Bowls For Dogs – How To Choose

Hello, dear readers rich piggy! Probably, before each owner of the dog once the question arose: “How to choose the right bowls for dogs?” And if someone has not yet solved this problem, now there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the main important points in this matter. And then your pet will have the most convenient and practical dishes for food.

How many bowls should be

The answer is simple. at least two. One is used for food, and the other for water. In addition, it does not hurt to have a third one. It will be more likely not spare, but additional. For example, in order not to release the main bowl, in which the meat stew has not yet been eaten, you can take an extra bowl and pour kefir or milk into it. Such a bowl for a dog is needed not often, but sometimes it helps out.

In addition, if your pet often travels with you, then it is worth buying a hiking option – a non-spill bowl. This container has wide sides, curved inside. Modern models are equipped with an additional floating bottom float, in which there are perforations. Through them, the water is metered to drink, and thanks to such an aquaflo system, the liquid does not spill out of the bowl.

Some non-spill bowls are equipped with suction cups on the bottom, with which they are attached to the surface or with special fixtures for attachment to the vertical surface of the cage. For autotravel such dishes, of course, indispensable. Similar bowls for dogs with beards or long ears are very popular – the non-spill design is perfect for them.

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There is one more kind of bowls in the form of automatic feeders and auto-drinkers. Such a device allows you to feed the animal even in the absence of a person. Using the program sets a specific time and amount of feed. In addition, such automated dog bowls are equipped with a voice sensor that reproduces the recorded voice of the host.

Drinking bowls are arranged in such a way that the water in them is constantly filtered and publishes a pleasant murmur, to which the animals react very positively. It is convenient to use car feeders not only with a long absence of the owner, but also in the event that a puppy or a sick dog lives in the house, whose feeding is required on a schedule.

Bowls For Dogs - How To Choose

Size bowls for dogs

As they say in the well-known proverb – size matters. This figure depends on the size of your friend. It is clear that the larger the dog, the larger the required dishes. For feeding puppies, small tanks will be needed for the first time.

It must be remembered that for high animals at the withers, a bowl stand is required. And even better – a special tripod. With it, you can raise the height as the puppy grows. Such a device is, firstly, convenient for the dog itself. And, secondly, it will prevent the spinal curvature during the period of active growth of the animal. That is why bowls for dogs on a stand or a tripod are a popular and necessary thing.

Dog bowl shape

The design of modern containers for animals allows you to choose any attracted instance. But do not forget about the little nuances. If you choose ordinary dishes like people do, then the dog will have a great temptation to paw along the edge and pour all the contents onto the floor. Our dog did this regularly until we changed his bowl. He also had one “charitable habit” – he took his saucepan with his teeth and carried it from the yard to the street. Lay down and watched. All stray dogs were very happy to have dinner.

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In this regard, trapezoidal tanks with an extended base are most convenient. The inner surface of such bowls is round and even – it will be convenient for the dog to lick it, and for you to wash it. Teeth such a plate will not grab, and overturn it will not work.

Even better, if the described bowl has a rubberized bezel on the bottom surface, then it will not slide on the floor.


Tanks for feed and water can be made from a variety of materials: metal, ceramics, plastic, glass. The latter option is the least suitable for feeding animals. Any careless movement can lead to chipping and injuring your pet.

Plastic dog bowls are also not the most practical, as their lifespan is rather short. The most durable metal counterparts, in addition, they are convenient and safe to use.

Ceramic plates are also very popular. Beautiful design, relative strength and the ability to heat up dog food in the microwave – these are the advantages of ceramics.

From what bowls for the dog will be chosen, the convenience depends not only for the animal, but also for the owners, which is also important. After all, a healthy, moderately well-fed and contented dog is a joy for its owner.

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