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All About German Shepherd

The first breeder of the German shepherd is considered to be Colonel of the German cavalry Max von Stephanitz. At the end of the XIX century, he was engaged in breeding, crossing varieties of German Shepherd Dogs from the central and southern regions of Germany, as a result of which he received a very versatile working dog. German Shepherd. He combined intuition and logic in his work, unmistakably predicted and analyzed breeding actions. When breeding "German Shepherd" was used and one of the lines of collie. For the first time a German Shepherd Dog was exhibited in 1892 in Hanover. In 1899, the first German Shepherd breed club was created in Germany. Already during the First World War, the German Shepherd dog demonstrated its remarkable working qualities: it warned about a gas attack, carried guard duty and helped carry the wounded from the battlefield. German Shepherd. recognized leader among dogs of service breeds.

Starting to train him

Muzzle for German Shepherd

Many dog ​​owners, at the mention of such a “dog” accessory, like a muzzle, twist their shoulders and frown contemptuously. Their dog doesn’t need a muzzle, as it is absolutely obedient and not at all aggressive (and, what breeds of dogs can be categorized as aggressive. Read about it).

However, a muzzle is not always used to protect people from the dog, so that it cannot bite them (although this is the main purpose of the muzzle), it can also be used as one of the training methods (to wean raising a dog from the ground or sex is not clear what), although experienced dog trainers prefer other methods of education. In any case, talking about a muzzle is too biased is not worth it, sometimes it can be useful to our dog.

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Therefore, today we will talk about how muzzles are, how

To choose the right model and shape of the muzzle …

Types of muzzles for dogs

First of all, we start with the material from which these muzzles are made. It can be metal, plastic, leather, or even synthetics. According to their "modification" muzzles are divided into deaf and net. It is noteworthy that

Deaf models of muzzles, although they guarantee absolute safety and protection against bites, are not the best choice for your dog, since the cooling of the dog’s body is due to the dog’s breathing, and when a deaf muzzle is put on the dog on a hot day, it cannot fully breathe , as she usually does (opening her mouth), and the probability of heat stroke in a dog increases several times.

Therefore, from such a muffled muzzle, if there is no such extreme need (your dog behaves adequately and obediently, does not show aggression towards strangers, and you do not plan to visit large crowds of people with it), it is better to refuse.

Description of mesh leather muzzles

As for mesh leather muzzles (they are made of leather strips fastened together with special rivets), despite their affordable cost and the appearance that your pet’s mouth is blocked and it cannot bite anyone, such muzzles on really completely ineffective. If desired, the dog may tear the muzzle or bite even in it. Therefore, if it is still about protecting people from your dog – choose a muzzle more reliable. In addition, leather muzzles are short-lived, the material itself cracks and cracks, rivets rust, and very often in places of such attachment the muzzle is simply broken. With prolonged use, such a muzzle has a specific unpleasant smell and it is unpleasant to take it in hands and put it on the dog.

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Description of plastic molded muzzles

Plastic muzzles in the form of a cast mesh with leather straps attached to the sides in this case would be more appropriate. That’s just their drawback – they very often rub the dog’s skin, and lead to injuries of the animal, if the muzzle is not properly dressed or the dog is in such ammunition for a long time. Therefore, choosing such a muzzle, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that between the plastic lining and the dog’s muzzle there are strips of soft or leather material that will protect your friend from unpleasant and painful sensations.

As for the correctness of such a choice, such muzzles are well washed, easily dried and can be used with proper care for a long period of time. In addition, on cold winter days, they do not let the cold through (unlike the metal muzzle), which is quite important.

Description of metal mesh muzzles

By design, such plastic muzzles with straps are similar and metal mesh. Although, thanks to a special internal mesh, such muzzles are more reliable in terms of protection against bites. Choosing them, it is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that there is a soft strip between the metal mesh and the animal’s muzzle, since such muzzles are also very traumatic for dogs. It is also desirable that the metal was covered with a special protective coating that will protect it from rust and preserve its appearance.

Ammunition for dogs. very important topic that the owner should pay due attention. And this applies not only to owners of large animals (they are legally supposed to wear "masks"), but also small dogs. they need it more to protect themselves. How to choose a muzzle for a dog in size. a serious question that asks every novice dog breeder.

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Today the market offers many varieties: fabric, nylon, metal, leather or plastic; deaf or mesh. How to choose the right muzzle for the dog, what to pay attention to and what to consider? We choose ammunition depending on the breed of the animal, its size and situation.

Why do dogs need ammunition?

Muzzle. This thing, which greatly facilitates the life of the owner. Thanks to him, you can avoid many potentially dangerous situations and save the health of not only others, but also your own pet.

So, according to the law, the animal must be muzzled. So you protect not only others, but also himself. It is necessary when traveling in public transport. because its passengers may not want to go even with a peace-loving dog. Required when visiting a veterinarian. because even if the animal inflict a little pain, it can react aggressively. The muzzle is required during the trainings. And also he will not allow the animal to pick up any nastiness on the street.

Varieties and their purpose

Today, any dog ​​breeder who wonders how to pick up a muzzle is faced with a wide range of these products. Modern manufacturers offer ammunition for every taste and taste.

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