Apple Pay Touch Id How To Turn On

Touch ID. what is it and how to use the technology, this question is asked sooner or later by Apple owners.

This option is present in most Apple devices since the seventh generation, but not many users know how to properly configure the technology and solve problems that arise with it.

The feature that is present in smartphones of this brand, starting with the iPhone 5s model, and the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 tablets, is integrated into the Home button (physical on all gadgets and touch on iPhone 7).

The device is quite complex and consists of a metal ring, a capacitive sensor and a switch that responds to pressing.

Apple Pay Touch Id How To Turn On


Touch ID Tasks

The main purpose of the technology is the ability to gain access to work with a smartphone or tablet.

Using Touch ID, you can do without entering a password and PIN code, replacing it with a finger on the scanner.

The second goal is authorization in various applications from Apple and other developers, the number of which is growing.

To do this, attach a bank card to the device identification number (ID) and, in the process of paying for purchases or services through the terminal, perform the following actions:

  1. Get a smartphone;
  2. Bring him to the terminal;
  3. Put your finger on the iPhone scanner.

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Technology benefits

Among the advantages that Touch ID provides to the owner of a mobile device from Apple, it should be noted:

  • high response speed, due to the minimum number of operations;
  • complete confidentiality of important information, access to which can only be obtained by the owner of the device;
  • the ability to authorize a user in a number of applications. To date, many programs support the work with technology. For example, 1Password password storage, DayOne diary service and Documents file manager;
  • use of mobile gadgets instead of bank cards when paying for purchases.

Apple Pay Touch Id How To Turn On

Fig. 2. Pay for your purchase using your iPhone.

Touch ID setup

The technology does not provide the user with the ability to quickly turn on all its functions. it is not activated on the new, just purchased phone.

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And in order to perform the initial setup of a mobile phone or tablet, you must perform certain actions:

  1. Wipe the Home button and your fingers to avoid fingerprint distortion during identification;
  2. Enter a password that can be used if you unlock the device using Touch ID for some reason does not work. Password request occurs 2 days after the last unlock;
  3. Taking the device in the same way as with normal use of a smartphone or tablet, attach a finger to the Home button;
  4. Keeping your hand in the same position, wait for a slight vibration of the device or sound, which is a signal of completion of the first stage of setup.

Next, you must comply with the requirements of the operating system, first changing the position of the fingertip, and then applying only its edges to the sensor.

Video: Apple Pay Touch Id How To Turn On

After that, the gadget can only be unlocked by the person who made the settings.

Access can be obtained by removing the smartphone or tablet from sleep mode (by pressing one of the buttons on the case) and raising the finger to the sensor.

Apple Pay Touch Id How To Turn On

Fig. 3. To access the iPhone, just press the Home button with your finger

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Authorization in services

Identification in services and programs using Touch ID is configured as follows:

  1. The settings section of the smartphone (tablet) opens;
  2. The item “Touch ID and password” is selected;
  3. The sub-item “iTunes Store, App Store” is activated.

After that, the iOS operating system downloads the necessary add-ons to the device and reports on the need for additional authorization.

The procedure with fingerprint identification is provided separately for each of the applications for which Touch ID will be used.

Although the time to set up will need less. By the way, and on our site you can read how to distribute the Internet from your phone. Step-by-step instructions for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Problems using

Despite the fact that the technology of access to Apple mobile devices makes their use more convenient, sometimes there are problems with entering the operating system.

There are only three main causes of problems:

  • the fingertip or the button itself is dirty. The issue is solved by thoroughly cleaning the surface of the sensor and hands;
  • software problems. To avoid them, authorization should be provided using the image of two fingers at once. If this could not be done before the malfunction occurs, the situation is corrected by returning the device to the service for flashing;
  • factory marriage. the reason is not too frequent, but also found. A sign of a problem is the complete lack of reaction to the touch of a finger on the Home button and the inability to restart the smartphone. In this case, the phone also needs to be taken to a service center.

Apple Pay Touch Id How To Turn On

Fig. 4. A dirty button is one of the reasons for incorrect scanning.

How to improve Touch ID

This option is present in most Apple devices since the seventh generation, but not many users know how to properly configure the technology and solve problems that arise with it.

Features of working with technology

You can prevent problems with the use of Touch ID technology and a biometric sensor by observing certain requirements.

First of all, this concerns the setting of the sensor, which cannot always perceive prints applied at a different angle or not completely.

The finger should be applied several times by turning it over the surface of the Home button. In addition, the technology allows you to save 5 prints at once.

Therefore, the owner can remember, for example, both the thumb and forefinger, and one more. for example, the ring finger or little finger.

As a result, the efficiency of fingerprint scanning increases by about 1.5 times.

You should also make additional settings. the so-called “training” Touch ID:

  • Open system security settings;
  • Enter user password;
  • In turn, apply fingers to the surface of the sensor;
  • Perform the procedure several times, thus increasing the accuracy of the scan.

Another way is to intentionally enter fingerprints at the wrong angles. those that are unlikely to be used when unlocking.

At the same time, you should hold your smartphone or tablet in your hand as naturally as possible, rather than trying to get the perfect picture image.

In addition, during the Touch ID setup process, you should touch not only the sensor, but also the metal ring.

This also allows you to increase the likelihood of finger recognition, especially applied quickly and quickly.

Apple Pay Touch Id How To Turn On

Fig. 5. When setting the Touch ID option, the smartphone needs to be held naturally


Using Touch ID technology is one of the best ways to protect information. because, unlike a password and even a graphic code, fingerprints cannot be stolen or faked.

And, thanks to the configuration features, the user can make the login to the system much more convenient and faster. And subsequently choose devices that also use biometric services with fingerprint verification for access. after all, after Apple, other companies are beginning to actively use the technology.

What is Touch ID: Features and Benefits of Using Technology

What is Touch ID: Features and Benefits of Using Technology

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