Camera On iPhone 5s Causes

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The camera does not work on the iPhone 5s black screen

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Camera On iPhone 5s Causes

All owners of devices like to take pictures of what is happening on the built-in camera and this is actually great. The world is changing very quickly and everyone wants to have memorable videos or photos.

The camera does not work on the iPhone 5s black screen

Previously, there were few photos, and even less video. They took pictures with various cameras on the film, creating a personal story.

With the advent of such a device as iPhone, everything has changed dramatically. This device (iPhone), at this time confidently occupies a leading position among smartphones of this class.

IPhone is a powerful mini-computer. With its help, high-resolution photos are made, good quality video. On this device, you can not only take beautiful pictures, videos, but also store them on your device. You can send footage to your friends via the World Wide Web.

So iPhone is a complete device for modern life. This is a telephone, photo equipment, video shooting, a mini-computer, three in one, so to speak.

But there is one little hassle. The software of this nice thing needs to be updated from time to time. It is not clear for what reasons, after updating the software, the camera on the iPhone 5s does not work with a black screen, flash, flashlight.

When you try to turn on the camera, the screen turns black.

IPhone camera and its malfunctions

This article will cover the iPhone 5s camera. There are times when you want to capture an interesting moment, but instead of the usual camera window, you see a black screen.

Possible causes of the malfunction:

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  • moisture in the device;
  • damage from impact;
  • failure of settings when updating the device;
  • defective products.

How to determine the cause in your case will be discussed in this article. As you can see, there are several reasons for this trouble. You read about the first reason a little earlier. This trouble appears after updating the software version.

A possible cause may be damage from an impact if you accidentally drop your device. When you hit a hard surface, the cable from the camera or the battery is elementarily displaced.

Video: Camera On iPhone 5s Causes

The next reason may be moisture entering the device. This happens even from falling onto wet grass, and even if it was falling into water, then it is the moisture that got inside the device.

There are many reasons, as a rule, they all come from shock, moisture and jambs of the program on the device. Now you know about the most common reasons because of which a black screen appears when you turn on the device’s camcorder.


Now is the time to talk about fixing this trouble. You need to remember when the black screen began to appear when you turn on the camera on a smartphone.

If this began to happen after software updates, then the updated device software is “buggy”.

You can fix such a glitch by simply rebooting the device, or turn on the rear view camera several times, then the front camera, such a step is enough.

But, if this action did not succeed, then you need to go through all the steps to resolve the malfunction described in the iPhone support tips.

Such steps may turn out to be useless, then you need to look inside, but if your device does not yet have a warranty period, then you don’t need to look inside the iPhone yourself. Take your device to the salon where you purchased it, let them solve this issue there.

The camera does not work on the iPhone 5s black screen as a result of the fall

If your device began to show a black screen when you turn on the camera after you drop it, then this problem occurred after a hit.

Camera On iPhone 5s Causes

Typically, a camera loop or battery shifts when struck. In this case, you need to remove the iPhone cover and switch the camera cable or fix the battery.

Sometimes iPhones are not repaired in official stores. After such repair, there is no special fixing film on the replaced cable. Therefore, at the slightest shake, the loop pops up from the socket.

One advice, repair the device in official stores, otherwise you will need to remove the cover of the device all the time and adjust the loop yourself.

Moisture in the device

We go further if there is no software fault in the malfunction, you did not drop your device on the floor or on another hard surface, but remembered that the device fell into the wet grass.

In this case, you will have to change the camera module; unfortunately, it is impossible to disassemble it. When the iPhone falls onto a wet surface, moisture enters the camera module through the microphone hole.

Such a design feature appeared in the design of the iPhone 5s. For this reason, water flows into the module, after which the camera fails.

If you are afraid to replace the module yourself, bring your device to a service salon. There, the wizard will change the module and the device will again become operational. Although there is an instruction with sequential steps to replace the camera module, it can be found on the World Wide Web.

So take your device with care, otherwise at the right time, the iPhone will crash, and you will miss a beautiful episode that will never happen again.

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