Asus Bios How To Install Windows From Disk

Installing windows 10 on a computer or laptop hp, asus, acer, sony, lenovo, samsung, toshiba from a flash drive or disk via the BIOS is not necessary.

It is possible through the update. In the second option, you do not need to enter the BIOS, it is simpler and does not differ in efficiency.

Who is he interested in? go to this page. there you will find a detailed description. If there is a desire to install through the BIOS. read on. The first thing you need is to enter it.

ATTENTION: there is no one option to enter the BIOS. find out how to do this for everyone computers and laptops right here.

Now one more thing. You may not even need to enter the BIOS. Just insert the disk or USB flash drive from which you intend to install windows 10 and when turned on, press the Esc / F8 / F10 / F11 or F12 key.

You can also see the inscription in the form of the name of the keys and their combinations when starting the computer or laptop from below.

Remember only the keys, restart the PC and immediately turn them on immediately, press them until you see a window with a choice of loading.

If a disk is installed, then you should see a DVD drive, if a flash drive, then the name of the flash drive.

One more thing, before installing Windows 10 through the BIOS, be sure to turn on your computer or laptop and see how many GB are on drive “C” if you have several partitions.

This is necessary because you will not see the names of the section is “C” or “D”, but only how many GB are on them.

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If the above stated result did not give, then below you will learn how to do all this on different types of bios.

How to install windows 10 from a disk or flash drive via AMI BIOS

To start the installation of Windows 10 in the AMI BIOS, after entering, go to the “Boot” tab. The mouse will not work, only the arrow keys (bottom right).

After the transition, click on the line: “Boot Device Priority” and click on “Enter”.

Video: Asus Bios How To Install Windows From Disk

Asus Bios How To Install Windows From Disk

Then you will see that the first line of “1st Boot Devise” is highlighted in white. press Enter. There you can navigate with the up / down arrow keys.

If you want to install from the disk, select the CD-ROM, if from a flash drive, then if it is inserted, it should be displayed.

Asus Bios How To Install Windows From Disk

In the picture now it is not, as I have not installed. You must have a USB-HDD string or Removable Devices.

When you determine what to install, select the drive or flash drive with the up / down arrow keys and press Enter.

Now save the changes with the F10 key and accept the message by clicking the Enter button. If something goes wrong you can always take a step back with the Esc button.

How to install windows 10 from a disk or flash drive through Award Phoenix BIOS

In the Award Phoenix BIOS, control is also done with the arrow buttons. To configure installation of Windows 10, click on the line: “Advanced bios Feature” and click on: “First Boot Devices”.

Here, depending on the installation method, select CD-ROM, if from a disk or USB, if through a USB flash drive.

Next, save the changes with the F10 button and agree with the Enter key. The laptop or computer will reboot and installation will begin.

How to install windows 10 c drive or flash drive via bios UEFI

UEFI BIOS is more advanced, it even has Russian language (maybe not everyone, I have it.)

If you have it in Russian (you can change the language on the first tab), then after logging in, go to the “download” tab.

Then, in the boot priority section, click on the line “boot option # 1” and assign a bootable drive or USB flash drive to the device. If installing from a disk, select the drive.

If from a flash drive, select Removable Devices / USB and move the selected device to the top of the list. To save, click F10 and confirm Enter.

NOTE: very often after changing the BIOS settings, windows 10 from a disk or flash drive is not installed.

Then immediately after entering the system, try to press either any key or the Esc button. Of course, undescribed problems may arise, then the question in the comments describing the problem will help. Successes.

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