Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network

This article will discuss a very urgent problem. how to block calls from all unfamiliar numbers on various Android phones. Immediately I want to clarify the question: the goal is to set up your phone so that reset all incoming calls that are not made to the smartphone’s contacts (or, as the older generation puts it, “not recorded in the phone book”). On the same how to block calls from hidden numbers, we have a separate article. It’s just that sometimes people don’t understand each other and confuse an unknown number (“the number is hidden”) and an unfamiliar number. the one that is displayed on the screen but is not signed and is not familiar to you. So this article is about the second case.

Today we will talk about how to block calls and SMS from unfamiliar numbers on phones of popular manufacturers: Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, iPhone. Thus, you will not be able to get through with numbers that are not included in the contact list.

On this page there is an important update from 2019 regarding new features for blocking unfamiliar subscribers on iPhone with iOS 13.

The era of voice spam

Nowadays, the function of blocking calls from unfamiliar numbers is becoming more and more popular, because every day the number of spam calls increases exponentially. Among my surroundings, more and more people complain that they are constantly called by some obscure people (and sometimes robots) from unfamiliar numbers, distracted from business, and very often also wake up in the early hours of the weekend, which cannot but annoy.

In about half the cases when answering a call from an unfamiliar number, a person hears silence or the call is immediately reset. I want to clarify on my own. if when answering such a call you hear silence or music, then most likely they will call you from some call center. They know that in half the cases people simply do not pick up the phone from an unfamiliar number or drop such obscure calls. Therefore, spammers start dialing several numbers at once and there may not be enough operators. Yes, these are such savagery. This is how the call centers of banks and telecom operators work, which ring up people to offer them a card or participate in some kind of action. Whether or not to call these subscribers spammers is up to you. Personally, I reason simply: if the call is inappropriate and causes negative emotions in me. this is spam and I mercilessly block such calls.

Particularly Dangerous Calls

All this I tell to the fact that calls from unfamiliar numbers are often distracting, annoying, and sometimes entail extremely unpleasant consequences. If you are a modern sane person, you can easily distinguish a normal call from a “divorce.” However, it is best to protect children or elderly family members who have personal mobile phones from such contacts. Let it be better when making calls from subscribers who are not in the contacts, their devices simply “silently drop” the call.

What is the difference between blocking calls from Do Not Disturb in Android

As you probably know, Android has a built-in Do Not Disturb mode (in English “Do Not Disturb”, abbreviated as “DND”). So the difference is that when calls are blocked, calls will be dropped, i.e. after the first beep, the caller will hear “busy”, and during the “Do Not Disturb” mode, the beeps will go off and your phone will simply not play the ringtone.

Yes, you say, “Well, what’s the difference for me, whether the phone will muffle the call or drop it?” But there is a difference. It consists, at a minimum, in that an unwanted call will occupy the line until the caller hangs up or the agent disconnects the call (usually 1 minute). Then the unwanted subscriber can call back again and so an infinite number of times. At this time, your relatives or friends may not reach you. in fact the line will be busy. Well, one more difference: if the call is dropped, it is more likely that the caller will understand what is on the black list. And if there are beeps, they may think that you do not hear the call and can call you for a long time.

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How to block calls and SMS from unfamiliar numbers

When we studied the issue of blocking calls and SMS from unfamiliar subscribers, it turned out that the smartphones of Chinese manufacturers. Xiaomi and Huawei. are the most powerful in this. They are “out of the box” have full functionality and allow you to flexibly configure the phone to cut unwanted calls and messages.

But the giants just let us down. For example, in Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones and similar models, you cannot configure “hang up” for everyone except contacts. You have to use compromise solutions or purchase third-party call managers applications.


  1. Open Settings > scroll to the section Applications > select System applications >Call settings >Antispam >Call blocking.
  2. Activate 2 functions: Block calls from strangers and Block calls from hidden numbers:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network

Video: Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network

Now you can get through only those people whose numbers are entered in Contacts. Other calls will be blocked.


  1. Launch the dialer:
  2. Click the three dots icon at the bottom of the screen to the right.
  3. Select Blocked:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network
  4. Click Blocking Rules at the bottom of the screen:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network
  5. Select Call Blocking Rules:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network
  6. Enable option All unfamiliar numbers:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network

After activating this setting, calls from subscribers who are not included in the device’s phone book will be blocked (they will be sent a busy signal).

If there are no such settings in the phone (Samsung Galaxy, bare Android)

If you have a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel / Nexus, then you do not have such a function out of the box, like Xiaomi or Huawei. Therefore, you have two options:

  1. Use a third-party call manager. However, here it should be remembered that high-quality applications are often paid.
  2. Use the do not disturb mode built into Android. In this case, the phone will be able to, if not block (drop) such calls, at least not give a call signal and not distract you about an incomprehensible call from an unfamiliar number.

Setting the Do Not Disturb mode in Samsung Galaxy so that the phone rings only when called from a contact from the phone book

  1. Turn on Do Not Disturb. To do this, just click on the appropriate tile in the curtain:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network

    If suddenly she’s not there, go to Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Do not disturb and turn on the mode.

  2. Now you need to configure it. To do this, either long press on the tile in the curtain, or go to the mode settings, as described in the previous paragraph. Install:
  • Calls from = Contacts only.
  • Message from = Contacts only.

Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network

Block Calls on iPhone

And finally. about blocking calls on an iPhone. There is the same Do Not Disturb mode, but in iOS 11 and 12 it just drops calls, and not just mutes the sound, as in a similar function in Android. Therefore, to block all incoming calls, except for contacts, you need to make the following settings:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose a mode Do not disturb:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network
  • Activate it with the switch at the very top.
  • Now find the parameter a little lower Call tolerance and install From all contacts or From the Chosen. This will indicate to the iPhone which group of subscribers will call. In our example, I chose that only people whom I brought in contacts reach me:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network

New way 2019: Block calls from unfamiliar numbers on iPhone in iOS 13

In iOS 13, the function of rejecting incoming calls from numbers that are not recorded in your contacts has appeared. In the new OS, this feature exists in parallel with the “black list” and if you activate it, iPhone will drop all calls from subscribers not included in the phone book in the same way. The only difference from the “blocked contacts” function is that when you use muting of unfamiliar subscribers, you will receive notifications that the call has been blocked and it is not yet possible to turn off these notifications. So if your iPhone supports the new iOS, then you should like this method, because you don’t need to keep Do Not Disturb anymore, which mutes all notifications. By the way, iOS supports iPhone 6S and later, including iPhone SE.

To block calls from unfamiliar numbers on iPhone with iOS 13, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings iPhone
  • Scroll down the page to about the middle;
  • Select Telephone.
  • Activate Mute unknown callers:
    Barring Calls On Iphone 7 No Network

I would like to believe that in the future this function will be somehow renamed into something more serious and less ridiculous (I first read “stunning unknown subscribers”).

I hope that from this detailed guide you remembered how to block incoming calls from unfamiliar phone numbers so that you wouldn’t get calls or text messages from subscribers you don’t need. Of course, I have no way to show a screenshot of the settings for each phone. Therefore, if you have constructive additions or clarifications, write in the comments. Good luck

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