Blackberry Passport Silver Edition Differences


While my wife was in the hospital, I set up a small beer warehouse at home and, testing this wonderful drink, I decided to write a review of BlackBerry Leap. This first review of my experience turned out to be quite interesting. Therefore, the guys from handed me a new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, a box of beer and said: “Write more.” The beer turned out to be overcast, and the smartphone. exactly the one I was looking forward to.

And here he is in my hands. BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, previously announced as Oslo. Long before the release of this smartphone, it was known that according to its technical characteristics, it will repeat the BlackBerry Passport, differing from the latter practically only in design. In my opinion, a remake shows the success of the idea of ​​the first device. The first Passport really turned out to be an original, innovative and, most importantly, a device convenient for work. And what about the second?

At the time of writing this review, not a single iPhone was damaged; only BlackBerry smartphones were used.

Blackberry Passport Silver Edition Differences


The content of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition box (hereinafter referred to as I will refer to it as Passport SE for convenience) is fairly standard and minimalistic:

  • Smartphone
  • USB Charger
  • Small annotation
  • Wired stereo headset

As for the headset that comes with the kit, I think I will not surprise anyone if I say that it is completely nothing, but obviously not for music lovers, and in order to truly reveal the audio capabilities of the smartphone, it needs to be replaced.

I do not see much point in protective films and glasses, but, in truth, several drops convinced me to use covers. over, as many people know, BlackBerry cases are equipped with special magnets, so the moment you put the device in such a case, the smartphone goes into sleep mode. this way you can not worry about unauthorized unlocking and save battery. There are various covers suitable for Passport SE. Unfortunately, BlackBerry decided not to release the Passport branded pocket case so loved by many. But there are great alternatives on the market, for example a leather pocket case from the manufacturer bbclub. This model is in no way inferior to the original, and perhaps even superior in quality. And, of course, it has support for the sleep function.

By the way, some covers from the first Passport are suitable for Passport SE.

I have never used cradles before. It turned out that this is quite convenient. when you come home or to the office, you can simply put the smartphone in your “parking place” and forget about it, it will charge, and the information on the screen will also be easily accessible.

First impression, appearance and ergonomics

The history of mankind and my personal experience refute the well-known maxim that they don’t argue about tastes. as a rule, they argue about them. The aesthetic component often determines the choice of a device. In many respects, the feeling from the case materials, from how the device lies in the hand and how it looks externally and makes, for example, the Bold 9900 still a welcome device for many users, despite the 2011 “birth”, a minimum of applications, a weak battery and a “wonderful” camera.

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition is gorgeous and gives the impression of a solidly made thing. In any case, it’s immediately obvious that you are not holding a “Chinese phone” for 100-150. He, like his predecessor, immediately attracts the attention of others. girls, robbers)) and other connoisseurs of beauty. I will make a reservation that this is just my perception of this smartphone, since I know a lot of very decent people who sincerely like, for example, the design of the iPhone. To me, the latter seems dull and does not cause me any feelings, which, however, does not deny many of the advantages of Cupertin’s devices: usability, a developed ecosystem, cross-integration and excellent implementation of many functions.

The new BlackBerry Passport SE is 9 grams heavier than the first Passport, making it even more solid and harmonious for a man’s hand. I think the girls should also like it, as the BlackBerry designers did a great job. The smartphone is perfectly balanced and its weight does not feel like a problem, but rather as a virtue. over, it has become a little bigger and a little thinner, although subjectively the first Passport seems a little thinner. In addition to the case, the keyboard has also changed for the better, which will be discussed below. In general, I agree with many Silver owners. it’s even more convenient to hold and type on Passport.

In the hand of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition it feels differently than the first Passport. due to the more angular side edges and an updated rear surface made of excellent corrugated plastic, it glides much less and is perceived to be more solid. The back cover in combination with the updated design of the camera suggests that the prototype camera was a FED camera.

In truth, it’s hard for me to make a choice between them, since both devices are excellent.

