Apple Face Id When Appeared

A video appeared on the web demonstrating how a ten-year-old child easily managed to trick his mother’s Face ID on iPhone X. The fifth grader just looked at the device, and it was unlocked, although when setting up the face scanner, his mother’s face was taken as a sample.

Apple Face Id When Appeared

Uttaullah Malik and Sana Shervani reported that their son Ammar Malik took his mother’s iPhone X without asking, and the smartphone suddenly unlocked.

“Now YouTube is flooded with videos in which users of the new iPhone X are trying to outwit Face ID. When my wife and I received our iPhone X, we did not have such a goal. However, when we set the settings on November 3rd, everything changed. We sat in our bedroom, set up Face ID, and then our ten-year-old son came in, eager to experience the new iPhone X. However, my wife immediately announced that he would not receive the phone. Like all children who are forbidden to do something, he picked up the phone, and at first glance it unlocked, ”said Attaulla Malik.

Malik Jr. was able to repeat his trick time after time. He even managed to unlock his father’s smartphone, however, only once. Most likely, the mother had to re-set the face scanner settings so that the child could no longer use the device without her permission. Interestingly, when she set new settings, but with the same artificial lighting and in the same room as the first time, her son could unlock her iPhone X again.

Video: Apple Face Id When Appeared

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True, the parents specified that after unsuccessful attempts to unlock, they did not enter a password. This is an important point, because if after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts by Face ID to recognize a face, you immediately enter the password, the TrueDepth camera captures the image again for greater reliability.

From the Apple documentation:

“In the event that Face ID cannot recognize you, but the match quality is above a certain threshold, and you immediately enter the access code, Face ID makes another capture to supplement its registered Face ID data with a new mathematical representation. This new Face ID data is discarded after a certain number of unlocks if you stop matching with it. This addition process allows Face ID to recognize you, even if the vegetation on your face or makeup has radically changed, while false recognition is minimized. ”

From this we can conclude that without the password entered, the scanner still recognized the face of his mother in the face of the boy.

As reported in the same Apple documentation, the percentage of false positives is higher among children under the age of 13, because their facial features are not yet fully formed. Ammar Malik is only ten years old, so the situation cannot be called so unforeseen. However, it serves as a great example of how Face ID is not 100% reliable. Therefore, if you are worried about your privacy, use only a password.

Recently, Vietnamese company Bkav published a video demonstrating how to bypass Face ID using a mask. Recall, according to Apple, the face scanner uses complex neural networks to reduce the risk of being deceived by using a mask.

The mask used was supposedly created using 3D printing, makeup and two-dimensional images, while the cheek area and the face border were specially processed. In total, the creation of the mask cost 150.

Due to the lack of any additional information, the video published by the Vietnamese raises some doubts. However, even if the video was not falsified, the average user has nothing to worry about. It is unlikely that anyone will go to such intricate tricks just to unlock your iPhone.

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