Airpods 2 Generations How To Distinguish From The First

Apple is constantly delighting its fans with the release of new products in the field of electronic devices. Manufacturers strive to meet cutting-edge ideas, they apply modern developments in their technology, releasing updated models of phones, tablets and various accessories for them. Each apple device has a wide variety of functions, a stylish and ergonomic design, as well as unsurpassed quality technology.

Most recently, at the next exhibition, the creators demonstrated a new generation of apple airpods. But contrary to all expectations, the novelty did not have so many differences from the first generation. Today in the article we will tell you how apple 1 and 2 generations differ. If you want to purchase apple airpods, but cannot decide on the generation choice, we advise you to read the information below.

Design comparison

Since the barely noticeable difference appeared in the appearance of the wireless headphones, it is worth paying attention to the design of the presented generations of the headset. Nothing has changed in the headphones themselves, their appearance copies the version of the first generation.

Airpods 2 Generations How To Distinguish From The First

The only thing that changes are noted is the case for recharging the headphones. The first generation had a charge indicator inside, in the new version, the developers decided to take it out; now, upon examination, you can notice a small green dot on the outside of the case. In addition, the case became heavier by 2 grams, which is almost not felt during operation.

According to other indicators, the headsets are exact copies, even the equipment and packaging are made in the same format. Therefore, without a case, it is impossible to distinguish between apple airpods 1 and 2 generations.

Internal differences airpods 1 and 2

Since almost nothing has changed in the appearance of the device, you should pay attention to the internal filling and the distinctive features of the technical characteristics. Evaluation of operating parameters reveals a slight difference from the previous version of the equipment.

Second-generation apple wireless headphones have additional features. In addition, the developers were able to improve the existing functionality of the device, which allowed to optimize the headset.

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New processor

Since the representatives of the first and second generation headphones do not have significant differences in appearance, the developers decided to upgrade the internal filling of the device. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and advanced developments, the creators managed to change the processor inside the headset to a more modern version of H1.

The 1st generation line loses the updated version at once on several points. It was possible to achieve such an improvement precisely thanks to the use of the improved processor version.

Connection is faster

The most common problem with using wireless headphones has always been a slow connection and pairing with other devices. Apple developers have managed to solve this problem. Of course, the first series also had a quick connection to phones, but thanks to the use of the updated processor, modern apple airpods will differ in faster switching between devices.

The average waiting time will be reduced by half, and during telephone calls it will decrease by 1.5 times.

Hi siri

You can distinguish between 1st and 2nd generation headsets due to the presence or absence of this option. The updated version of the headphones uses a modern H1 chip, the use of which made it possible to integrate the voice assistant function.

The second generation allows you to contact the voice assistant using the phrase “hello, siri”, which greatly facilitates the operation of the device. This is one of the main differences between the headphones.

Battery life

The key differences between the presented versions of apple earpods did not end there. One of the most important parameters of any wireless device is its battery life. The more hours a gadget can work without recharging, the better and more effective it is.

Airpods 2 Generations How To Distinguish From The First

The developers took into account the wishes of users, they were able to increase the battery life of the second generation of the apple airpods headset. Now the user will be able to listen to their favorite songs for five hours. When using the system in talk mode, the operating time is also increased, in this case the headset will last for 3 hours of continuous conversations.

Wireless charger

Another undoubted advantage of the updated version of the headphones was the presence of wireless charging. Apple has long said they want to switch to a wireless device charging system.

In the new airpods, they managed to apply this innovation for a case with headphones. To charge the device, the user does not need to search for a wire and an outlet. Now it will be enough just to put the device on a special mat, which within 15 minutes will recharge the battery. After that, the headset will again be ready for use within 3-5 hours. This option is very convenient in conditions where there was no current source nearby.

Headset Price Difference

Apple is not deviating from its strategy by adding minor changes to its devices. However, even for these additions, people are willing to pay a lot of money. The novelty will cost about 40-50 more than the first generation.

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