Aviary Feeder

Aviary Feeder

Aviary Feeder

Before you buy a squirrel, you need to prepare a room for it to hold it in. Then you should find out how to feed her and how to care for her, so that the squirrel can feel well in the home zoo corner.

At home, squirrels are most often kept alone, at least – in pairs. The cage should be as spacious and necessarily made of metal. Squirrels are very mobile animals, therefore they place great demands on the size of the area and cannot live in a small room. If they are kept in a small room, they should be periodically released into the room for a walk under your supervision. During the walk, they on all objects try the strength of their teeth and make them unusable.

For proper protein content, it is required that the cell, in addition to its shape and material, also satisfies the following requirements.

one. Cell should be convenient to care for the animals, have a pull-out metal (made of aluminum sheet or iron) tray, on which a bed of large sawdust, fine chips or dry sand is poured.

2. For each pair (male and female) or family (female with calves) single cell.

3. All parts of the cell must be connected. without gaps. Blood-sucking parasites usually build up in crevices, dirt accumulates and an unpleasant odor appears. In the cell, at least on the one hand, it must be metal grill, which contributes to good ventilation. The cage, where all the walls are made of solid transparent material, is unsuitable, as they have poor air exchange.

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4. In a cage where there is a lattice only on one side, it is necessary to provide for the bottom on the opposite deaf side openings for normal air circulation.

5. The space inside the cell if necessary should be well lit with daylight or artificial light (fluorescent lamps, light bulbs with a capacity of not more than 15 W).

6. In the room where the animals are kept, the cage is placed no closer than 20 cm from the outer walls and at least 40 cm from the heaters.

7 In summer, especially in hot weather., it is good to keep squirrel on a balcony in a large cage with a size of at least 100 × 200 × 30 cm. Here they run or bask in the sun, and when it is hot they run into a nest box. Part of the cage is well on top covered with plywood from the sun, so that the animals choose a place of rest at will.

8. Cells made of organic glass, getinaks and other synthetic materials have many properties of all-metal, but are exposed to hot water and high temperature, so they are disinfected only with cold solutions. Such cells are relatively easy to make at home, and they are quite suitable for keeping small mammals.

9. When buying or making a cage, special attention should be paid to the doors – they should be located at the bottom of the front grille and close securely.

1. Cells need to produce only individual, but not in blocks, which are interconnected firmly, a few cells together. Wire for stainless steel grating, 1.5–2 mm thick. It is inserted during assembly into the holes drilled in the metal slats.

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2 Cell shape should be rectangular, height must be greater than the width of the cell in two or three times. Round and multifaceted cages, especially with figured ornaments, are completely unsuitable for keeping any animals at home. The squirrel in these cells feels unimportant, they are less convenient for cleaning, and dirt accumulates in the gaps in which the parasites reproduce.

3. Cell should be done with pallet, on which they pour sand or sawdust.

Having become accustomed to living at home, often coming into contact with you or family members, squirrels gradually get used to new conditions and like to communicate directly with the people who feed them.

Aviary. The squirrel feels most comfortable in the aviary, in which it is possible to arrange a “natural landscape” and a shelter well protected from cold or heat. The aviary can be built in the yard (garden aviary) or in the room. The size and shape are arbitrary and are determined mainly by the area of ​​free space, the availability of the necessary material for construction and the ingenuity of the amateur.

However, all types of squirrels in the winter in the aviary can only survive in a properly made shelter from the boards, which in the aviary is better attached at a height of about 2 m and insulated with felt. The size of the shelter should not be too large, but not close. In addition, it is also desirable in the aviary to arrange a swing, spinning wheel and other sports equipment.

Some squirrels, despite the presence of an artificial shelter, if there is suitable material (brushwood, moss, etc.), build guinea in an open-air cage and spend it all the time until spring comes.

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In the aviary, you can create some semblance of a natural setting.. First of all, plant well-flowering shrubs, meadow herbs, the leaves of which are edible for these animals. In separate boxes of soil you can put small bushes of currant, juniper on the floor, sow oats and wheat. Some lovers try to keep protein in cages arranged in other places. For example, you can build an open-air cage in the attic of a house, bringing electric lighting there, and keep animals in it all year round.

Equipment for the cage and aviary

Each cage or aviary should be feeders and drinkers, and holiday shelters such as a sinus or a small house (it can also be made of thick plywood), which, if they contain a pair of proteins, can be used as a nest during the breeding season.

Drinking bowls must be made of glass, earthenware or sturdy plastic. Pneumatic (vacuum) drinkers, which are especially convenient when transporting animals, are also on sale. In such drinkers, the water is always fresh, uncontaminated, as it comes from a closed vessel, which is very important for the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. Pneumatic drinkers are mounted in a vertical position to the cage grid.

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