The location of the buttons and connectors in the new Passport exactly repeats what its predecessor had. On the top face is an on-off button and a standard headphone output. In the upper part on the rear surface there are slots for a memory card and SIM card (nano-standard), closed with a special cover. On the right side are the volume buttons and the pause button (it can also launch Assistance. voice assistant). On the bottom of the smartphone. MicroUSB-connector and stereo speakers.

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  • QWERTY keyboard with touch control
  • 4.5-inch screen, IPS, 1440 × 1440, PPI 453, light indicator, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Nano-sim
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AA chipset, 4 cores 2.26 GHz, Adreno 330 graphics processor
  • 32 GB of internal memory, 3 GB of RAM, microSD memory card up to 128 GB
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band, Bluetooth v4.0 LE, NFC, USB 2.0
  • 13-megapixel camera with autofocus, optical stabilization, LED flash
  • 2 megapixel front camera
  • Li-Ion 3450 mAh battery, talk time up to 24 hours (3G), audio playback up to 91 hours, video playback up to 11 hours, up to 30 hours in mixed mode
  • OS Blackberry 10.3.2
  • Dimensions. 131 × 90.5 × 9.25 mm (the first Passport. 128×90.3×9.3 mm), weight. 205 g. (first Passport. 196 gr.)

Actually, the inner shell remained at the same level.


The screen is identical to what was in the first Passport: square, 4.5 inches, IPS-matrix, 1440 × 1440 pixels, pixel density per inch is 453, which, you see, is very, very good. The picture is bright, juicy, color reproduction is also excellent. The surface of the screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

It is clear that any content on such a chic screen will look better than on most other smartphones. Just put some 5, and even a 6-inch smartphone with the usual aspect ratio of 16 by 9, next to the hero of our review, and you will understand what I mean. Sites can be viewed fully, without constant convulsive scaling and attempts to see what they wrote there.

Comparing with other devices on OS 10, we can say that the large Passport screen makes it more comfortable to use the HUB and most applications.

Passport Philosophy. Key Tasks and Usage Algorithm

The more I use various devices, the more often I notice that devices use us. Actually, there is nothing shameful in having a smartphone for 30-50 thousand. The only question is who uses whom in this case and, most importantly, why. The BlackBerry philosophy assumes that you use a smartphone only on business, that is exactly as much as you need to solve your problems and not a second more. For fans of Engry Berds, who believe that they have in stock an eternity, there are IPhone and Android devices. I will explain this with an example. Having set up your BlackBerry, you do not need to grab it every time to look at what message came from and from whom. just look at the color of the LED indicator to understand how important this is for you at the moment. Anyway, what’s the point of looking at a 3.5. 4.5 inch screen all the time? We did the work, put the device aside, if there is something important that needs to be done, the smartphone will remind you exactly when you need it and exactly how you configured it.

Video: Blackberry Passport Silver Edition Differences

The hero of our review is an ideal tool for work. At Passport, for work, we have:

  • Conveniently implemented mail with the ability to view, download and send almost any file of reasonable size. It seems to be nothing surprising, but several times I came across the fact that the files that I sent to people did not display correctly in the email program on the iPhone. On my BlackBerry, no such problems were noticed.
  • Perfectly implemented “out of the box” PIM with cross-application integration and a notification system that is not available on smartphones of other brands. PIM is a personal information manager, (from English PersonalInformationManager): planning and monitoring the implementation of projects, tasks, events (meetings, holidays, visits, calls) with reminders, notebook, notes, contact management, etc.
  • An excellent physical keyboard that gives you the opportunity to really comfortably work with texts anywhere. at home, on the road, in any free minute. If someone says that you can write to yourself on the touch screen, I agree. SMS, short posts in social services. networks and messages in instant messengers can be typed and poking a finger into the screen. But try typing more than 500 characters on the touch screen, and each time you will postpone this lesson until you have a normal laptop with a physical keyboard at hand.
  • Excellent quality and a fairly large screen on which it is convenient to view documents, web pages, photos of beautiful girls)) and generally anything.

