Android Update Does Not Install

Android, like other operating systems, has a great tendency to upgrade. True, today, developers are trying to come to a schedule with the release of new versions of Android every six months, which means we need to be able to update the system ourselves.

Very often with a new update comes the correction of previous flaws, the installation of new functions, increasing the performance and uptime of the device. Usually there are no problems with updating, which means that you can not hesitate to update your Android smartphone or tablet.

Of course, it would not hurt you to know the version of an already installed system on an Android gadget. Then you can from time to time on the official website of the manufacturer to find out about the release of new patches and updates. You can also enable the option to automatically check for a new update and this will definitely not miss the long-awaited update. Often this option is enabled by default.

Android Update Does Not Install

Otherwise, you will have to manually check the availability of the update for download. But this is not difficult. Go to the system settings and select “About phone”. Here you will find the familiar item “System Update”.

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If you are lucky, a small message will appear in the notification area warning you about the need to install the update. So it’s time to confirm the download of the update. If you have enough memory space, the system will install the update on its own. Unless you are required to agree with the rules a couple of times, installing additional files. Do not think that everything is too simple. For example, some updates may take hundreds of megabytes. Take care in advance to update the necessary place and connect Wi-Fi Internet.

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By the way, if you download the firmware directly on the official website, then its installation is as simple as automatic updates via OTA (On The Air). That is, you will need to download the zip archive and follow the instructions that the update program will give. Usually in the archive there is an exe file that will do everything itself, you only need to connect the Android device via USB to the computer and confirm the installation of the firmware.

There is a second option, which the manufacturer does not approve. This is an unofficial update method. Custom firmware is always popular and installing them is no more difficult than the official update. Even Google Play has apps that allow third-party developers to distribute alternative firmware.

If you do not want to install the firmware in the ways described above, then there is always the most common alternative. First of all, we advise you to look at the XDA forums, where developers primarily share their developments. For almost all Android smartphones and tablets, there are separate topics where there is a constant discussion of custom firmware, identifying flaws, installation and configuration tips.

You will need just the last method, if you are the owner of not the newest device, which is no longer supported by the manufacturer. But before installing custom firmware, you must have root privileges on your smartphone, otherwise you can’t do anything. Secondly, everything that you do, you do at your own peril and risk. Developers completely disclaim responsibility for the consequences. Even because, after installation, you can spoil everything when you set, for example, too much processor frequency or something like that.

We also recommend that you make a backup of the system before each such experiment so that you can return to the old system without consequences at any time.