Bowls For Dogs

The article will discuss how to choose dog bowls.

Feeding the dog – One of the most important responsibilities of the host, and the choice of bowls should be approached responsibly.

Some offer the dog as a bowl of old broken plates – this is wrong. The bowl should be intact, its inner surface – perfectly smooth, without chipping or chipping, so that the dog does not damage the tongue while eating. The shape also matters – shallow plates designed for humans are uncomfortable for the dog.

Bowls For Dogs

A dog should be trained to eat only from its bowl. You can not carry food from the host’s plate, or, God forbid, the plates of guests. You can not eat from the floor or pick up from the ground. The dog cares about his dishes and when he sees or hears that the owner takes her bowl – her body is already set up to absorb and digest food.

In order for the bowl not to go on the floor during the meal and not turn over – it must be stable. The bowl can be equipped with suction cups, or just be quite massive. Some dog bowls are wider at the bottom, it gives more stability and prevents turning over. You can also use special coasters.

Bowls for dogs they distinguish, first of all, according to the materials from which they are made; They also, of course, come in different shapes and sizes, and, of course, in different colors.

Metal bowls also look pretty stylish. Stainless steel cookware is safe for health, and food can be stored in it. Feeding dogs it is safe from metal bowls, no harmful substances are emitted from them. Such bowls are lighter, unlike ceramic ones, and therefore less resistant. But never broken. Another disadvantage is that they cannot heat food in a microwave oven.

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If you use enameled metal bowls – make sure that the enamel is not cracked, there are no chips on it, otherwise the dog may be poisoned.

The most simple and economical – plastic bowls. They must be made of safe, environmentally friendly plastic. They are easy to wash and do not fight, but, unfortunately, very light and without special devices (suckers or coasters) will ride on the floor while eating. In some plastic bowls, you can heat food in the microwave. This should be marked on the package. Not every bowl is suitable for this, be careful.

Bowls For Dogs

Now about the form. Preferred dog bowls – with a rounded bottom so that food does not clog in the corners. For dogs with long ears, or long hair, it is recommended to buy narrow and tall bowls, conical – so that the ears (and wool) do not get into the food. Shallow, but wide bowls are suitable for dogs with short faces.

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