Bad Catches Communication Iphone 7

Often, iPhone users have to deal with a problem: the gadget does not find an operator signal. Cellular communication is the main function of the phone, so it is important to understand what the cause of the breakdown is. If you are confident in the operation of the SIM card and your service provider, you must check the operability of the device itself.

What to do if iPhone doesn’t catch the network? Consider several ways to solve this issue.

The first thing we do is reboot the device. Experienced PC users know that when it freezes, rebooting is the first item to restore work. It is worth noting that sometimes the signal disappears due to the inclusion of 3G. Most likely, the problem arose in the latest iOS update.

If the restart did not help, we alternate the methods below.

Setting the time zone

As a rule, the cause of the malfunction is an incorrectly set date and time. Follow these steps to configure it correctly:

  • Connect iPhone to an active Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the phone settings, then go to the “Date and time” item in the “Basic” menu.
  • Activate the line “Automatically”. In case the function is already activated, turn it off and on again.
  • Wait about a minute, then reboot the device.

Bad Catches Communication Iphone 7

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It happens that the operator does not have the ability to carry out his work efficiently due to the remoteness of the area. We select the line “Airplane Mode” in the menu and turn it on for 5-10 seconds. After disabling this mode, the network will be searched.

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Install System Updates

For the correct operation of the device, it requires software updates. Perhaps the iPhone does not see the network, because these updates came to it, but you did not install them.

Bad Catches Communication Iphone 7

Connect to the Internet, again go to the “Basic” settings menu, then the line “Software Update”. If you can’t connect to the Internet from your phone, you can perform this step through your computer when connecting to iTunes.

Network search after factory unlock

When restoring, updating, activating a smartphone, a similar problem occurs. The way to solve it is very simple: you need to reset the network settings. The fact is that your phone sees the SIM card itself, but cannot catch a regular network, therefore in the main parameters we find the line “Reset” and then “Reset network settings”. If the harmless option did not bring the desired result, perform the following steps:

  • We connect the smartphone to the computer and open iTunes.
  • We back up the files and click on the “System Restore” item.
  • After the restoration procedure, you will be asked to either restore the copy of the iPhone that you made, or use it as a new device. You must select the second option.
  • After the whole process, the phone will start searching for the network.

If the problem appeared when using the SAMPrefs or RedsnOw programs, we recommend that you contact a specialist, since an independent solution does not guarantee a one hundred percent positive result.

Hardware reasons

Mechanical damage can also cause the device to malfunction. A strong blow, drop, or moisture will all lead to a malfunction. Testing in a repair shop will help you find this out.

Reason in coverage area

iPhone is a popular product, it is not surprising that fakes and marriage are common. It is also possible that your phone was imported into Russia unofficially and works strictly with a specific telecom operator.

As you can see, there are various circumstances that affect the operation of your iPhone. If the iPhone doesn’t catch the network, solving the problem yourself is pretty easy. Provided that the above methods did not help, consult a specialist.

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