Battery Not Found Notebook Lenovo Ideapad U350

Next Generation Netbooks Pine trail-m begin to actively fill the market for mobile computers. Not so long ago, we already considered the first representative of this platform. Samsung N150-JA01, and now ACER offers its own version of the new netbook. ACER Aspire One 532h-2Ds.

Netbook packaging is a compact box of high-quality dense color cardboard. A convenient plastic handle is provided at the top of the package. On the side there is a sticker with a detailed description of the configuration of the model. Options are not particularly surprised. usual minimalism in ACER style:

– netbook (920 g);
– battery (330 g);
– power supply with network cable (190 g);
– quick guide;
– computer passport;
– company warranty card.

Battery Not Found Notebook Lenovo Ideapad U350

The netbook is preinstalled on the netbook Windows 7 Starter (32-bit, RUS). There are no disks for system recovery, but they are not so relevant, given the complete absence of an optical drive. A copy of the entire software environment is located on a special hidden section of the hard drive. Using the program Acer eRecovery Management, You can restore the entire system as a whole, or individual applications or drivers. You can learn more about this from the article. "ACER Notebook Software Overview".


As we said, netbook ACER Aspire One 532h-2Ds Built on the new Pine Trail-M platform. We have already described this platform in the review of the Samsung N150-JA01 netbook, but once again it will not hurt to repeat. At the heart of the new product is the same Atom architecture, but with noticeable improvements. The most basic difference is the transition to a dual-chip structure. The previous generation of the platform looked constructively as follows: processor north bridge south bridge. In the Pine Trail-M generation, the processor is combined directly with the north bridge. Thus, it turns out that in the same case with the CPU is the graphics core and memory controller. This solution allows you to reduce the size of the board and reduce the heat dissipation of the system as a whole.

At the heart of a laptop ACER Aspire One 532h-2Ds is a new generation processor Intel Atom N450. This is a single core solution, but using technology Hyperthreading allows calculations in two streams, which slightly increases productivity. CPU N450 executed by 45nm process technology, the volume of cache memory of the first level. 64 kb, second. 512 kb. Supports advanced command sets SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3. It has low power consumption. 5.5 watts, and the total TDP of the system is 7.8 watts, while netbooks based on N270 / N280, this figure was 11.8 watts. Declared clock speed Intel N450. 1660 MHz, but thanks to Enhanced Intel SpeedStep and Intel Enhanced Deeper Sleep technologies, Atom n450 most of the time it operates at half the frequency, which significantly increases the battery life.

It will be quite interesting to look at the test results of this processor and compare them with the previous generation of the CPU. Although it is unlikely that the difference will be striking.

Synthetic tests

In real applications

Synthetic tests and real applications showed that the new processor is practically no different from previous Atom models. Summarizing this part, we can say with confidence that N450. it’s still the same inexpensive processor designed for high-quality web navigation, working with office applications and processing basic multimedia files.

Logic acts as a control chipset Intel NM10 Express Chipset. The processor took on a fairly large number of tasks, while leaving not so much for the chipset. Almost all the main components Intel NM10 Express Chipset can be seen in the following flowchart:

The memory controller moved to the processor has not functionally changed in any way. It still supports a maximum of 2 GB of memory standard DD2-667. The mode of use of RAM remained the same. single-channel.

RAM netbook ACER Aspire One 532h-2Ds represents the only bar. A-Data HYOVF1A083FZZ. This module is standard DDR2 PC2-6400, but the memory controller limits the frequency of RAM to 667 MHz.

The installed volume is enough for normal operation with all the applications specific to a netbook, but if desired, you can increase the memory up to 2 GB. You will only have to do this by replacing the already installed memory bar, since there are no other SO-DIMM slots available. ACER has provided easy access to RAM. there is a corresponding compartment on the bottom. To remove its cover, just unscrew only one screw.


The netbook’s graphics core is a chip built directly into the processor Gma 3150. Intel is positioning it as an update to the third series of integrated graphics solutions. But upon closer acquaintance it turned out that Gma 3150 at its core, it almost completely repeats the characteristics of the video adapter of the previous generation of netbooks. GMA 950. The graphics core operates at a frequency 400 MHz, technology DVMT allows the video subsystem to use RAM for your needs, in our case this amount does not exceed 250 Mb. Are supported DirectX 9, Vertex Shader 3.0, Pixel Shader 2.0. Thanks to Intel Clear Video Technology, hardware acceleration of MPEG2 and VLD is provided.

