Can Dogs Eat Dairy Products And What

All the information about whether you can give dogs fish with bones, pig bones and liver, whether dogs can have milk, kefir and other products.


The dog is the main friend of man. Many people today give birth to purebred dogs and try to find answers to questions about feeding and caring for dogs. The advice of a specialist is vital for a person who is not an experienced canine specialist, because a small fluffy lump in a house very often becomes a real family member and each of his diseases brings real problems and experiences.

Is it possible to give a dog milk and dairy products one of the hundreds of questions pestering a novice dog breeder. A puppy, especially a large breed, in the diet necessarily include cottage cheese and porridge, cooked in milk. Milk should not be given to a puppy older than a month, as well as dairy products – kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt. In no case do not give fermented milk products to adult dogs, as well as fresh milk, to an adult dog that did not eat milk before, in order to avoid intestinal upset and subsequent dehydration of the dog’s body. Milk can also cause the disease of the joints of large breed dogs with long legs – bulldogs and dogs. Arthrosis is a kind of “professional” disease of such breeds, because the load on the paws of these breeds is much more than stipulated by nature, and the dog’s body begins to “build up” and strengthen the joints with calcium in milk, which affects the flexibility of the joints.

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Can dogs have pork, pig bones and liver

Include in the diet of the dog raw pork can only with caution, pre-cutting off excess fat. Pork for feeding the dog should be taken from a well-known manufacturer, in order to exclude infections with helminths or swine plague. It is not recommended to feed the puppies with minced meat, better chopped meat. Bones should be given to dogs not chopped, but cut along the joints, so that the sharp fragments of bones do not damage the dog’s sky. It is categorically not recommended to give dogs raw pork liver, the likelihood of parasite damage is much higher than that of muscular tissue.

Is it possible to feed the dog lard? In no case should not be used for feeding lard or interior fat.

Very fatty foods can lead to problems with digestion, or dog obesity, which is important for urban dogs that do not have sufficient physical activity. For a dog living outside the city, too much fatty food can also be detrimental, unless it is a hunting dog, which disappears for weeks with the owner in the taiga.

Dogs outside the city performing the function of a guard dog, as a rule, live in an aviary, where their physical activity is limited. A certain increase in calories may be suitable for a dog living in an open-air cage in winter, when additional energy is required for heating the body.

Can dogs give fish with bones

You can use fish in dog food if you do not overdo it with this product. Fish can be given once a week as an additive to the main feed, from 300 to 500 g

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For dogs, you should use boiled fish, without salt and other seasonings. Fish bones can cause injury to the dog when swallowing or clog the esophagus, so it’s best to remove them or let the fish go through a meat grinder.

On the question whether sweet is harmful to dogs, there can be only one answer – sweet cannot be under any pretext.

Vodka is also impossible for dogs, like mayonnaise, salted herring, cocoa, chocolate and many other products loved by people. The owner of the dog must learn once and for all that the dog is not a person and the products that are useful or pleasant to a person can pose a serious threat to the health of his four-legged tail friend.

However, dogs can eat vegetables, which they sometimes do, surprising people. There are dogs that love cucumbers, cabbage, apples, watermelons, and all dogs eat grass whenever possible, if they feel the need. The owner of the dog should take into account such a need and, if possible, choose a place for walking that is clean, not polluted by emissions from the modern city.

Can Dogs Eat Dairy Products And What

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