Asus Does Not Work Touchpad Windows 7

Hello! Recently, several questions have come to me about the fact that the touchpad does not work and people are asking for help with this problem. I already wrote an article on this subject, I will give the link below. The touchpad is useful, but as I understand it, not for everyone. For example, many are asked to disable the touchpad, they say it interferes with a laptop, and especially when typing.

There are two ways to disable the touchpad on a laptop. It is possible through BIOS, it is so to turn off the iron, or you can use a special combination of keys on the keyboard. Every laptop (probably every one) has a key that disables and enables the touchpad. And when you accidentally press these two keys, or with other actions, the touch panel stops working. And here questions like “the touchpad does not work”, “How to enable the touchpad”, etc.

Everything is actually very simple, let’s look at the ways in which you can enable, well, or disable the touchpad on a laptop.

Does the touchpad not work? Solve the problem

1. First, let’s look at the function keys to enable and disable the touch panel, which I wrote about above. Different manufacturers of laptops have their own, and maybe models. For example, on a Toshiba Satellite L300-11G laptop, these are FNF9 keys. The FN key is always used in this combination, plus the key with a touchpad icon.

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Asus Does Not Work Touchpad Windows 7

Clamps these keys once, the touchpad turns on, clamps again. turns off, or vice versa. This method is worth a try from the start.

2. The second option is to check whether the touchpad is included in the BIOS. I had a case where the touchpad did not work even during the installation of Windows. It turns out she just had to be included in the BIOS. I wrote about this case and how to do it all in the article The touchpad (touchpad) does not work on Asus laptop when installing Windows.

3. If the two methods described above did not help, then it is worth checking whether the drivers are installed on the touch panel. I have not really met such a problem, but they say that it can be. You can see if there is a touchpad in the device manager. It is usually displayed there like this:

If you don’t see him there. Then maybe the driver for it did not install. But, the driver for the touchpad must be on the disk that comes with the laptop, or on the manufacturer’s website. And if it is displayed there, then look at its properties, maybe it is disabled there.

4. Well, the fourth way, which has the right to life, is a simple breakdown of the touchpad. This device, like other accessories, can simply break.

It seems that everyone wrote what he wanted. In these ways, you can how to turn on the touchpad (if it does not work), and disconnect, if you don’t need it. Good luck friends and trouble-free touch panels :)!

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