BIOS Setup Asus Am4 Under Windows 10

BIOS Setup Asus Am4 Under Windows 10

2. The battery is far from the processor.

3. Overclocking RAM

Mother is good. Acquaintance with her began, of course, with the installation. Elements of the motherboard do not interfere with its installation or the connection of components to it.

Not the most convenient location for SATA connectors. they do not look at you, but towards the hard drives. In general, the disk subsystem has the most questions. So, despite the fact that there are more than enough SATA ports, a maximum of four hard drives can be combined in RAID. Of the available modes 0, 1 and 10, there is no fifth. In general, the RAID setup is a separate kitchen, it is configured only with the help of a manual, one cannot figure it out by himself. The RAID controller is not supported by Windows built-in firewood, you need media to install, otherwise Windows will have nowhere to install. the installer does not see the drives. over, if you switch SATA to AHCI mode, then the disks are detected.

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On the previous motherboard there was no bridge for connecting housing elements (Reset switch, HDD LED, etc.), but there is one. This is at the discretion of the manufacturer, so I did not write down the dignity.

The BIOS has several supported languages, but Russian is only nominal: almost all the parameters remain English, which is generally logical.

Before you get into the BIOS reading a manual is mandatory, you can’t do without 100 grams yourself.

Despite all the comments, the purchase is good, I recommend it.

UPD: I’ve been using it for about two months. There was a need to put a virtual machine. The difficulty is that in the BIOS I do not see an option anywhere that would enable virtualization, and without this, the virtual machine does not work. Again, either this is an unrealistically complex BIOS, or mother does not have such an opportunity, and then this is a drawback.

I COLLECT IRON ON THE ORDER. In general, everyone is happy. I put together a computer with the children and explain what is necessary for what, children (7-12 years old) like to take part in the assembly from the beginning until the moment the favorite and long-awaited game with good picture quality works. Computer configuration "for growth". Over time, it will be possible to replace the video card with some RX760 16Gb or 1090Ti 22Gb that do not yet exist.