Android Device Manager Remote Management

Advanced owners of Android devices often use the ability to remotely control their device. Android remote control allows you to access data on a smartphone or tablet, as well as use some of their functions at a distance through a wireless connection and the Internet. For example, a user can connect to a computer without a USB cable to download files to a PC or vice versa transfer files from a computer to a smartphone or tablet. And how do you like this opportunity. to see on the map where the lost or stolen phone is located, as well as remotely block it and erase all data on it? Let’s see how remote control works and what is needed for this.

Android Device Manager Remote Management

What is needed for remote control?

Remote control is provided in all modern operating systems, both for computers and mobile devices. The only thing is that you need to install the appropriate software and understand its functionality. Let’s look at the most common applications for the computer and Android.

Android remote control using a computer

At first, the program was developed for communication between computers, and later, with the popularity of smartphones, Team Viewer also connected support for mobile platforms.

To control the smartphone using a computer, you need to install Team Viewer itself on the PC, and Teamviewer QuickSupport on the smartphone (tablet). To remotely control your mobile device, do the following:

  1. Launch Teamviewer QuickSupport on your smartphone or tablet and write down the individual device number (ID), which is a 9-digit number, from the screen.
  2. Open Team Viewer on the PC and enable the remote control of the checkmark in the corresponding field in the program. Enter smartphone ID
    Android Device Manager Remote Management
  3. Click on the “Connect to a partner“.
    Android Device Manager Remote Management

    Android will ask for permission to connect. We give permission and on the computer monitor we see the screen of the smartphone (tablet) with all the contents.

    Android Device Manager Remote Management

Video: Android Device Manager Remote Management

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Now, using a computer, we can remotely control your android device: operate with Android desktops, change settings, launch applications, etc. Naturally, both devices must be connected to the network.

Management can work in the other direction, i.e. Android can control the computer. To connect, do the following:

  1. Launch Team Viewer on your computer and write down the access ID and password.
  2. Launch Teamviewer QuickSupport on your smartphone, enter the computer ID and wait for the devices to connect.
  3. In the field that opens, enter the password issued by the desktop version of the program.

With a successful connection on the smartphone screen, you will see the desktop of the PC and get the ability to remotely control the computer using your gadget.

Control via AirDroid

In this program, unlike Team Viewer, Android is controlled from a computer via a web browser interface using the AirDroid service and a client application installed on a mobile device.

Android Device Manager Remote Management

Management with AirDroid is intuitive and allows you to view and edit contacts on your smartphone through a computer, install and remove applications, remotely work with files on Android, and locate your phone or tablet. To connect to your device, do the following:

  1. Install the AirDroid client application on your smartphone and launch it.
  2. Log in to your account on the service using social networks and get the data to connect. If the AirDroid service does not have an account, then you need to register.
  3. We go to the computer, launch the browser and go to, where we authorize to remotely control the android.
    Android Device Manager Remote Management

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Remote control using the Android Device Manager service

Android Device Manager is a Google service that allows you to locate the device, ring it, block the device in case of loss or theft, and also erase data on it. Compared to special applications, the functionality of the service is limited. You can use it both through a browser or the Find My Device application installed on a smartphone (tablet). How to work with Android Device Manager is described in detail in the article “How to find a lost phone through a computer”.

Thanks to the remote control of android, you can work with the device from anywhere where there is Internet access. Well, in case of loss or theft, there is a big chance that you will return your favorite device. Or at least you can delete personal information remotely and block it.

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