Asus Zenfone Does Not See Computer

There are times when the computer does not want to “see” the android connected via usb in any way. Do not despair, there are several options that will help the laptop to see clearly!

These methods are suitable for phones, such as Android, because at the moment they are the most common gadgets, but these same methods will help to cope with the problem with other devices and their OS, for example, with a tablet.

Asus Zenfone Does Not See Computer

Asus Zenfone Does Not See Computer

Android old model

Having understood what the situation is, one can begin to solve the problem. So, a new android was purchased and his laptop on Windows XP sees, while the old model phone, for example, connects to a computer easily, like a flash card. You can start by updating the OS to the version that Android will support. And you can immediately install on the new device MTP (driver for Android), working with Windows XP.

You can download MTP from their official site, then install it, then reboot the device and after that, the android will be seen by the computer.

Now you can think about a different situation. Why does the computer not see the phone via usb android only charging? For example, the phone does not see the computer in Windows 7, also in the 8th version and 10th. The steps described below are suitable for Androd 4 and 5 phones.

  1. First, you need to unlock the connected tablet or phone to the computer, which were blocked with a password or a graphic key, and only then, you can see the folders on the monitor and files.
  2. Next, you need to make sure that the smartphone is connected via usb and there is a message “connected” about this, and this does not mean only recharging. You can see such a message either by opening the notification tab in android, or by a special icon. USB, where it will be written that the phone is connected and as which device. And it can be RTR. Camera, or a device for saving data, maybe a usb modem. If no notification is visible, then you can click on the notification that says that in this case the modem is used and disconnect it, or do so. click “Settings”, then “Wireless Network” and then click “”.

Asus Zenfone Does Not See Computer

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If the android is an old version, then there are many times more modes for connecting usb, and the most popular is the Data Warehouse. You can switch to this mode if you click on the message itself, talking about the connected usb, and then find the mode of interest.

The phone charges all the time, when connected.

Next, we find out why the computer does not see the phone via usb android, only charging? In the case when the computer and the gadget are silent at all, there are no errors and no messages. nothing.

We try to do the following, such methods.

  • Try to connect to usb 2.0, not blue, are available on the rear panel. If this is a laptop, then we are looking for. usb 2.0, not paying attention to color.
  • Search, or ask friends, maybe they will lend some other usb cables, maybe you have a faulty cord in your hands, and others will succeed!
  • The source of the problems may be hiding in the faulty socket of the smartphone. Maybe it was already under repair, maybe moisture has gotten into it. And in this case, you need to carry the android for repair.
  • It is worth checking out such an opportunity as connecting a smartphone to another laptop, computer, tablet. Perhaps the laptop socket is not working properly? But, this is if on another device, everything worked.

And here it’s worth thinking, have you ever connected a flash card to this “malfunctioning” computer?

If the flash drive has never been connected to the laptop, then you can do this:

Go to “Control Panel“(All steps should be done on the computer where the cable with the phone did not work), then.”Troubleshooting“, Further. “Device setup“And the problem should evaporate automatically.

Nothing happened, everything is still. We do it!

We try to go to the tab “device Manager“And then turn off the energy savings. If all else fails, even on other computers, the problem is: bad, hastily, androd settings were checked; faulty cord; carry a smartphone for repair.

Asus Zenfone Does Not See Computer

There are several more methods that should help in solving the issue. Why does the computer not see the phone via usb android only charging? We try them.

Other Tips & Useful Information

If, after all the tried and tested methods, it became clear that the reason is a malfunction, say, the cord itself is faulty, or the computer jack is broken, or something else. The only advice is to do nothing on your own, especially if you have not previously done computer repair technicians.

There is another option. All necessary important files can be transferred from the phone, or to the phone by selecting the following:

  1. Synchronization by selecting one of the cloud storages, for example OneDrive, or Google Drive, Yandex Disk or Dropbox.
  2. You can try to use the following programs, that is, choose one of your favorite. For example. AirDroid. The program is very convenient, simple, understandable to every novice user!
  3. If you create an FTP server on your gadget, or connect it as a network drive in Windows, you can send any files.

But, in any case, no matter which method is chosen, you need to try it, but you must choose the method that you know about; otherwise, you can fill up your phone and laptop with “garbage” and then need a complete reset all settings.

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