Apple Iwatch 4 Differences From 3

With the release of the new Apple Watch series 4, everyone wondered what is the difference between the previous version and the new product. Compare Apple Watch series 3 and 4 in this smartwatch review. While the first 3 series were no different in appearance and the difference could be found only in the technical specifications, the new Apple Watch not only pleased with external changes, but also became much better.

The first thing that strikes when we compare the Apple Watch series 4 and 3 is, of course, a magnificent enlarged display

Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 3 Comparison

38 mm / 1.5", 272×340 px, 290 ppi

42 mm / 1.65", 312×390 px, 304 ppi

40 mm / 1.57", 324×394 px, 325 ppi

44 mm / 1.78", 368×448 px, 326 ppi

38 mm / 38.6 x 33.3 x 11.4 mm

42 mm / 42.5 x 36.4 x 11.4 mm

40 mm / 40 x 32 x 10.7 mm

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44 mm / 44 x 38 x 10.7 mm

Compare Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 3 displays.

Of course, the increased display sizes in the new series is one of the main features of the new Apple Watch Series 4. The display is not just bigger, but also rounded at the edges to maximize the screen area, while maintaining almost the same dimensions of the case. In general, the display in the new Apple Watch series 4 is the most impressive part in the watch.

The increase in the working area of ​​the screen was more than 30%. The energy-efficient LTPO technology has helped maintain the previous operating time.

Compatible straps and accessories for Apple Watch 4.

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Many people care about the question. But are the straps from previous series suitable for the new Apple watch? We will delight everyone who already has straps from previous versions of the watch, as they are fully compatible with the new model. So 38 mm straps fit the Apple Watch series 4 with a 40 mm case and, accordingly, 42 mm straps are ideal for watches with a 44 mm case. This can not but rejoice, since there is no need to buy beloved straps for new items.

New Digital Crown Wheel.

The Digital Crown’s interactive wheel control wheel in the Apple Watch series 4 is now tactile. And this means that managing the watch has become even more convenient and enjoyable. The updated wheel became not only 30% less, but also 21% more components were used in its development.

Special attention to your heart.

Of course, heart rate monitoring was in the previous series of Apple Watch. But in the new Watch 4, this happens regularly, so you can see how it changed throughout the day. And if the pulse becomes unexpectedly high or vice versa low, the watch will immediately inform you about it.

Apple Iwatch 4 Differences From 3

We may not know about heart problems for years, so it is so important to detect problems in his work in the early stages and to take care of his health without serious consequences. All health indicators will be collected in one convenient application. Very convenient division into categories. sleep, activity, mindfulness, nutrition. help to get information easily and clearly.

Price comparison for Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 3.

With the release of a new series of watches, the previous version decreases in price and you have the opportunity to significantly save on the purchase of even the previous version, but for a very long time relevant. Of course, the price of the new product is high compared to the previous version of Apple Watch 3, but it is justified.

Comparison of official prices for Apple Watch Series 3 and 4.

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