It remains only to test the performance of this video card and compare with other similar solutions.

The results are predictable. There are no surprises. This integrated graphics card can easily cope with office work or web surfing. Naturally, no modern games will go on it. An accessible list of games for this computer can be found by clicking on the link "Netbook gaming".

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The built-in diagnostics tools of Windows 7 modestly rated the processor and graphics, given their level, and there is nothing surprising in this.

At the end of the description of the “iron” component of the netbook ACER Aspire One 532h-2Ds I would like to say a few words about playing HD content on this unit. The film in 720p resolution runs smoothly, without jerking, but the processor load at the same time is on average 80% with peaks up to 95%. This means that you can’t do anything other than watching a movie on a netbook. And it is advisable to unload all programs from memory. But the movie in 1080i resolution showed nothing but a continuous slide show, which in principle was expected.

Video: Battery Not Found Notebook Lenovo Ideapad U350


Netbook ACER Aspire One 532h-2Ds is offered in three different colors: dark blue, red and milky white:

For testing, we got a model in a light case. ACER Aspire One 532h-2Ds very light, almost weightless. The case itself is very thin, especially when you hold it in your hands. But a high-capacity battery protrudes down and raises the netbook, so on the table it looks more massive than it actually is.

The netbook cover is made of plastic, which is difficult to clearly identify as matte or glossy. It is some kind of middle option. The matte component perfectly conceals prints, and a small glossy coating adds a certain sophistication. The color of the lid is not monophonic: a gray background dilutes the pattern of many small circles. The display unit is attached to the bottom panel with two fairly large remote loops. Thanks to the design of the hinges, the lid leans back 150 °. Hinges securely lock the screen in all intermediate and final positions. The panels in the closed state are very tightly adjacent to each other, and the absence of additional protrusions makes the opening process very difficult: you need to manage to pick up the edge of the lid with your nails. By the way, there are no latches for the laptop halves in the closed position, so you should be careful when transporting the netbook.

The interior of the netbook is built on a combination of different colors and types of materials. Wrist rest. milky white gloss (it perfectly hides all prints), keyboard. frosted flaxen plastic, place above it. white matte plastic, and not at all of the same quality as the keyboard. This is a very cheap material that is used in the manufacture of laptop bases. The manufacturer tried to dilute the general white background with small gray stripes on the sides of the keyboard. Unfortunately, photographs cannot accurately convey all this hodgepodge. The first impression of this combination was positive, but the more I worked with this netbook, the less I liked this combination.

Screen Composite Frame. The front part is a glossy plastic, the same as on the wrist rest. But the ends are made of the already familiar cheap matte rough plastic. By the way, while continuing to inspect this part of the frame, it is very difficult not to notice absolutely uneven gaps between the upper panel and the matrix frame. Inaccurate painting of plastic is also visible: in some places white paint comes on the gray background of the lid.

Along the perimeter of the frame you can see six rubber small inserts that prevent direct contact between the matrix and the keyboard when closed. The trace from the bottom of such a rubber foot with each open / close is very clearly printed on the matte plastic of the workspace.

At the top of the frame of the matrix, the peephole of the integrated webcam with maximum resolution glistens 640×480 pixels. The standard program for working with the camera only allows you to take pictures, but we did not manage to record video. It also did not work out with the Virtual Dub program. But on Skype, everything was fine. the interlocutor saw me perfectly. To work with the latter, a built-in microphone located a little to the left of the camera is also useful.

The power button is located directly below the left mounting hinge and looks like a chrome inverted trapezoid. In the active state, it is highlighted in soft blue. A series of seven icons is located on the front end of the bottom panel, closer to the left edge. From them you can determine the activity:

– the netbook itself
– Charger
– hard drive
– NumLock,
– Capslock,
– Wi-Fi
– Bluetooth

All indicators are covered by a single matte translucent white plastic strip through which their light breaks through. It looks unusual and quite attractive. Thanks to the arrangement, all LEDs are well readable even with the lid closed.

The built-in netbook speaker system, consisting of a pair of stereo speakers, is located in the bottom of the case, closer to the front edge. It sounds relatively good compared to other ultraportable laptops. But on the face, more precisely "in the ear", the complete absence of low frequencies, and the audible range of sound is very narrow. To watch movies or listen to music, it is better to use headphones.

