Automatic Dog Feeders Features Of The Device And Operation

The feeding regime is important not only to humans, but also to any animal. This is especially true of puppies, which must be fed at a certain time and give only the required amount of feed. In this case, automatic dog feeders come to the aid of the owners.

Automatic Dog Feeders Features Of The Device And Operation

Automatic feeder devices

Technical characteristics of all feeders are almost identical. The owner needs to fill the food in the tank and set the timer for the delivery of food and the volume of portions. Automation ensures strict compliance with all the recommendations of the veterinarian for the control of pet nutrition.

Feed from the tank enters the tray only at the appointed time, and only in this case the dog can eat it from its tray. Most often sold automatic feeders for dogs, allowing you to set the number of feeds from one to four times a day.

This is important when feeding puppies who need to eat more often than adult dogs, but eat smaller portions. In some models of devices, you can set a feeding timer for up to one hundred days. And record voice messages for the pet so that he does not get bored.

Varieties of feeders

The auto-feeder is a device that delivers a certain amount of feed to an animal at a time programmed using a timer. Even in the absence of the owners of the house, the dog will receive the necessary portion of food.

Automatic dog feeders are also installed in the case of obesity in an animal in order to clearly control the amount of feed and the time mode of feeding. There are many types of feeders:

  • For dogs of different breeds used feeders of different sizes and heights. The bigger the pet, the higher the device you need to purchase. This will make eating comfortable.
  • The number of sectors may vary. Some devices are intended only for dosing of dry food, in others you can put wet food. And there are also such auto feeders in which sectors for placement of medicines and delicacies for a pet are allocated.
  • Some devices have a host voice recording function. This helps to attract the animal, accustomed to, that his master always calls for food. Most often, this function is necessary only for those people who leave for a long time on business trips. At other times, out of habit, the owners themselves call the pet to the trough.
  • Automatic dog feeders can operate on battery or mains. There are also combined devices.
  • The wide model range allows to pick up a feeding trough of any design and a complete set.
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Automatic Dog Feeders Features Of The Device And Operation

Thanks to the automatic feeders, the pet becomes independent, because to get food there is no longer any need to wake the host in the morning or get under his feet during the day.

Where to get a car feeder

How to make a self-feeder do-it-yourself

You can make a similar device by yourself. However, such automatic feeders for cats and dogs of small breeds are suitable. It is necessary to take the mechanism of a quartz watch and cut the shape of the desired height from a tin can. The jar is covered with clay outside. Internal partitions are also produced from it, a compartment for the quartz watch mechanism is molded in the center.

The mechanism is used as a timer, so that the feed is fed to the animal at the right time. The cover of the feeder is made of thin plywood or plastic. Holes are drilled in the center to enable fixing the lid on the watch mechanism.

An automatic dog feeder made by hand is a budget option. Still, better to buy ready-made devices. They will ensure uninterrupted operation for a long time and will allow you to leave your pet with such a feeder.

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