55 Inch Samsung TV Which To Choose

TVs are constantly being improved, unique features and interesting features are added. In 2019, manufacturers introduced radically new devices, but the selection criteria remained unchanged. In the future, we will consider key parameters, briefly highlight recommendations on which TV is better to choose the opinion of a specialist in 2019, and also make a rating of the best models this year.

The content of the article:

Determine the size of the diagonal

For the average user, it is the size of the diagonal that plays a key role, and all other parameters go by the wayside. over, the opinion has long been established that the more, the better. This principle should be followed if the house or apartment is large. However, for a small room, a huge TV is not the best choice, a diagonal of 32-40 is enough.

The selection process must be guided by three criteria:

  • the place where the device will be installed;
  • distance from him to the chair;
  • dimensions of the room where it will be located.


How to choose a good TV for your home in 2019 is to decide on the optimal resolution. The clarity of the image depends on it. The following options are now available:

  1. HD
  2. Full HD
  3. Ultra HD

In modern models, HD resolution is almost never found, maximum in budget versions of Chinese production. Most developers have switched to Full HD format. It is now quite in demand, almost all content is released in Full HD. An ideal solution both in price and in quality.

Matrix type

We will not describe each technology in detail, we highlight the key points:

  1. LCD. It is used in the cheapest televisions, and they are almost no longer on the market.
  2. LED. the most common option. Attracts with an excellent image, reasonable price and thinness of the screen.
  3. OLED. appeared relatively recently. Ultra-thin displays provide the best picture, but the cost is very high.
  4. QLED. Samsung project, launched on the market in 2018. It is considered a direct competitor to OLED. That’s just the cost is much inferior.

The advice will be like this, if there are a few extra thousand rubles, choose OLED. Otherwise, LED is ideal.


The frequency in hertz is measured. It depends on this parameter how many times per second the image is updated. It is believed that 60 Hz is enough for comfortable viewing. Although modern realities say the opposite. If you watch a movie with a huge number of effects and with an increased dynamics of scene changes, the image will constantly twitch or blur. Accordingly, which TVs are now better to buy 2019. with a scan frequency of at least 120 Hz. In this case, we adhere to this rule, the higher the indicator, the better the picture.

Should I choose a curved screen

Manufacturers are doing everything possible to maintain interest in their products. So, curved screen televisions appeared on the market. It is found on models with maximum technical equipment and a resolution of 4K. The price starts from 50,000 rubles and above. The developers of such a screen assure that it increases the realism of what is happening. Also, devices with a curved display visually look more than the same, but with a direct screen.

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Similar TVs also have disadvantages. If you fold the high cost, then immediately stands out a reduced viewing angle. You can only look comfortably at a right angle. Some models have uneven backlighting across the entire display. Another interesting feature. such a TV is very problematic to hang on the wall.

If such shortcomings are not scary, then you can safely acquire.

Additional functionality

Choosing a TV according to parameters and characteristics in 2019 is not easy, as modern devices receive many additional functions. Consider the most popular:

  1. Smart tv. A TV with this technology is equipped with special software that allows you to view various content from the Internet. Connect to the network using Wi-Fi or cable. Modern manufacturers use different software. For example, Sony Android TV, LG. WebOS, etc. The cost of TVs with such characteristics starts from 15 thousand rubles.
  2. 3D. The popularity of this technology has fallen sharply, and now many manufacturers no longer focus on it. It allows you to view three-dimensional films using special glasses.
  3. HDR. New functionality found on 4K TVs. With it, you can add brightness, clarity to the image, increase detail and much more. The problem is that there is practically no content where these changes can be noticed.

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Current TVs are quite thin, it’s simply impossible to insert a powerful sound system. You can’t call her bad, watch movies, listen to music is quite comfortable. However, if you want to achieve perfect sound, like in a movie theater, you will need to purchase a home theater system. It should be noted that the top TV models still get a solid sound layout.

Meet the manufacturers


A well-known brand with production in many countries of the world. Samsung TVs stand out for their impeccable quality, innovative technologies and a unique set of functions. Not surprisingly, they occupy leading sales positions.

Another world leader. The products of this brand appeared on the domestic market in the mid-90s. And immediately became quite popular. LG TVs stand out for their high level of reliability and excellent technical parameters.

Sony TVs are chosen because of their grace and appeal. No brand can offer such stylish products. There are also no issues with quality. The company has quite a long time ago formed its own group of fans, so Sony TVs are very in demand.


