Add Sound On Acer Aspire Laptop

If after updating or installing windows 10 in your laptop samsung, hp, asus, sony or lenovo, acer, toshiba, a quiet sound, it can be amplified.

You can use three options to increase the sound volume on a windows 10 laptop.

The first. perhaps this was due to the fact that windows 10 does not interact correctly with the sound card driver.

The second. if this happens when listening to music or watching movies, try using a different media player, rather than the one built-in.

Third. use a special program. True, somewhere in ten percent of laptops when it is activated, the speakers snore.

Now let’s take a closer look at these three points. one of them should fix the problem on your windows 10.

Driver update to increase sound volume on windows 10

You can see which driver you have in the device manager. Open device manager and 2 times click on: “sound, game and video devices”.

The branch will expand and you will see these devices. Usually it is: “Realtek High Definition Audio”.

The author’s site is located at this link: only for some reason it was not open to me at the time of writing.

Add Sound On Acer Aspire Laptop

Video: Add Sound On Acer Aspire Laptop

The second on the website of the manufacturer of audio cards Nvidia. I recommend not to search for a long time update these drivers by device ID.

Installing another player to enhance sound on windows 10

There are many media players, some even paid. I recommend and use it myself VLC media player.

It has its own amplifier, which significantly increases the sound, sometimes even before wheezing.

There is more than one alternative to it. if this one does not suit you, then others can easily be found on the network yourself.

Add Sound On Acer Aspire Laptop

The program increases the volume in laptops on windows 10

There is an excellent electronic amplifier, only it is really paid (the board is not big).

If you really need a lot of volume, try it out. The first 15 days it works for free.

As mentioned in some laptops, it causes wheezing. This can be eliminated to some extent by the equalizer program.

In short, the experiment will not cost you anything. Give it a try. Here program download link. Successes.


I have in the dispatcher devices in the section- Sound game and video devices are not
Nvidia virtual audio device
realtek hiqh definition audio and another
Conexant smart audio HD
Intel Audio (R) for Displays
how then to adjust the microphone

In the device manager, the microphone is not configured, but only information is provided on the availability of drivers for computer components, and they can also be updated. The microphone is configured in the “control panel” in the “sound” section and the “recording” tab.

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