Block Strike Play On Computer Without Download

In our article today, we offer to find out how to download the exciting Brawl Stars Bravo Stars 2019 game on PC, and it’s completely free and without extra effort. Read the text carefully, we begin.

Download Brawl Stars to your computer

You can download the strategy in several ways. Not all of them are safe for your PC, because downloading content from unverified sites, you risk catching a virus and losing valuable information on your hard drive. We offer only safe download options. Consider the first one.

Emulator installation

BlueStacks offers its users a free mobile platform through which Android-based applications can be easily installed. Let’s start downloading it.

  1. To download the emulator, click on the button at the end of our article. After that, the installation file will appear on the PC desktop. Click on it.
  1. Now we need to click on the button circled in red in the picture.
Block Strike Play On Computer Without Download

  1. We are waiting for the installation to complete. It may take some time, depending on the performance of your computer or laptop.
  1. Now we press the button with the inscription “Finish”.
  1. Two minutes and done. The waiting time will depend on the power of the machine, as BlueStacks reports.
  1. We give preference to the desired language. In this case, the emulator will work in Russian.
  1. Now enter your email address, which is necessary for authorization.
  1. Accordingly, we enter the password. Do not worry, the data is protected by the developer.
  1. We read the terms of the user agreement and, if there are no questions, click the “I Accept” button.

The program is fully installed and ready to use.

A few more touches and we can download Bravo Stars to PC for free and without registration.

Performance tuning

For users for whom the strategy crashes or the electronic machine does not differ in power, we suggest making simple settings in the emulator. This is easy to do. To do this, follow the instructions.

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Video: Block Strike Play On Computer Without Download

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab. How to do this, see the screenshot below.
  1. Now we go to the “Screen” section, where we put a checkmark in front of the desired resolution and DPI.
  1. Now we are going to the “Engine” section. Here we configure the graphics mode, frame rate per second and the number of cores. Here we also set the amount of memory.

We are done and we can go directly to the question that interests us.

Game download

So we come to the most interesting. We will tell you how to download Bravo Stars on your PC for free. There are two ways to your attention. The first one is downloading via Google Play.

Via the Google Play Market

  1. In the search line, write the name of the game and press enter.
  1. Select the desired result.
  1. Click on the button circled in red oval in the screenshot below.
  1. The application is a little over 75 MB. We are waiting for the download to finish for a while.
  1. We are notified that Brawl Stars has been successfully installed on your PC.
  1. Click “OPEN.”
  1. The Brawl Stars launch picture will appear on the desktop of your computer or laptop.
  1. You can also play from the BlueStacks home screen. Here the choice is only yours.

Nothing complicated, right? We have received the latest and new version without viruses and lags. Launch Bravo Stars and embark on virtual adventures.

From the APK file

This is not all, because there is another way that will help you download the game to your PC via a direct link. You can do this by downloading the apk file on the Internet. We will show how to implement this using the example of Lords Mobile. We find the necessary content and run the installation file from the desktop.

To install the game you need to wait a bit. Usually this time is only a few seconds.

Everything is ready. The launch picture will appear on the home screen of the Android emulator.

If you want to know what is the meaning of Brawl Stars, we offer you to read a brief review.


“Bravo Stars” or, as it is also called “Bravo Team”. is a fascinating strategy in which you can create your own team and compete with users from all over the world in online mode. To get started, configure the control.

For convenience, the developer offers a short training. Read the tips carefully, and you will quickly understand the essence of the adventure.

The application has many modes, the duration of the battle is three minutes. Develop your heroes and win epic battles.

Before starting the journey, enter your name. The main goal is to capture as many crystals as possible. There are various modes. For example, a battle for survival in the style of a royal battle. The game is perfect for boys and girls.

Defeat enemies and upgrade your team’s abilities. Get valuable rewards, experience and superpower for your fighters.

Prove that you are the best player by collecting more experience and crystals. Do not waste time, rather go to the amazing virtual world of battles.

System requirements

To download Bravo Stars on your PC, your machine must meet these requirements.