Why do people use BlackBerry keyboard smartphones? Because the latter allows you to work comfortably and work almost everywhere. For example, the road in my case takes about two hours daily. In two hours on my Passport I can parse all incoming messages, view current tasks or write text with a few thousand characters (this review, by the way, was written just like that). Of course, I can climb the Internet, read (if I forgot my Nook at home) or listen to music. I like that, unlike, for example, Q10 with its small screen, I can not postpone many things related to viewing content for another time. In truth, since Passport turned out to be in my hands, I have been turning on my laptop less and less. Why, when almost everything can be done on its 4.5-inch screen?

The BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition (like the first Passport) is, in my opinion, a successful attempt to combine a smartphone and a tablet in one device. So, the BlackBerry Passport is rather a small tablet with a qwerty keyboard. It is generally believed that a tablet is a device for watching movies, surfing the web and playing games. Those. mainly for children and adolescents. Here we have exactly the working tool for those who have very little or no time for these things. For example, if I watch a movie, I would rather prefer a screen of more than 14 inches than torment my eyes on a 5-7-inch screen. And on the road, you can jot down a little text, see information on websites, chat in instant messengers or listen to music.


This is perhaps an even more important point of comparison than appearance, since it is directly related to solving the problems for which you buy a strange smartphone with a square screen for several hundred dollars.

The Passport keyboard is innovative, which, however, has both pros and cons. Firstly, it’s not just qwerty, it’s also sensory. This circumstance allows you to use it as a trackpad. to scroll, scale, delete text, move the cursor over the text, select the words that are suggested when typing, and much more. But when I typed personally, for example, when I swipe through the keyboard, sometimes my fingers hit the screen, where additional symbol keys are located, which led to the appearance of these characters in the text.

Secondly, the key layout is completely new compared to the old, already classic models of the Bold, Curve and Q series. It is clear that this has saved screen space, but the new key layout breaks the user experience. I, for example, have my fingers out of habit after Q10 they searched for the right letters and, alas, the printing speed decreased for the first time. The addiction took only a few days, after which I was quite pleased with the speed of typing.

It is also convenient that a specific action can be assigned to each button: dialing a number or launching an application.

In addition, the presence of buttons minimizes the need to touch the screen. For example, having received a letter, you can simply click on the button to reply to it, forward it, flag it or perform other operations.

By opening the page in the browser and pressing “R”, you get the opportunity to see it in read mode, “S” starts the search on the page, and, “H”. in one click opens the browsing history of web pages.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that before starting or during the operation of a BlackBerry Passport or any other qwerty smartphone of a Canadian company, study the basic operations with its buttons by reading the manual, which, by the way, is preinstalled in the smartphone.

Comparing the appearance-like keyboards of Passport SE and its predecessor, I must admit that in the new Passport, it has become a little more ergonomic. the button stroke has become softer, the bottom frame under the keyboard has become a little larger, which has a positive effect on the overall balance of the device. now it has become easier to hold even more convenient.

BlackBerry Passport for calls

Contrary to common phobias, using the BlackBerry Passport with one hand is quite realistic. Silver Edition in this regard is even more comfortable than its predecessor. But, of course, if you pick up a smartphone the size of a Q10 or Bold 9900, you are unlikely to choose the hero of our review for calls. I consider the separation of functions as ideal: for calls. a small phone with a convenient address book and buttons for receiving / rejecting calls, and for everything else. Passport (the first or Silver Edition). This is the case if you have a lot of phone calls during the day and they are made on the go. If you do this not so often, then just one Passport is enough in combination with a wireless headset that allows you to receive calls without even taking your smartphone out of your pocket. By the way, I perfectly made friends with the Jabra headset with both Passport models.

Communication quality and sound transmission is traditionally a strong point of smartphones of the Canadian manufacturer. And Passport SE in this continues the tradition of BlackBerry. I did not notice any significant difference in this regard from the first Passport. and there and there communication is excellent. The interlocutor is heard as if he is next to you, the network is not lost even in “problem” places. Perhaps this is my subjective impression, but it seemed to me that the Passport SE is capable of producing a slightly more surround sound. In any case, the volume of the call and the strength of the vibrating alert will not give you a chance to say that you did not hear the call. they will not believe you.

