Apple iPhone How To Turn On Bluetooth On Computer

Learn how to connect Bluetooth input devices to your Mac and get tips on using them.

What is bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology for establishing communication between devices (for example, between a Mac and a keyboard or mouse) up to 10 meters away.

Using Bluetooth technology, your iPhone or iPad can go into modem mode to provide Mac access to the Internet through a wireless service provider. See here for more information about modem mode on an iOS device.

Find out if your Mac has Bluetooth equipment

Most Mac computers have a built-in Bluetooth module. You can check if your computer supports Bluetooth:

  • Check if the Bluetooth icon is on the menu bar. If the Bluetooth icon is displayed, it means your computer supports Bluetooth.
  • Select System Preferences from the Apple menu, then press Bluetooth. If you can turn on Bluetooth in Bluetooth settings and enable device discovery, then your computer supports Bluetooth technology.
  • From the Apple menu, select “About This Mac” and click “Learn.” In the Hardware section, select Bluetooth. If information is displayed in the “Hardware Settings” section, then your computer supports Bluetooth technology.
    Apple iPhone How To Turn On Bluetooth On Computer

Bluetooth menu bar icon information

The Bluetooth menu bar icon in the upper right corner of the screen can be used to get information about the status of Bluetooth and connected devices:

Bluetooth is turned on, but there are no devices connected to the Mac. If you expect the wireless device to be connected, make sure the device is turned on.

The Bluetooth connection is turned on and at least one device is connected.

At least one wireless device has a low battery. Click the Bluetooth icon to identify this device, then replace the batteries.

Bluetooth is turned off. Click the Bluetooth icon with a wired mouse or trackpad, or with the built-in trackpad of your Mac laptop and select Enable Bluetooth.
On Mac computers without built-in trackpads, you cannot turn off Bluetooth until a USB mouse is connected.

The Bluetooth module is offline or unavailable. Restart your Mac. If the Bluetooth status does not change, disconnect all USB devices and restart your Mac. If the Bluetooth module continues to be unavailable, your Mac may need to be serviced.

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Pairing between a Mac and a Bluetooth device

Bluetooth wireless devices are set up when pairing with a computer. After pairing with the device, the Mac always automatically connects to it when it is in the action field.

If your Mac comes with a wireless keyboard, mouse, or trackpad, a pair of them is pre-created at the factory. Turn on the devices, and the Mac should automatically connect to them at startup.

Video: Apple iPhone How To Turn On Bluetooth On Computer

If you purchased an Apple wireless device separately, learn how to pair it with your Mac.

After pairing between the Bluetooth device and the Mac computer, the device should appear in the Bluetooth settings:

Apple iPhone How To Turn On Bluetooth On Computer

Removing Bluetooth devices from a Mac

If you need to remove (break a pair) a Bluetooth device from the list of Mac devices, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Hover over the device you want to remove, then click the button that appears next to the name of the device.

After removing the Bluetooth device, you must repeat the pairing process if you need to use it again.

Connecting Bluetooth devices after exiting sleep mode or starting

Bluetooth devices usually remain available for a while after the Mac starts up. After waking up from sleep, your Mac should immediately detect Apple wireless devices. It may take up to 5 seconds to recognize other wireless devices. You may need to press a button on the wireless mouse to wake the computer from sleep mode.

Some Bluetooth devices, such as headsets, may be turned off to conserve battery power when there is no audio or data transmission for some time. When this happens, you may need to press a button on the device to activate it. See your device’s documentation for details.

Wake up your computer using Bluetooth devices

You can press the button on the connected Bluetooth mouse or press the key on the connected Bluetooth keyboard to wake the Mac from sleep mode. You may need to press the spacebar on your keyboard.

If after pressing the mouse button or the keyboard key, the computer does not exit sleep mode, you must allow wireless devices to wake the computer from sleep mode:

  1. Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click the Bluetooth icon.
  2. Click the Advanced tab.
  3. Check the box next to “Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer from sleep mode.”

Connect multiple Bluetooth devices to one computer

According to the standard Bluetooth specification, the number of Bluetooth devices connected to a Mac at once can be up to seven.

In practice, this value is limited to three or four devices, depending on the types of devices used. Some Bluetooth devices require more data transfer, so they consume more resources than other devices. When using devices with heavy data transfer, the total number of active devices can be reduced.

If the Bluetooth device does not appear in the Bluetooth settings, is slow or unreliable, try disconnecting unused devices or disconnecting the pair with your Mac.

Eliminating interference from other household appliances

Bluetooth devices operate in the same range for industrial, scientific, and medical organizations (2.4 GHz) as home appliances, including cordless phones, wireless adapters, baby monitors, and microwaves. If you experience problems with Bluetooth devices that are suspected to be caused by radio interference, see AirPort and Bluetooth: Potential Sources of Wireless Interference for more information.

Pressing start keys on a Bluetooth keyboard

You can press keys immediately after starting up so that your Mac can perform functions such as selecting a boot disk, using the recovery partition, or resetting NVRAM.

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