Brakes Laptop Lenovo Y520 15ikbn

Powerful, good game pulls

Tons of additional software that simply nullifies computer performance

Review of model 80WK01FTRU
(7300HQ / 8Gb RAM / 1050 2Gb / 256 SSD / 500 HDD)

High-quality assembled: no backlash, no creaks, a pleasant key stroke (red color does not distract and does not annoy).

Proper arrangement of the connectors (on the left is power / ethernet / headphones. what is always connected with me, the rest of the peripherals are stuck on the right).

Brakes Laptop Lenovo Y520 15ikbn

Blows hot air backwards, not hands. Under load, the right side of the keyboard is heated, WASD is cold.

The display is good, does not glare. The brightness had to be diminished (those who complain of insufficient brightness probably sit under the sun with it, or are used to OLED phones). Is that the contrast is slightly increased, but I’m too lazy to calibrate, and so the norm. In short, do not listen to commentators, the display will not be disappointed.

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Iron: I don’t play modern games, fly perfectly until 2010, in Mafia 2 even PhysX is. In normal life, too, without problems. a browser, video (Nvidia CUDA quietly digests 4K, it’s a pity that HDMI 1.4). The 500 screw was unallocated, Acronis deleted the FreeDOS partition and merged them. I rolled Win10 LTSB without telemetry, beauty. SSD and Ram (1 rail for 8) are all SK hynix products. The second same bar (for a two-channel operative), at least a new one, figs you will find. UEFI looks like a BIOS, the settings are pretty meager. The webcam is average, I connected my Logitech C270. By the way, despite the hotkeys turning off the camera and microphone, the microphone still responds to sounds. The Chinese brother does not sleep. The touchpad is good, the buttons on it aren’t very good. I immediately cut the Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3600 without a dongle. it started up easily.

Video: Brakes Laptop Lenovo Y520 15ikbn

– Very easily soiled case, both inside and outside, to operate strictly in rubber gloves.

– There is no keyboard backlight, I type to the touch looking at the NumLock light bulb (look for versions with a flashlight on the space bar).

– Wacky layout (PageUp / Down / Home / End on the arrows, the digital block is smaller than the other keys, and without Enter-a, a separate button for recording video, which is useless without Lenovo software).

– In idle time, the fans are quiet but audible. In my room, the window is always ajar. the laptop is not heard. If you close in a room in deathly silence, you can hear better, but then you stop noticing. Under load, the 45W processor does not hesitate to heat up, but it never reached throttling (I repeat, I don’t play modern games. I ran MGS GZ once on ultras. 50-60 fps).

– Not the best speakers. if you do not care about the sound, prepare the headphones.

– Glitch. when the Wacom tablet is connected, the computer will not turn off until the tablet is pulled out. On the old computer, this was not.

– Quibble to Windows. at a scale of 125, some applications and texts look blurry.

Brakes Laptop Lenovo Y520 15ikbn

– Weak battery. enough for 3-4 hours in the browser. And for remote work, there are other machines.

A comment:
My first laptop after a string of hospitals. I chose for a long time, and did not lose. the pros outweigh the cons (taking into account its price and my modest tasks). Would I recommend it to my friends? Yes, if they are not afraid of easily soiled body and iron is warmer than average. than a worthy replacement for the hospital.

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