Alphabet Frisbee For Dogs

Teaching a frisbee dog, no need to hurry. Until you have developed the skill of performing one exercise, you should not take the next one, otherwise the correct sequence in learning will be broken, and the result will not be the same to which we are striving.

Do not focus on other dogs – everyone learns differently. Each exercise dogs of different ages and different breeds learn at different speeds. The time required to develop a persistent skill can vary from several days to several months.

You can start classes at any age.

Important: If the training has failed, do not regret the time to return to the previous stage of training and go all over again, until the dog starts to do all the exercises correctly. Otherwise, the error will be fixed and will be repeated time after time, interfering with further learning.

Exercise 1. Socialization and addiction to the toy

Your dog should become familiar with the toy and get used to it. Put a delicacy inside the disc, and let the dog enjoy eating the delicious toy. A few days later, the dog will rejoice from one kind of disk. You can use the disc as a bowl and to water the dog.

This exercise can be started. from a very young age puppy (from 2-3 months).

Exercise 2. Learning to play with a disk

The dog will quickly understand: the disk is the “prey” to be caught. Tease your pet a little with a toy, and he will immediately try to grab it with his teeth. As soon as the disc is in the dog’s teeth, encourage it.

At this stage, you do not throw the disc, just hold it in your hands, from time to time allowing the dog to take possession of the toy. Often, soft disks are used to start learning, which are easy to grasp even for a puppy.

You can use the clicker to explain to the dog that the disk needs to be grabbed by the teeth. In this case, click first with each movement of the dog in the direction of the disk, then when the disk is gripped by the mouth. It is advisable to immediately enter into the training team, on which in the future the dog will miss the drive.

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Continue to feed the dog from the disk from time to time, go back a step and fasten all the skills to flawless execution.

Exercise 3. The disk starts to move.

The disc should always "run away" away from the dog. Never throw a disc on a dog. The dog must learn to catch moving "prey", and not sit and wait until the owner throw the disc right under his paws.

If the dog has calculated the direction of the throw – turn around and direct the toy in the other direction, from the pet. High throws at this stage do not need to perform, especially for puppies. The hand with the disc should move at a low height.

Usually this exercise is not difficult for the dog. Having learned to grab a stationary toy, the dog easily understands what is required of him – run a few steps and catch the "prey". You can not deceive the expectation of the dog when performing exercises. If a dog moves behind a toy, then it should receive it as a legitimate "prey". And it’s time to start to encourage the dog for catching the disk with the mouth, and not for beating him with his paws and chest.

Alphabet Frisbee For Dogs

Start moving your disc arm, for example, spinning in a circle. The dog will start running, trying to catch the toy with its mouth behind the edge. It is necessary to encourage movement in the right direction, to give a treat for a disk properly caught by the teeth. As the dog learns, the movement speed increases.

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This exercise can begin to perform from 3 month old puppy.

Exercise 4. Roll

First, you have to practice playing roll, one of the most simple throws, without a dog. When you learn to throw the disc correctly, you can begin to train the dog.

The roll is similar to another throw – backhand, only the disk does not fly, but rolls on the ground. The dog will be easier to learn how to properly catch the disc in not too difficult conditions. The purpose of the exercise is to teach the dog to grab the disc by the edge in motion.

Sometimes it is useful to give the dog an opportunity to learn the correct grip himself. A disc lying on the ground can become a kind of test and at the same time learning. The dog may try to grab the center of the disk with his teeth, scrape it with paws, push it with the nose. In the end, he will figure out to grab his teeth by the edge, and at this point the pet must be encouraged.

If attempts to grab the disc remain unsuccessful, and the dog loses interest in the toy – repeat the command to grab the disc, move it.

Exercise 5. Rolls with a bypass

When you throw a disk, it moves faster than a dog, and the further you throw it, the higher the speed of the disk. This means that if the dog starts moving simultaneously with the disc, it will not have time to catch it.

In order for the dog to catch the disc, it must be given a head start, that is, it must be sent forward some distance in advance in the direction of the disc flight. For this there are different ways, the most popular is to walk the dog owner on command.

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Teach your dog to go around in a clockwise direction and against it, and run straight ahead. Having teased a little dog with a disk, move it behind the back from one hand to another, thus causing the dog to go around you. You can use the “Go Away!” Command, or two different teams for different directions of walking around.

After the dog has walked you in the right direction, the disc is not far from rolling so that the dog can catch it. Every time when a pet manages to properly catch the disc with his teeth for the edge, it is necessary to praise him actively and encourage him with a delicacy.

The bypass command must be carried out automatically, the dog must understand that immediately after the bypass it is necessary to run forward and catch the disc.

Developing a clear implementation of exercise 5 means the end of simple training and the transition to throws.

Exercise 6. Throws

Once again you will have to practice a little without the dog throwing the disc correctly. The toy should fly up vertically and fall horizontally, preferably right in your hand.

The order of the exercise:

the dog on the team passes you;
the team tries to catch the lobed drive.

No need to wait until the dog passes you, the goal is just to accelerate the movement of the dog.

When the pet learns to catch the disc right in front of you, you can begin to gradually increase the throw distance.

Alphabet Frisbee For Dogs

Some prefer to start doing this exercise, squatting or kneeling. So it is easier to throw the disk low and the dog easier to catch it.

During training, all throws are always made only in the direction away from the dog. Throwing a disc on a dog is possible only after she is well trained and understands what is required of her.

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