Can Dogs Give Bones

Many people perceive feeding dogs with bones as something unacceptable. This is not surprising, because there is an opinion that you cannot give a bone to a pet. However, any dog ​​that is contained exclusively on the natural menu should also have solid food in its diet. For this reason, periodically, the pet should be given bones, however, it should be done wisely.

Can Dogs Give Bones

What bones can hurt a dog?

Proper diet is important in the life of a dog. It is very important to understand that improper feeding can easily lead to health problems for a pet. Bones in this regard – a very dangerous product. Their fragments may not be removed from the stomach and remain there for more than one year. In some cases, even a harmless bone can carry a danger. For this reason, you need to know which bones should be given to the animal and which ones should not. We have defined a list of bones that are strictly forbidden to give to a pet:

  1. Chicken bones. It is important to take into account that it is forbidden to give the animal not only the bones of purchased hens, but also domestic ones. There are tubular bones in hens in the thighs and wings.
  2. Turkey Bones This bird itself is quite large, moreover, it is allowed to be slaughtered traditionally in adulthood, about 2-3 years. During this period, the animal’s bones are already becoming quite strong.
  3. Goose bones. Bones of this animal are considered one of the most dangerous for dogs. Only duck bones can do more harm than them. The fact is that geese are usually slaughtered at the age of one or two years. By this age, the birds have already completely formed bones, which makes them very strong. The broken edges of such bones are very sharp and can easily damage the internal organs of the animal.
  4. Rabbit. Rabbit bones can also be a serious danger. They are small and very sharp at broken edges. The most dangerous are bones from the hind legs, spine and ribs. If you want to please your pet with delicious rabbit, it is better to choose meat or stew with cartilage for this purpose.
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Many dog ​​lovers cook their pets porridge with the addition of bones. In this case, you can use any bones, however, after preparing the broth, it must be carefully drained and any, even the smallest particles of bones should be removed. Cartilage can be left in the porridge, they are useful for the body of the animal.

What stereotypes do not believe?

The fact that dogs love bones, and cats – only milk and fish products, we are told from early childhood. However, such stories are nothing more than a stereotype. The fault of such stereotypes most adult dog breeders can not even think that the bones can somehow harm their pet and moreover, they can even kill them. It is boring to understand that many stories are just myths that have nothing to do with reality, and such myths need to be debunked:

Many people know that gastric juice in dogs has an increased acidity, which makes the bones softer in just a couple of hours. However, it is important to understand that in this case the bones become a single viscous mass, which also does not bring anything good and can harm. Sharp bones for two hours can easily damage the stomach.

What troubles can a dog have after feeding bones?

If for some reason you decided to feed your pet with bones, for example, relying on the earlier experience of your relatives, you should prepare in advance for the possible consequences that the animal may overtake:

Can Dogs Give Bones

  1. Various pharyngeal injuries. Swallowing sharp bones is very dangerous. A small fragment may not only scratch the inner shell, but also pierce it. Since there are a large number of blood vessels in the pharynx area, the animal may experience internal bleeding. Also, a pet can pierce the trachea, which is also very dangerous.
  2. Asphyxia. Often the bones get stuck in dogs between chewing teeth. The animal cannot independently pull them out and begins to choke on its own saliva. If he is not helped in time, the pet may die from asphyxiation.
  3. Dehydration of the body. Such consequences can lead to a large bone stuck in the stomach. Since it does not come out in the traditional way, the stomach begins to react, throwing out the vomit. However, in this way the bone also cannot come out, as a result, the animal vomits until complete dehydration occurs. To save a pet in this case is possible only with the help of surgical intervention.
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It is important to understand that bone is a mineral structure. The animal’s intestines are not able to pull out calcium or other useful substances from the bone, so the use of bones is absolutely useless for a pet.

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