass depends on the model of the device and the complexity of the work ahead. However, replacing a sensor is always much more economical than buying a new device.

The following problems are encountered with the touch glass of mobile phones:
The device remains operational, but the display remains constantly white. In this case, most likely, the controller on the board is broken, the program is broken, the cable is damaged, etc.;
The screen is dark blue. which means problems with the display itself or the controller ;.
Ripples on the screen ;.
The image appears, then disappears. and so for a long time ;.
The screen began to work worse, the picture is poorly visible ;.
The phone "hangs" in the process of calibrating the touchscreen;
The touchscreen does not respond correctly to touches or does not respond to them at all;
There are cracks on the glass.

If you. any of the described malfunctions, do not postpone the trip to the service center. the sooner the glass is replaced, the higher the likelihood that the phone will work correctly in the future.
In no case should you try to repair or replace the touchscreen yourself, otherwise, most likely, in the near future you will have to change the phone itself. Remember that only experienced craftsmen can professionally replace touch glass in such a complex and fragile device like a mobile phone.

After the fall of your mobile phone on its screen flaunts a gorgeous crack? Or did you personally see the dangers of alcohol, accidentally pouring your phone with champagne? Or maybe the touch screen for no apparent reason stopped responding to touch?

Do not panic, even if your gadget costs a lot of money. Replacing a touchscreen or a regular LCD screen is today one of the most common mobile repair services, which does not take much time.

The most common reasons why the phone screen does not work

It is difficult for a modern person to imagine his life without a mobile phone. He accompanies his master everywhere, wearing out and exposed to all kinds of dangers. Especially often the display breaks. a rather fragile part that serves to display graphic information. It consists of glass with a layer of cells filled with liquid crystal, the housing of the display itself and the backlight diodes.

The most common reason that the screen does not work is precisely mechanical damage. What just do not do with the phones! They sit down, step on, put heavy bags, drop them from a height, throw them against the wall in a fit of anger. The list goes on. And if the owner of the phone likes to put it in the back pocket of jeans, this increases the likelihood that the screen will be crushed. In all these cases, replacing the display is the only way to bring your mobile friend back to life.

Another common problem: the phone fell into the water or was flooded with another liquid. If this happens, you need to show the phone to specialists as quickly as possible, since the liquid starts the oxidation process, and it can finally “ditch” your mobile. Only after its drying, cleaning and diagnostics will a verdict be established: is a screen replacement required or can it be repaired.

But not always the phone suffers from the hands of a sloppy owner. Here are some more common problems with mobile phone screens:

  • The phone works, but only a white screen is visible. In this case, such malfunctions are possible: the controller on the phone board is malfunctioning, the program has flown, the cable is damaged, or repair or replacement of the phone display is required;
  • The screen glows in dark blue: problems with the controller or the display itself;
  • Ripples on the screen: you need to change the screen or troubleshoot the controller;
  • The image either disappears or reappears, or the image is distorted. This is a common problem with clamshell phones, the reason for it is a loop failure (a flexible part connecting the two halves of a mobile phone);
  • The screen works, but the picture is hard to see. In this case, the backlight has failed. Most likely, the backlight circuit is faulty.

If you notice that the phone screen is not working properly, do not drag it to a service center. Indeed, the faster the mobile phone is in the hands of specialists, the greater the likelihood that it will be possible to restore its work.

Touch Screen Replacement

A touch-screen telephone is a very convenient and functional device. But the more complex the gadget, the greater the likelihood of damage. Touchscreen (touch screen) is the “Achilles heel” of modern mobile phones, because this part is constantly experiencing mechanical stress. Fragile glass can easily be crushed, broken, filled. Fortunately, replacing the touchscreen is a simple and time-saving procedure for the Mobilamaster service masters.

Remember: touch screens that do not work or are broken cannot be repaired! Replacement of the sensor or touch glass is required if:

  • it has one or more cracks;
  • the touchscreen has stopped responding to touches or is responding to them as he pleases;
  • Mobile phone freezes during touchscreen calibration.

