Bowls For Dogs And Feeding Place

How to choose a bowl for a dog

Get two plastic or metal bowls. One for feed and another for fresh drinking water that needs to be changed daily. More practical options are metal bowls, as they do not crack from temperature drops and, moreover, they will not chew on a puppy. Plastic bowls are convenient on the road or at exhibitions.

Bowls For Dogs And Feeding Place

For dogs with wide muzzles, bowls should be round and large. For breeds with a flat structure of the face (Pekingese, Bulldog) fit low bowls with a convex bottom. For dogs with hanging ears (spaniels, setters, Afghan hounds), the bowls should be high so that the ears of the pet are located on the sides of the pot. Well, or otherwise, you can purchase special caps for feeding eared friends.

Choosing a place to feed in the apartment

Dog owners should immediately think out and choose a permanent place in which the dog will eat, so that later they don’t have to change it, traumatizing the psyche of the animal. When choosing a place for feeding a puppy, consider what size an adult dog will have. Do not have a place for feeding in a draft, near heating devices or under air conditioners.

It is best to choose a separate corner in the kitchen, if space permits or in the hallway, but not near the entrance to the apartment. In the kitchen, you can equip special retractable niches in which the bowls will be placed. Do not equip a place for feeding directly near the bedding or lounger. The dog must have its own private space for rest, sleep, play, feeding.

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Bowls should be well fixed and not slip on the floor. In addition, it is more convenient for dogs to eat or drink some water on an elevation. This is especially necessary for dogs of large breeds and in the period of active growth and development of a puppy. This can lead to curvature of the legs, posture, back sagging. It is best to immediately purchase a special stand for feeding, which is adjustable in height as the dog matures. Firstly, it will be more convenient for your pet to absorb food, and secondly, the load on the back and limbs of the dog is reduced. Therefore, you need to think of a special stand or purchase a special adjustable tripod with bowls, which is very convenient for you and for your four-legged friend. Bowls will be securely fixed and you can adjust the height as your pet grows and matures.

Bowls For Dogs And Feeding Place

You can independently build a stand or design for bowls of improvised means. For example, solid wood or planks. All the ends and sides of the wooden surface must be well treated, free from knots, chips, defects. The feeding rack must be stable. If you plan to cover the surface with paint-and-lacquer solutions, make sure that their composition is perfectly safe for your pet’s health. From above, you can put a plastic mat, oilcloth, sew a cover that can always be quickly changed or cleaned of dirt. It should be borne in mind that the bowls for food should be located at the level of the shoulder line of the animal. To keep the bowls from sliding along the stand, you can make holes of the desired diameter.

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