Multimedia features

It is worth noting that the sound quality and the first Passport is very decent. Passport SE also has stereo speakers, and as far as I can tell, they sound a little more interesting than the first Passport.

So, as an audio player, the hero of our review, I am sure, will delight even the most demanding users. If we talk about watching movies and videos, I have to admit, the square screen format makes it not that impossible, but not very reasonable.

If you do not understand why the smartphone has a square screen and among your first tasks will be watching movies and games, then you probably should not choose Passport, but, for example, BlackBerry Leap or Z30. they with their widescreen matrices will be more adequate in your case.

Battery life

Blackberry Passport Silver Edition, like its predecessor, is equipped with a built-in 3450 mAh battery. The indicator is impressive, but it should be borne in mind that you will use this smartphone during the day more often than others. Why? For the reason that in most tasks it will replace you with a tablet and laptop, which, most likely, you will use less often. Accordingly, with cleaner use, battery life is reduced. Therefore, you should not expect miracles from Passport in this regard, but it will give you a day of work in a rather cruel mode, which, today, most flagships can hardly boast of. I will only add that in many ways, this indicator will depend on your ability to correctly configure it.

In general, the battery life of the new Blackberry Passport can be attributed to one of its undoubted advantages.

Photo and video

It finally happened. Finally, it’s not a shame for a smartphone camera with a BlackBerry logo. The camera in Passport SE is really good and this is also one of the strengths of the hero of our review.

Passport SE runs on the BlackBerry OS 10.3.2 operating system.

The system was optimized, and one of the pleasant moments of this was the improvement of the camera. Below you can see photos taken on the second Passport.

What for and to whom need BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

To understand if you need a BlackBerry Passport, I recommend just writing a list of tasks that you would like to solve on it. It is better to spend a little time before buying than to spend money and nerves later on fighting a strange smartphone that turned out to be inappropriate for your fantasies. From my own experience I can say that most of the tasks that I previously thought to solve on a smartphone are not important and necessary enough to take them into account.

Here’s a list of the tasks BlackBerry Passport does best:

  1. Web surfing. a convenient screen and the ability to control from the keyboard (by pressing keys or swipe it).
  2. Photo and video shooting is the best camera among all BlackBerry smartphones today.
  3. Reading books. if you are uncomfortable with carrying a book in electronic ink besides a smartphone, the BlackBerry Passport screen is perfect for this task (a plus in comparison with electronic books will also support a large number of formats and the convenience of downloading content).
  4. Working with documents is also an optimal combination of a high-quality screen and buttons. The physical Passport keyboard is unmatched in speed and comfort when working with text files. In addition, the preinstalled applications Evernote, Docs To Go and Remember provide sufficient functionality for working with text documents and, moreover, are perfectly integrated with the operating system and cloud services.
  5. Organization of activities is a well-implemented PIM system, as mentioned above.
  6. Working with mail is traditionally one of the strengths of BlackBerry smartphones. Passport enhances comfort with its wide screen and keyboard.
  7. Navigation. you can use both pre-installed and third-party applications, including Android applications.
  8. Communication in instant messengers and social. networks. there are almost all modern applications, both native and ported.
  9. Calls, including video calling. Skype, Viber, BBM.

Blackberry Passport is perfect for those who are often on the go. It is compact enough to put it in your pocket and, at the same time, it has a sufficiently large screen and functionality that is able in most tasks to effectively replace a tablet, smartphone or even a laptop. It is convenient to browse websites and documents, type texts, work with mail. Passport is a notebook, organizer and typewriter that you always have at your fingertips.

For example, such a “wonderful” game:


BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition turned out, in my opinion, a worthy continuation of its predecessor. If you do not take into account the subjective moment of aesthetic preferences (some prefer the first Passport) and the objective moment associated with the cost of a new smartphone, then the preference for buying Passport SE is obvious. Nevertheless, an improved keyboard, sound and a more balanced body, which has become even more convenient to hold in your hand, are good reasons to choose a new Passport.

Should I change the first BlackBerry Passport to the hero of our review? I suggest you answer this question yourself.


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