Bound Li Wattsup To Phone Number

Bound Li Wattsup To Phone Number

Why do I need a phone number?

When your page is tied to a mobile phone number, you can always regain access if you forget your password or if your page is hacked. This happens frequently with people. Therefore, you must specify a phone number. In addition, your number is your login (username to enter the site).

Is it possible in Odnoklassniki to link two pages or several pages to one number?

Many are interested in this. can there be two pages in Odnoklassniki on the same issue?

No, you cannot register two pages on the same number. If you try to bind a page to a number that is already bound to another page, nothing will work. But even if you delete the old page, it should be three months before you can register a new one on this number (or bind it to the page).

And when you attach a new page to the number, the old page will be untied from it. This is not obvious to everyone, and sometimes people are mistaken in thinking that they have two pages on one issue. Yes, they can have access to two pages, but when they want to restore access to that page to which the number is no longer tied, they will be disappointed.

Among other things, Odnoklassniki rules allow you to use only one page. Fake, "additional", "working", "trading" pages are prohibited. details here:

How to go to the old page if it was attached to the same number?

Two pages cannot be linked to the same number at the same time. Someone will say: “Well, no, I’m attached!”. such a person is mistaken. He may have created a second page to the same phone number, but he still does not know that the first page has been untied from him, and he cannot restore access to it later. Or maybe one page has already been deleted, maybe the number has been changed. however, the rule is simple: one number. one page.

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How to restore a page in Odnoklassniki by phone number?

If you have a mobile phone number on your page, then restoring the page is easy:

  1. Click on the link "Forgot your password" on the home page of Odnoklassniki or here.
  2. Press the button "Telephone" and enter the phone number.
  3. If the page was attached to this number, then you will receive a recovery code in SMS.
  4. Enter this code in special field (the code may not come right away, you have to wait a few minutes).
  5. Ask New password your page.

If it doesn’t work out, other ways to restore the page are here:

And if you can’t enter the site for any other reason, look here:

How to change phone number?

To change the phone number in Odnoklassniki, you need:

  1. Open your page.
  2. Under your main photo click "Change settings."
  3. In the "Basic" settings, find "Phone number", hover over it and click "Change."
  4. A window will open, there click "Change number."
  5. Ask a phone number. enter new number.
  6. Click "Send". SMS with a code will come to the phone, which indicate for confirmation new number. That’s all.

The phone number has changed (forgot the number, lost, the old one is gone), and when you enter Odnoklassniki, the code is sent to the old one. What to do, where to change the phone number?

Take your time, think: if you could change the phone number without having access to the page, then it could be done by any stranger. Then what would be the point of a phone number, password, if anyone could break into your page? First you have to restore access to Odnoklassniki and somehow prove that you are you. There are different ways to follow this link; You can choose the one that is more understandable to you.

If the SIM card is lost (or the phone with the SIM card is lost) and not too much time has passed, we recommend that you contact your mobile operator to restore this number. Then you can restore access to the page via SMS. this is the easiest and fastest option.

Remember: always when you are going to change the phone number, you need to remember which accounts you have tied to the old number, and change this number in the settings in time. in particular, in Odnoklassniki. It is better to do this when you have access to both numbers. both the old and the new.

How to enter Odnoklassniki without a number?

If you have lost your password and are trying to recover it, you should be sent a code that must be entered to restore access. Have to get the phone!

If you want to browse the Odnoklassniki website without entering under your name and without registration, then there is nothing to be done. these are the rules, you need to register. Read more here:

If you really do not want to use your main number for registration, buy a cheap SIM card and register on it.