Based on the netbook, there are two compartment covers for system components. In the first one there is only a RAM strip occupying a single SO-DIMM slot, and in the second there is a hard disk and a wireless module. Not often do netbook manufacturers pamper us with such free access to components. Another pleasant surprise was the availability of a free slot miniPCI-E, located next to the Wi-Fi module, it will allow you to slightly expand the functionality due to the appropriate boards.

As for the strength of the case, you should not expect much from this baby. The bottom panel bends, but not much. insufficient thickness affects. But the cover can be pushed to the matrix, though you will have to make an effort. The battery noticeably loosens in its compartment, especially from the left edge.


ACER has decided to use the same type of keyboard as its latest full-size laptops. This input device has 84 Matte flat keys with rounded corners. The keyboard takes up almost the entire space of the workspace in width. Due to this, the size of the buttons from the main unit is no different from the standard keyboard. I really did not like the implementation of the arrow buttons. Firstly, they are very small, and secondly, the navigation keys PgUp (Home) and PgDn (End) are located right next to them. Fingers when working with documents very often fall on these buttons, this is a little annoying. But this is only a consequence of the small size of the device itself. The key with the letter Е (it had to be narrowed by half) and the entire top row of function buttons (it is shortened by a third compared to the others) also suffered. As for the convenience, the normal size of the buttons makes typing very comfortable. The key travel is large, they are pressed with good resistance and a clear final click. The input device really liked the operation.

The area of ​​the touch panel is 63.5×33 mm. The touchpad is located in the same plane with the rest of the working area, and in order to somehow distinguish it, the manufacturer applied a lot of raised convex points to the surface of the touch panel. Unfortunately, this solution does not contribute to high-quality and accurate cursor control. The pointer behaved strangely enough: the movement was twitchy and not at all smooth. When an external mouse was connected, a similar effect disappeared. On the right side of the touchpad, a horizontal scroll area is visually and tactilely highlighted. The touchpad also supports multiple touch technology. The touchpad, frankly, was not at all satisfied with the quality of its work, but this is one of the most important elements of a netbook.

The touchpad is equipped with a chromed mono key that simulates the activity of mouse buttons. It is pressed softly and almost silently, only it is necessary to press strictly along the edges.


Netbook ACER Aspire One 532h-2Ds equipped with all necessary interfaces.

For wireless communication, the built-in Atheros AR5B95 Wi-Fi Adapter and module Bluetooth 2.1EDR manufactured by Broadcom.

As for the location of the ports, we will go in order on all sides:

On the right side are located:
– built-in network controller connector
– standard Kensington security lock slot,
– horizontal USB port standard 2.0,
– two standard 3.5 mm audio jacks,
– multi-format card reader (MMC, SD, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, xD).

On the left side of the case, the manufacturer placed two horizontal USB-ports, a VGA and a socket for connecting a charger.

The front and back of the case are completely free of any connectors.

In principle, the ergonomics of the placement of the interfaces are good, but this is only due to the small number of connectors themselves. You can also note the very tight USB-connectors. inserting something there and then pulling it back is very difficult.


Screen diagonal ACER Aspire One 532h. 10.1 ”, maximum resolution uncharacteristic for netbooks. 1280×720 pixels, while the aspect ratio is 16: 9. Matrix manufacturer. AU Optronics, model. AUO20D5. Using LED-technology has a positive effect on power consumption and uniformity of illumination. The screen coating is glossy, which visually adds brightness and contrast, but various glare and reflections on such a shiny surface can be distracting in work, especially if you have source of bright light behind your back. Therefore, on the street in bright sunlight, the display turns into a mirror.

A large resolution allows you to place much more information on the screen than when using standard 1024×600 pixels for netbooks. This allows you to surf the web and work with documents without resorting to horizontal scrolling. For example, this is how a web browser window looks on the screen ACER Aspire One 532h:

Everything is clearly visible, the text is clear, well read. In addition, this screen will allow you to watch HD-content with a resolution of 720p without loss of quality. As for the image quality, it turned out to be very worthy. The pixel grid is completely invisible even at close range. Color reproduction is normal. Viewing angles seemed a little less than usual. This is especially true for vertical ones: a slight deviation from the ideal viewing angle leads to invert colors.

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