Apple Watch 3 Battery Replacement

If you notice strange behavior during Apple Watch 3, such as:. Are they quickly discharged, turn off randomly, or does the taking-up battery squeeze the screen? You should immediately come to the service center "PlanetiPhone" for free diagnostics or call the wizard at home! Departure in Moscow is also free. We provide a guarantee for the original battery, up to 3 months. Do not be left without a gadget, leave a request now.

The prices indicated on the site are final, without any “tricky” margins

We always have free diagnostics of any
Apple devices

Warranty 6 months for all modular repairs and 3 months for soldering!

When is an Apple Watch Series 3 battery replacement needed?

There are only a few reasons and signs indicating a malfunction and they are the same as a broken smartphone battery. We list a few of them so that you can definitely recognize the breakdown.

(Despite the moisture protection, it weakens over time. It is also indicated on the Apple website. A couple of drops is enough to start the process of corrosion and decay of the board. The liquid leaves oxides on the contacts, which prevents the normal supply of battery power. If you are lucky, cleaning moisture and replacing the Apple Watch 3 battery will help fix this problem.)

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(Due to the impact of a fall, the battery could be damaged, which violated its integrity and the battery swelled up by squeezing the display. This also happens during prolonged use or when the charge / discharge cycles are exceeded. On average, their value is

1000, but with 700 cycles, it is impossible to use the gadget. Symptoms of battery malfunction are standard. They quickly discharge in the cold, turn off when the charge is below 30%, do not charge, the charge level is displayed incorrectly.)

  • – Charging with non-original blocks, poor wiring on the network.

(Apple’s original chargers are not cheap and it’s not just that. They use micro components that protect the gadget from power surges during charging. There is no such protection in cheap fakes from China or the Savelovsky market. A strong power surge can burn power controller, damage the battery, carbonize the power contacts.To be frank to the end, even the original will not protect against really strong changes that occur during unexpected blackouts in a house with old wiring and equipment charger.)

Video: Apple Watch 3 Battery Replacement

Apple Watch 3 Battery Replacement

In most cases of power problems, a simple replacement of the Apple Watch 3 battery helps. This service is planned, inexpensive and relatively quick. Trying to do it yourself is highly recommended! Due to the tight layout of the modules and the very strong glue that fastens the LCD, the battery and the case, there is a great chance of damaging the other components of the watch, seriously the magnitude of the repair cost! Better come to PlanetiPhone and carry out repairs with a guarantee at a very competitive price.

How is the Apple Watch 3 battery replaced?

As soon as Apple Watch falls into the hands of specialists, it doesn’t matter if you call it at home or come to the workshop in person, free diagnostics will begin, which will reveal all breakdowns and malfunctions! Only after verification, which is carried out for free, we will state the final cost and terms of service. If, in addition to the battery, there is no damage whatsoever and you agree to our favorable conditions, the Apple Watch Series 3 battery will begin to be replaced. You will be notified immediately after a full test of the gadget in all modes. Next, we agree on the transmission time. You pay for services and we give out repaired hours, a 90-day warranty card and a club card with a 5% discount.

Apple Watch 3 Battery Replacement

Why should you contact PlanetiPhone?

We are a stable company, present in the market for the provision of repair services for Apple equipment for more than eight years. We are the best in Moscow and this is why:

  • – We have the lowest Appe Watch 3 battery replacement price in Moscow.
  • – Direct deliveries of original components from the factory, bypassing intermediaries.
  • – Long warranty for all services.
  • – The use of advanced diagnostic equipment and tools.
  • – Free specialist visit within the capital and testing equipment!

You should always remember that the battery is a consumable item and it should be changed as planned! If you notice at least one of the symptoms, then the time has come and you need an urgent replacement of the Apple Watch 3 battery.

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