The sensor has several active layers, and if at least one of them is broken, the touchscreen stops working. Often, if the touch screen does not respond to touch, you need to replace the glass, not the screen itself. Such “little blood” can be dispensed with when the image remains clear, the screen does not show darkening and spots. the touchscreen just does not respond to touch (this is possible on Nokia phones, iPhone, where in most cases everything changes separately, which means much cheaper than change the screen module assembly).

If the image has become blurry, fuzzy, not fully displayed, blackouts are visible or there are no pictures at all, a screen replacement will be required. The price of this service, accordingly, will be more expensive (how much a screen replacement costs depends on the phone model).

If the touchscreen does not work, do not try to repair the phone yourself, so that you do not have to buy a new mobile phone later. Replacement of the glass or the screen of the phone should take place in the workshop, using original parts, since Chinese fakes quickly fail, after which it is impossible to repair them. After replacing the sensor in the service center, you should be given a guarantee on the work performed and on the installed part.

When phone screen replacement is required

It is necessary to change the glass or the screen of the mobile if:

  • As a result of careless handling of the phone, the screen is broken. This results in cracks, a "cobweb" on the screen or a leak of liquid crystal (this substance is usually black, but in some models it is red). No matter how many cracks appear on the display, one or more. Screen replacements can not be avoided;
  • The display is “decorated” with stripes or the so-called “sun”;
  • Stains appeared on the screen. this usually happens after moisture gets into the phone.

Remember: it is impossible to repair a mechanically damaged screen! If everything is not so “lethal”, then in some cases you can do it with a repair, for example, in case of a malfunction of the loop, backlight circuit, or problems with the image controller.

Other problems may occur that do not require display replacement. For example, the screen does not show anything, but it is not damaged. In this case, the picture disappeared due to the display connector moving away from the board. Another “misfortune” is software crashes. This can be expressed in the disappearance of the image, but this problem is fixed by firmware.

Is it possible to replace the screen of a mobile phone myself?

If at work lessons you always received only fives and have no doubt that your hands are growing from the right place, you can try changing the phone screen yourself. In addition to the new display, you will need a set of special screwdrivers. Special screwdrivers are needed so as not to damage the slots on the screws. Most likely, you won’t need a soldering iron. modern displays of mobile phones are not soldered, but are mounted on a cable.

Before changing the display, turn off the mobile phone, remove the SIM card and battery from it. Choose one from the screwdriver set that matches the slots on the screws of your phone. When working, it is best to use a step-by-step guide on how to replace the screen. tips can be found on the network.

Use the recommendations specific to your mobile phone model, as there are significant differences in the ways of attaching parts of different phones and other nuances. For example, Nokia screen replacement will be significantly different from Samsung screen replacement.

When replacing the phone screen, be extremely careful, fold the screws and other parts where you cannot accidentally brush them off with careless movement, write down what holes in the phone correspond to screws of one or another length.

Despite the fact that there are a large number of sites on the Internet that contain step-by-step videos, photos and recommendations that help replace the phone’s display, you can’t guarantee that after such an initiative your mobile friend will not break down completely.

Therefore, if you are not one hundred percent sure of your strengths, it is best to turn to specialists. Replacing the touch glass, the screen will require some investment, but you can be sure that everything will be in order with your gadget! This is especially true for replacing the sensor in NTS smartphones. a qualified professional should do this.

How long does it take to replace a phone screen

Replacing a glass or a mobile screen is a common service that is performed promptly in the workshop, often in the presence of the owners themselves. 30-50 minutes, and your phone will again serve you like new. Replacing the sensor with smartphones takes about 1-1.30 minutes.

Such promptness is another argument in favor of the fact that specially trained people should repair the phone. Even if you can replace the display yourself, most likely it will take a lot of time, because you will have to study the recommendations and materials, select parts, etc. And time, as they say, is money.