0x80070002 Windows 10 Upgrade

Not so long ago I found out that there is an error code 0x80070002 in Windows 7. How to fix the problem on the “seven”, as well as when installing Windows 10, updating to a new version and running troubleshooting diagnostics. I will tell in this publication.

Error Overview with Code 0x80070002

Most often, a malfunction occurs when trying to update the system when the OS cannot find the specified file, despite the fact that all the necessary elements have been successfully downloaded. over, some of the updates can be installed correctly, but some of them are not installed, because the necessary objects are missing.

Failure may occur in the following situations:

  • When the settings indicate the wrong time or date;
  • When trying to system restore;
  • In the process of installing OSes from scratch;
  • If you run the troubleshooting utility (to fix sound, eg).

Error code 0x80070002 in Windows 7 how to fix?

In fact, the following instructions are relevant not only for Windows 7, but also suitable for users of the “tens”. First of all, I recommend restarting the computer and checking if the problem is fixed. If it doesn’t work, go to the settings and check the relevance of the date and time settings, try activating the automatic detection of the time zone:

0x80070002 Windows 10 Upgrade

Suddenly, simple recommendations will not help, it is worth moving on to further adjustments.

Using Microsoft’s Fix it Tool

Open the downloaded file and see such a window where you should click “Next” to start scanning:

The next step is to choose one of two options when a problem arises. during installation or uninstallation. Obviously, in our case, it is worth giving preference to the first path. After a few seconds, a list of programs is displayed. you need to specify which one causes a failure with error code 0x80070002. Then simply follow the prompts of the “Wizard”.

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But you can first try running the diagnostic utility through the “Settings” of Windows 10 (without booting from the Internet):

  • You will need to open the “Security and Update” section:
  • On the left you will see the tabs, go to the “Troubleshooting”, and on the right click on the item “Windows Update”, after which the diagnostic tool launch button will be displayed:
  • In a new utility window, a scan starts immediately, which takes a couple of minutes. Based on the results, a solution will be proposed. all that remains is to click on the button for applying corrections:

Video: 0x80070002 Windows 10 Upgrade

  • When the changes are made, a report will be displayed on the successful completion of the procedure. Although there is a possibility that the system will again give an error, because it will not be able to fix the defect.

If you are a Windows 7 user, then the essence is almost the same. Here are just “Troubleshooting” should be launched through the “Control Panel” (be sure to select the view mode “Small Icons”):

Then we see several sections. under the heading “System and Security” click on the link “Troubleshooting using the Windows Update Center” to launch the diagnostic utility. Next, follow the advice of the wizard.

The author recommends:

Manual activation of Windows Update

If the automatic solution does not work, then the update service is forcibly stopped or disabled in the OS. To enable it, we do this (the instruction is relevant for fixing an error with code 0x80070002 in any version of Windows):

  • Press Win R on your keyboard to bring up the Run console window. We write the command:
  • Press Enter or OK to start execution. In about five to ten seconds, the list of services will load. Three elements need to be found: “Background Intelligent Service.”, “Windows Update Center” and “Event Log.”:
0x80070002 Windows 10 Upgrade
  • Open the properties one by one (by double-clicking) and make sure that the “Status” line is set to “Running”. If the parameter is different, then you need to click on the start button, and then in the “Type. “Install” Automatically “:
  • As soon as you complete all of the above, restart your PC and try downloading the updates again. The problem should be fixed.

Useful content:

Delete TEMP files

Suddenly, all the described services will be in working condition, what then to do? It is necessary to clean the disks of temporary files and updates that can prevent a new installation.

  • First of all, you should deactivate the Windows Update Center service (see the previous instruction. just click on the “Stop” button in the properties instead of “Run”);
  • Now open the folder located here:
  • Hit Ctrl A for total selection and then Del to delete all items in the specified directory.
  • Now you should enter the command through the Run (Win R) console:
  • So we will run the “Disk Cleanup” utility, where you immediately have to choose which drive to clean (specify the one on which Windows is installed. usually C);
  • As soon as the list of items for eliminating “garbage” is displayed, we note the following objects:
  • We click on the button below and at the next stage put a checkmark in front of “Cleaning Updates.”:
  • After the process is complete, do not forget to go to the “Services” and start the “Update Center.” again (the instruction was above). It is advisable to restart the computer, and after that the malfunction should be fixed permanently.

If the defect manifests itself during the installation of Windows 10 or any other edition, try disconnecting the PC from the Internet during the installation or download the distribution package from another source.

So we sorted out the error code in Windows 7 with 0x80070002. How to fix it. And in Windows 10, the problem is removed in the same way. Of course, each situation is individual, so leave comments with questions under this publication.

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