An old brand with a long history. Giving preference to Panasonic TVs, there is no doubt that the purchase will be successful. The manufacturer quite successfully combines acceptable cost and high quality in its products.


French brand that has become the world leader in TV sales. Philips products are chosen because of the favorable price and rather impressive technical parameters.

Best TVs in 2019

Now it’s time to present the best TVs of 2019 in a top 10 rating format.

No. 10 Sony KDL-40RE353

Great TV worth about 30,000 rubles. It has a diagonal of 102 cm and the optimal format FHD. There is a progressive scan, as well as high-quality speakers that provide sound in Dolby Digital format. It supports almost all known formats. There is no Smart TV, but you can buy a set-top box and connect it to the HDMI connector if you wish. By the way, the TV allows you to record various broadcasts on an external drive.

No. 9 Panasonic TX-43DR300ZZ

The device from Panasonic stands out with its budget price and the parameters of fairly advanced models. Diagonal of 43 inches, resolution FHD. The refresh rate is 50 Hz, the standard value. Here’s a viewing angle of as much as 178 degrees. It is also pleasantly pleased with the set of codecs, you can play videos of various formats. There is only one drawback of the model. there is no Wi-Fi.

No. 8 Philips 40PFT4101

An excellent model combining high quality and reasonable price. The diagonal is 102 cm, the resolution is also in order. FHD. The viewing angles, as well as the powerful speakers providing good stereo sound are also impressive. A set of codecs can be updated immediately, but even in its basic state it can handle many formats. Unfortunately, this model did not receive a Wi-Fi module. Also somewhat disappointing minimal basic equipment.

No. 7 LG 55UJ620V

The TV stands out with a decent diagonal of 55 inches, as well as excellent functionality. There is Smart TV, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a huge number of connectors for connecting additional devices. By the way, the resolution is Ultra HD, which only adds the advantages of this model. The current value is in the range of 40,000 rubles.

No. 6 Sony KD-55XE9005

The device is for those who would like to receive a TV with all the relevant functions at the moment. 4K resolution, diagonal of 55 inches, there is a Smart TV, perfect sound, a huge number of all kinds of ports, excellent brightness and contrast. You can record broadcasts on a USB flash drive, the media player provides watching movies in 24p True Cinema format. There is a drawback and this is a price that scares away many.

55 Inch Samsung TV Which To Choose

No. 5 LG 43UJ639V

Excellent TV, has all the necessary functionality. Diagonal 42.5 inches, 4K resolution, maximum viewing angles, the presence of all relevant applications and connectors. The player works with almost all current formats. At the same time, despite the rather high technical parameters, the price of the model is quite affordable.

No. 4 Samsung UE49MU6300U

Of course, curved models are not the best choice, but their futuristic appearance attracts many. Samsung UE49MU6300U would be the perfect solution. It has a chic screen with a diagonal of 49 inches. Present Smart TV, provides for recording to external drives and many other functions. In general, the TV is quite productive and provides a beautiful image.

No. 3 LG OLED55C7V

The review would not be complete without an OLED screen model. There are few such TVs so the presented model stands out significantly from the general background. It has four speakers and a subwoofer for surround sound. There are no problems with the feature set. Smart TV, HDR, True Cinema and much more. Impressive cost, it is very high.

No. 2 LG 49SJ810V

Another powerful device from LG. The advantages include 4K resolution, 49.5-inch diagonal, elegant sound, provided by the Harman / Kardon system. All relevant chips are present. You can also note the minimum energy consumption, good performance.

No. 1 Samsung QE55Q9FNA

Top model from this manufacturer. Unrivaled design, chic QLED screen 55 inches, with wide viewing angles and anti-glare. The refresh rate is 120 Hz, the presence of a variety of additional functions and modules. This TV has no shortcomings, not counting its cost.

How to choose a TV. recommendations from a specialist

The ranking of the best TVs in 2019 will help with the choice, but it is better to adhere to the following points:

  • at least 1080p resolution;
  • if the budget allows, select a 4K model;
  • OLED is good, but it’s not worth overpaying, the LED screen is quite enough;
  • the presence of at least two HDMI ports, so that you can connect additional devices;
  • diagonal 40-43 is the best option for an apartment;
  • curved models are a fashionable solution, but they have no advantages;
  • Smart TV should be if you want to run the player to watch movies online;
  • good sound only on very expensive models.


Which TV to choose inexpensive and high-quality in 2019 is an individual question, depending on a number of points. The final choice should fully satisfy your requests and wishes, and the information presented in the article should only help with the search for a suitable model.