Asus Transformer Pad Tf700t Install Windows 10

Asus Transformer Pad Tf700t Install Windows 10

A common problem when flashing MTK-based devices. incorrect installation of USB drivers. You are going to flash your smartphone using SP_flash_tool, connect your device to the computer, but it just does not see your device and does not react to its connection. With such a problem, you need to check the correct installation of the drivers. We will talk about three main installation methods.

Method 1. Automatic driver installation

  1. Download and unzip drivers for your smartphone model. You can try to use universal ones. mtk_driver_auto_installer_v5.1453.rar [9.32 Mb] (downloads: 34864) or driver_auto_installer_sp_drivers_20160804.rar [8.87 Mb] (downloads: 13243) or drivers.rar [17.89 Mb] (downloads: 25112 )
  2. For Windows 8 and Windows 10. before running the installation file, you need to disable driver digital signature verification
  3. Go to the drivers folder and find the unattended installation file. It may be called something like this:
    • Install.bat
    • MTK_DriverInstall.exe
    • MTK Driver Auto Installer.exe
    • install_driver.exe
    • installdrv64.exe
    • dpinst.exe
    • Right click on the file and select “Run as Administrator”
  4. The driver installation process will begin. Accept all notifications and warnings that appear in the process.
  5. After the driver installation is complete, it is advisable to restart the computer.
  6. If the automatic installation of the MTK driver through.exe or.bat the installer did not help, or there is no.exe or.bat file in the drivers folder and SP_Flash_tool continues to ignore your smartphone, then try the manual method of installing the MTK driver.

    Method 2

    1. Download and expand drivers specifically for your smartphone model or universal. hm_drivers.rar [17.58 Mb] (downloads: 6440) or sp_drivers_v2.0.rar [8.37 Mb] (downloads: 3945)
    2. For Windows 8 and Windows 10. be sure to disable driver digital signature verification
    3. Open Device Manager
      • For windows 10: Right-click on the Start icon, locate and launch Device Manager. Windows 10 Device Manager

      Video: Asus Transformer Pad Tf700t Install Windows 10

      For Windows 7 and 8: Press the key combination Winr, then enter devmgmt.msc and click OK

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    4. Turn off your smartphone completely (if possible, remove the battery) and connect it to the PC
    5. For 2-3 seconds, a new device will appear in the Device Manager called “Unknown device” or “MTK Preloader”
    6. Now you need to quickly, until this device has disappeared, right-click on it and select the item in the menu that appears “Update drivers”. If you do not have time to do this, then disconnect the phone from the computer, make sure that it is completely turned off and reconnect it to the computer
    7. In the window that appears, select “Search for drivers on this computer”

      Via Browse and select the driver folder

    8. Make sure the daw is activated “Including Subfolders”
    9. Click Further.
    10. A notification about successful driver installation appears, close the window
    11. Disconnect the smartphone from the computer, the driver is installed.
    12. Video instruction for installing the MTK driver

      Method 3. Manual installation of the MTK Preloader driver

      1. Download and unzip drivers specifically for your smartphone model or universal. [15,61 Kb] (downloads: 3515)
      2. For Windows 8 and 10. before installing, be sure to disable the verification of digital signatures of drivers
      3. Open Device Manager
        • For windows 10: right-click Start, find and run device Manager

        For Windows 7 and 8: Press the WinR key combination, then enter devmgmt.msc and click OK.

        In the device manager, position the cursor on any item from the list, then click Act > Install old device

        Click Further and select “Installing equipment selected from the list manually”. Click Further

      4. Paragraph Show all devices. Further
      5. “Install from disk”
      6. Overview, find the unzipped driver folder and select the driver file depending on the bit depth of your operating system (x64, or x32. it’s x86). For example, the universal driver for Windows 10 64x is “Windows 10 x64 MTK USB Drivers”

      7. OK
      8. Select “MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM Port” from the list. Click Next several times.
      9. During driver installation, click Install this driver anyway”. In the end. Done.
      10. A new device will appear in the device manager with an exclamation mark. Right click on it and click “Remove device”

        Make sure that the checkbox “Uninstall the driver software for this device” is NOT ACTIVATED

      11. Everything, the driver installation is complete. Now you can work with SP Flashtool and connect your smartphone to a PC.